Daily Archive: November 12, 2011

Ka-Zar the Savage 5 (August 1981)

It’s a flashback issue, but only flashing back to right before the first issue of the series. Jones gives the reader an insight into what’s made Ka-Zar so thoughtful about his place in… Continue reading

Demon Knights 3 (January 2012)

Previously, I thought I could at least rely on the art in Demon Knights to be good, but Neves and Albert are slipping. Too much detail here, too little there. Some of it… Continue reading

Ka-Zar the Savage 4 (July 1981)

Lots more Robert E. Howard influence to detail again. This time it’s lost Atlantean machinery. Now, it works great as a plot detail–and as machinery, apparently Atlantean devices are easier to use than… Continue reading

Batman and Robin 3 (January 2012)

What’s up with the cliffhanger? Batman and Robin have been kidnapped and tied up and the supervillain is going to make them watch a movie at the drive-in. It’s so out of place… Continue reading