Planet of the Apes 28 (January 1977)


Moench’s conclusion to his Battle adaptation isn’t exactly strong, but it’s better than I expected. The shooting script apparently had some ambiguity and Moench embraces it. As for Virgil Redondo’s artwork, it continues to be serviceable. What’s most impressive about this installment is how Moench paces the action and the expository sections. He does fast forward a little, but not through anything special.

For the original story—again with Trimpe, this time with Redondo’s inks (the inks help a tiny bit)—Moench comes to another conclusion of sorts. He gets a really affecting moment out of a brainwashed teenage orangoutang. Moench has this matter of fact observation about the cruelty of the world and it’s fantastic.

Unfortunately, he also changes up some of his character developments—u-turns in some cases—and it hurts the integrity. If Moench ignores his previous characterizations, why should the reader care about the characters?


Revolt of the Gorilloids; penciller, Herb Trimpe; inker, Virgil Redondo. Battle for the Planet of the Apes, Part Seven: Tremor of Doom; artist, Redondo. Writer, Doug Moench; editor, John Warner; publisher, Marvel Comics.