Ultimate Spider-Man 50 (February 2004)


Not a good issue. The stuff at the end, with Mary Jane’s dad flipping out and May and Gwen off to the rescue, that stuff is good. The stuff with Peter and Mary Jane, kind of good. It’s all a little redundant, especially since Bendis and Bagley just got done with their terrible Ultimate Black Cat introduction.

For a while, when Bagley was concentrating on Black Cat’s eyes (in very Cooke Catwoman googles), I didn’t think her costume was going to be inordinately exploitative. I even got hopeful Bendis would have fun with the bad luck powers. I was totally wrong about the former and mostly wrong about the latter.

Especially after Peter shows up. I think the issue’s oversized is for the lame fight.

It’s great Bendis writes May and Gwen so well, but they shouldn’t be the best thing in an issue. I don’t even think Gwen talks.