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Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows 1 (November 2009)

This issue is exactly the kind of thing I wouldn’t expect from Joe Hill. It’s the ghost of Sam Lesser–who Hill turns into an extremely sympathetic character (who knew Locke & Key would… Continue reading

Star Trek 9 (May 2012)

The secret to reading Star Trek is to concentrate on the words. Not on what people are saying, but the actual visual text. Focusing on the balloons and boxes, one can ignore the… Continue reading

Bloodhound 4 (December 2004)

It’s the conclusion to the first arc–and an astoundingly bloody one–but also the origin issue. Jolley’s able to work in some background information on Clev, which probably provides the issue with most of… Continue reading

Marlene (1998)

Marlene is an awesome comic. It’s far from perfect–the story anyway–but it’s definitely awesome. To get the problems out of the way, it’s Peter Snejbjerg’s protagonist. He’s a brilliant but aging tough guy… Continue reading

The Secret History of D.B. Cooper 5 (July 2012)

Well. There are two red herrings, one predictable reveal and one rather lazy tying off. And a convenient death (or two) and a nonsensical reveal. Churilla manages to end well without much originality.… Continue reading

Bloodhound 3 (November 2004)

For lack of a better phrase, one could call this issue the “eureka” issue. Clev and his partner–Agent Bell–do their investigating and realize what they need to realize. Jolley’s able to make it… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 65 (November 2004)

It’s a great Ultimate Spider-Man until the end. Bendis apes The Breakfast Club a little, putting Peter, Mary, Liz, Kong and Flash in detention. Then he flashes back to reveal what got them… Continue reading

The Secret History of D.B. Cooper 4 (June 2012)

It’s a breezy read, probably the breeziest of D.B. Cooper (so far). Churilla’s in the end run now, tying into the famous plane hijacking–or setting up for the tie in. The issue opens… Continue reading

Bloodhound 2 (October 2004)

I like a lot of this issue. Jolley opens it well, the middle part is good, most of the ending is good. He goes out on a joke, which doesn’t work, but there’s… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 64 (October 2004)

So Curt Conners let Ben Reilly know Peter Parker is Spider-Man? Wow, Ultimate Curt Conners is really a tool. Just when he at least tries to redeem himself, turns out he’s already set… Continue reading

The Secret History of D.B. Cooper 3 (May 2012)

This issue is mostly talking heads. Churilla toggles between Cooper in the real world, his CIA nemesis in the real world, and the Glut. The structure helps the issue move, since most of… Continue reading

Bloodhound 1 (September 2004)

Bloodhound takes a while to get bloody. It has to get bloody–most of the issue takes place during a prison riot with the lead characters trying to survive to the exit. When the… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 63 (October 2004)

It’s as though Bendis knew he couldn’t concentrate on Peter’s mourning, so instead of he concentrates on the rage. I don’t think Peter’s ever been so angry and so uncontrolled in Ultimate Spider-Man… Continue reading

The Secret History of D.B. Cooper 2 (April 2012)

Churilla still hasn’t made the D.B. Cooper detail integral to the comic book. The comic’s called The Secret Life of D.B. Cooper, by the way, so one assumes Churilla knows he has to… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 95 (May 1990)

Wheeler tries so hard and it just doesn’t go quite right. Some of the problems are with the art. Broderick gets more ambitious in his composition with conversations, but he can’t visualize the… Continue reading

The Secret History of D.B. Cooper 1 (March 2012)

Brian Churilla has either seen Dreamscape or somehow picked it up in the ether. The Secret History of D.B. Cooper features a D.B. Cooper who travels into people’s psyches through dreams and assassinates… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 62 (September 2004)

I don’t even think Peter shows up in this issue. Mary and Gwen get a good scene together, something Bendis’s two month fast forward makes problematic. It’s hard to believe they haven’t seen… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 94 (April 1990)

Wheeler’s evening out. His ambition here is constrained–some kind of monster in a different wavelength of reality is the patron to a serial killer. It likes to hear jazz while people get murdered.… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 61 (August 2004)

The best part of this issue has to be how little time Bendis gives Ultimate Punisher. There’s a fight scene–not a particularly good one, Bagley loses track of the criminal the Punisher is… Continue reading

Snarked 8 (May 2012)

Langridge brings the arc–it’s a journey arc, which is somewhat unexpected since there are so few navigation references in the issues–to a close. Once again, Langridge focuses on the action of the issue.… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 93 (March 1990)

Good grief, Wheeler’s just trying to wrap himself in Moore and Veitch’s runs now. He brings back one of Abby’s old jobs–along with an unlikable but nice woman who rehires here, which I… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 60 (August 2004)

Bendis doesn’t have anything this issue. Well, he doesn’t have much. He introduces Ultimate Jeanne De Wolf, but otherwise… nothing. There’s a dream fight between Spider-Man and the Lizard, there’s a way too… Continue reading

Snarked 7 (April 2012)

I didn’t count but I don’t think the North Pole-South Pole romance in this issue took Langridge more than seven or eight panels. Spread throughout the issue, of course. But it’s a devastating… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 92 (February 1990)

Wheeler is getting rather predictable. As far as Abby and Alec go–you know, Swamp Thing’s main characters–he has no idea what he’s doing. But he’s ambitious and enthusiastic. And well-versed in Swamp Thing.… Continue reading

The Maze Agency 5 (April 1989)

Barr establishes a bad first here–he has his leads accuse an off-panel suspect. The reader finds out the suspect’s identity at the confession. Overall, it’s a troubled issue. The format keeps it going,… Continue reading

Snarked 6 (March 2012)

Langridge presents the heroes with a single challenge–a single one they know about, Langridge opens the issue with the Gryphon’s plotting–and, over the course of the issue, creates a second one for them.… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 91 (January 1990)

Ew. I guess Broderick is getting a little better with the people, but now his Swamp Thing is an awkwardly shaped disaster. There’s no grace to the form, no majesty. Alec looks like… Continue reading

The Maze Agency 4 (March 1989)

One of the most impressive things about The Maze Agency is how Barr manages such a large cast. He has two leads, one or two regular supporting players and then all the murder… Continue reading

The Dark Knight Returns – A Podcast Special

To “celebrate” the conclusion of Warner Premiere’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns adaptation, Matt (of Cinemachine and my co-host at An Alan Smithee Podcast) and I thought it’d appropriate to do a special… Continue reading

Snarked 5 (February 2012)

Langridge sets this entire issue–with the exception of the prologue featuring the villains–aboard ship. The heroes have set sail for dreaded Snark Island, but they haven’t told the crew where they’re going yet….… Continue reading