Daily Archive: March 3, 2010

The Incredible Hercules 141 (April 2010)

No. Effing. Way. They rip off a line from Braveheart? Does Marvel even have an editor reading this book? The second or third most recognizable line from a blockbuster Oscar winner gets past… Continue reading

The Incredible Hercules 140 (March 2010)

The full onslaught of chatter between Amadeus Cho and Hercules has to be one of the most astoundingly stupid things I’ve ever read. Still, there’s some moderately okay drama in this issue. The… Continue reading

The Incredible Hercules 139 (February 2010)

Wait, Amadeus Cho is straight? I didn’t want to say they wrote him gay because I thought he might be Marvel’s attempt at a gay mainstream character but if he’s straight… it’s the… Continue reading

The Incredible Hercules 138 (January 2010)

So Hercules isn’t just a moron, he’s got a weird little Asian sidekick who’s super-smart? I mean, what would Wertham have to say about their creepy little relationship? Actually, it’s not creepy. It’s… Continue reading