Daily Archive: January 3, 2010

The Uncanny X-Men 196 (August 1985)

I thought this issue was going to be a mystery, but it’s not. It doesn’t even have the pretense of one, except for Professor X asking the X-Men to investigate something. It’s too… Continue reading

Captain America 308 (August 1985)

Reading old DC comics–well, not old, but late seventies and early-to-mid eighties, I’m taken aback by the lame one issue villains they sometimes have. Gerry Conway did a lot of these on his… Continue reading

Frank Miller’s Robocop 9 (January 2006)

Here’s what I can’t figure out–there’s this interspecies kiss between Robocop and Lewis in this one and then Robocop goes rogue, like some kind of vigilante–why the hell do Frank Miller and Steven… Continue reading

Frank Miller’s Robocop 8 (April 2005)

Once again we have the almost naked Officer Lewis bossing everyone around and it’s better than usual. The entire issue would have probably taken about four minutes on film, which is about how… Continue reading

Frank Miller’s Robocop 7 (October 2004)

So there’s that scene in Unforgiven where Clint Eastwood shoots the unarmed man and comments he should have armed himself, which is something like what happened about twenty-five years earlier in Hombre, but… Continue reading

Frank Miller’s Robocop 6 (June 2004)

I can’t even tell anymore. Is this issue better than the last or is it the same or is it worse? I mean, there’s a lot of television stuff, a lot of stupid… Continue reading

Frank Miller’s Robocop 5 (February 2004)

And, almost magically, it goes to crap again. Not total crap–even though Ryp has got Lewis sexualized to the point she’s got less content than a swimsuit model (there’s nothing like realizing mainstream… Continue reading

Frank Miller’s Robocop 4 (December 2003)

You know what, this issue isn’t terrible. I mean, it’s bad, but not in comparison to the rest of the series. Robocop is in it, more than usual, and as comic relief instead… Continue reading

Frank Miller’s Robocop 3 (September 2003)

Here’s where the comic sort of jumps off the deep end. I do want to point out how poorly Grant uses the commercial breaks, which are funny, in this issue. He doesn’t do… Continue reading

Frank Miller’s Robocop 2 (September 2003)

And here Robocop is even less of a character. Grant (or Miller?) has found a character he wants to follow, a voluptuous female version of Dr. Phil who can guide the story. The… Continue reading

Frank Miller’s Robocop 1 (July 2003)

There’s technically twenty-two pages of story here, but so much of it is wasted–five pages alone, at the front, go to showing clips of television shows of the future (Grant adds, presumably, the… Continue reading

The New Mutants 30 (August 1985)

I don’t think I’ve ever read a Sienkiewicz comic before. I know, I know. I was a DC guy in the eighties for the most part and, even if I did, I was… Continue reading

Robocop 3 3 (November 1993)

Actually, I’ve changed my mind about Nguyen’s art. It’s not, you know, in the artistic sense, any better, but it’s like he’s doing a Mad magazine adaptation here. He’s trying to fit everyone… Continue reading

Robocop 3 2 (September 1993)

I always forget how ugly some nineties art can be. Nguyen’s fairly competent, I mean, I can recognize his characters, even if the facial details leave something to be desired and he’ll occasionally… Continue reading

Robocop 3 1 (July 1993)

I can’t remember the last time I read a comic book adaptation of a movie–they’re the opposite of the novelization, which expands on the source material (for the most part, since the writers… Continue reading