Daily Archive: March 7, 2013

Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows 6 (April 2010)

Wow. Wow. Just, wow. I’m not sure this issue’s actually better than the last great issue a few ago, but it’s incredibly impressive. Instead of resolving anything big, Hill goes after something small… Continue reading

Fatale 9 (October 2012)

Hansel, the cult leader, again gets his own scene juxtaposed against the regular action. Once again, it doesn’t work. Everything else this issue works–except one flashback panel requiring the reader to remember minutiae… Continue reading

Bloodhound 8 (April 2005)

Jolley skips ahead a little, giving Clevenger practically a superhero outfit–a special Kevlar shirt, I think–and a little more freedom. Jolley uses Clev’s ex-girlfriend to reveal the information. It’s a nice little device,… Continue reading