Daily Archive: October 31, 2010

Batman 350 (August 1982)

Once again, the Bruce Jones Catwoman story is a lot more interesting than the Batman feature. But I’ll go in printing order and start with the Batman. The art this issue is Gene… Continue reading

Human Target Special 1 (November 1991)

Beyond Who’s Who, I don’t think I’ve read much regular DC Human Target. This special only partially counts as it was a tie-in for the failed nineties television adaptation. It’s decent, far better… Continue reading

Detective Comics 516 (July 1982)

The Batman feature is problematic to say the least. Batman infiltrates a school for criminals as “Matches” Malone (gag) and is quickly found out. He then has to dispatch of the criminals as… Continue reading

Batman 349 (July 1982)

It’s Robin versus his vampire girlfriend while Alfred hires the Human Target to trick Vicki Vale and Jim Gordon decides to stop being a mope. Batman barely makes an appearance–he shows up at… Continue reading