Daily Archive: September 7, 2010

Unknown Soldier 12 (November 2009)

This issue is probably the most straightforward, action-packed thriller issue of the series so far. And, wow, does Dysart really ruin any visceral thrill. He manages to remove all the excitement from it,… Continue reading

Unknown Soldier 11 (October 2009)

Well, the kid is definitely not Robin. He’s apparently gone for now. Eleven issues in and Dysart’s back to basics a little–it’s strange to refer to the return of the first six issue’s… Continue reading

Unknown Soldier 10 (September 2009)

In this issue’s conclusion, Dysart juxtaposes the bickering of adults–sure, it’s dramatic and violent, but they’re arguing over ideas–with children making friends with each other. It’s a profound little moment, creation versus destruction.… Continue reading