Daily Archive: October 22, 2011

Red Hood and the Outlaws 2 (December 2011)

Now, I know Lobdell explained the whole “Starfire is a nymphomaniac” thing as something subversively feminist or whatever, but why are all the other female characters in Red Hood nymphomaniacs too? Maybe even… Continue reading

The Thing: The Northman Nightmare 2 (September 2011)

Niles is beginning to impress me on Northman. He moves into the famous Thing standard… a lot of suspicious people standing around inspecting one another. His dialogue’s somewhat better too. There’s one passage… Continue reading

Legion of Super-Heroes 2 (December 2011)

Legion continues to be fine. Levitz is preaching to his choir though; he’s got cute little jokes between boy and girl Legionnaires I’m sure he was doing back in the eighties. He’s having… Continue reading

Ape Nation 4 (June 1991)

Marshall doesn’t come up with anything good for the Ape Nation finale. In fact, he comes up with all these lame things and keeps stringing them together until the finish. Like most narratives… Continue reading