Tom Strong 1 (June 1999)


I read Tom Strong when it came out (some of it, anyway); I didn’t remember much about this first issue until I got to the end. I sort of remembered the big smile at the end of the issue, which—at the time I first read it—I thought was a little strange.

Here’s Alan Moore—the Watchmen guy, the Swamp Thing guy—basically doing this resoundingly nice superhero moment. I guess I hadn’t read his Superman stories yet.

This issue’s the origin (and Moore’s calm about the age-slowing plant, introducing it at the end instead of the beginning) and it’s absolutely beautiful. It would be nice to spend more time in the various eras Moore’s writing about… first because Sprouse’s art is beautiful, but also Moore has a great feel.

Moore’s writing is assured and funny. It’s maybe the most comedic work of his I’ve read.

It’s lovely.


How Tom Strong Got Started; writer, Alan Moore; penciller, Chris Sprouse; inker, Al Gordon; colorist, Tad Ehrlich; letterer, Todd Klein; editors, Eric DeSantis and Scott Dunbier; publisher, America’s Best Comics.