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The Walking Dead 6 (March 2004)

Oh, good grief. Well, Kirkman certainly lays on the melodrama here. I love how Rick’s wife’s little dalliance with Shane never comes up again; instead Shane seems like the obsessed psychopath. I’m curious… Continue reading

The Walking Dead 5 (February 2004)

I figured out my lack of enthusiasm. Well, except for noticing the unoriginal parts. It’s because of Crossed. This issue they all sit down and talk about their lives before–Shane has a moment… Continue reading

The Walking Dead 4 (January 2004)

Ah ha, now we’re getting somewhere. Rick’s wife got busy with the evil friend–Shane–while Rick was laid out in a hospital bed in a coma. Unfortunately, Rick’s just going to forgive her without… Continue reading

The Walking Dead 3 (December 2003)

I think it might be me. I think I might not be suited for Walking Dead. I mean, it’s all very competently done and it’s sort of interesting if wholly unoriginal (the best… Continue reading

The Walking Dead 2 (November 2003)

Wow, talk about cutting back on the drama quotient. This issue is mostly spent on expository dialogue explaining the zombie plague to Rick. It shocks him a little but it’s all okay because… Continue reading

The Walking Dead 1 (October 2003)

I’ve been hearing about Walking Dead for a long time and have always meant to read it. Not sure what pressed me this time (possibly the impending television show). My initial reaction? I’ve… Continue reading

The Muppet Show 3 (February 2010)

Now, another interesting move from Langridge. As opposed to the previous issues decisions, this one… well, it sort of makes even less sense in some ways. The story arc ends here–the Muppets return… Continue reading

The Muppet Show 2 (January 2010)

To keep things going this issue, Langridge introduces a town full of Statler and Waldorf’s relations. They make up the entire town (and the entire audience for the Muppet show). The regular cast–except… Continue reading

The Muppet Show 1 (December 2009)

Langridge takes the show on the road–I wonder how many times someone’s made that statement about this issue. The Muppet Show, as a comic book, has a limited number of possibilities–I think I’ve… Continue reading

The Muppet Show 0 (November 2009)

I’m not sure why Boom! did a zero issue of The Muppet Show. Maybe to show off a different artist could illustrate Langridge’s scripts to good effect? Paroline does a good job faking… Continue reading

The Coffin 4 (May 2001)

Hester spent the almost the entire first issue establishing Ahmad as an unlikable person. Dying and being resurrected as a plastic superman has been the best thing for him. But this issue, when… Continue reading

The Coffin 3 (January 2001)

Hester changes it up again this issue, to similarly good results. This time, he doesn’t just spread the issue out, he actually lets time pass off panel, which he didn’t really do in… Continue reading

The Coffin 2 (November 2000)

The pacing on the second issue is completely different from the first, which is both good and bad. On the good side, there’s almost none of the Hell stuff in this issue. There’s… Continue reading

The Coffin 1 (September 2000)

A lot of the issue is spent in Hell. Well, at least a third of it. There’s a lot of visuals of Hell and those are cool because it’s Mike Huddleston and I… Continue reading

The Guild 3 (May 2010)

I’m glad I spent 150 words talking about the gay boyfriend last issue because this issue we find out he’s not really gay, he’s just an omni-sexual egomaniac. It’s so much less interesting…… Continue reading

The Guild 2 (April 2010)

This issue ends… I don’t know if poorly is the right word. Let me explain. So our hero, Cyd–I find it interesting female comic book writers feel the same need to give their… Continue reading

The Guild 1 (March 2010)

I have a hard time believing the set-up. I like the book, but the main character doesn’t seem particularly realistic. She’s incredibly self-aware, self-aware and engaging enough to basically carry the book as… Continue reading

Detective Comics 500 (March 1981)

For issue 500, DC went with something rather celebratory for Detective Comics–it’s very oversized (84 pages) and has many Detective Comics regulars–back to Slam Bradley–making appearances. The opening Batman story, from Alan Brennert… Continue reading

The Invincible Iron Man 7 (January 2009)

This issue starts off terrible. Fraction uses three narrators–Ben Urich, Tony Stark and Peter Parker–and it’s a rough fit. Well, maybe not with Tony and Peter, that transition is actually, pretty smooth. But… Continue reading

The Invincible Iron Man 6 (December 2008)

Aww, the Iron Man helmet on the last page looks so sad. It’s a bad issue, to be sure, and a terrible way to end this story arc–it’s way too compressed–but it’s only… Continue reading

The Invincible Iron Man 5 (November 2008)

Well, this issue’s pretty lousy. Not much in the way of people in it–mostly just Iron Man versus Iron Monger Jr.–so Larroca does all right. The fight scene isn’t exactly exciting or engaging,… Continue reading

The Invincible Iron Man 4 (October 2008)

I’m of two minds about this issue. Maybe three. On one hand, it’s a talking head book. There’s almost no Iron Man armor appearance (with Tony in the armor) and, even when there… Continue reading

The Invincible Iron Man 3 (September 2008)

Bring on the expository dialogue, I haven’t heard enough from Zeke Stane about his stupid skin getting burnt up by his organic Iron Man setup. Is his name supposed to sound like a… Continue reading

The Invincible Iron Man 2 (August 2008)

What’s with Larroca and faces? Hasn’t anyone told him his digital art for faces looks just plain awful? The issue has really solid art for the first eight pages or so and then… Continue reading

The Invincible Iron Man 1 (July 2008)

I’ve read this comic before. I don’t like it. It’s half sequel to the Iron Man movie and half adaptation of that movie’s distinct action sequences. I also don’t like Larroca’s artwork here.… Continue reading

Detective Comics 499 (February 1981)

Well, Batman fights the crooked miners union again this issue… but this time… he wins! Actually, it’s a really nice story about Batman and Blockbuster saving a bunch of miners in a collapsed… Continue reading

Detective Comics 498 (January 1981)

It’s Batman versus the crooked coal miners and guess who wins? Not Batman. Okay, maybe I’m abridging a little, but not by much. Conway makes Batman a little too human here, way too… Continue reading

Dracula: The Company of Monsters 1 (August 2010)

Dracula, as a vampire (at least, how he usually looks as a vampire), appears on the cover of this comic book. He does not appear, as a vampire, in the interior. Instead, we… Continue reading

Detective Comics 497 (December 1980)

The main story is dedicated to Will Eisner, but besides some rather obvious Spirit references, I don’t get it. I mean, it’s not like Batman spends the issue getting beat up. That one… Continue reading

After Dark 1 (July 2010)

Wesley Snipes helped create After Dark. There’s no mention of if he did it before or after debtor’s prison. I imagine if the comic had a tax evader as a character, it might… Continue reading