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Robocop 8 (February 2015)

I’m not sure how I’d describe Killian, Williamson’s long-in-the-tooth antagonist in Robocop, but soap opera tough guy might be the best description. There’s no depth to the character, which is starting to get… Continue reading

Robocop 7 (January 2015)

Seeing Robocop run–he gets upgraded–reminds of two things. First, it’s like running zombies. Second, it’s a little like Batman on ice skates. It’s just too much. Magno’s art is stronger than it has… Continue reading

Robocop 6 (December 2014)

It’s a bridging issue. An undercover cop goes after Killian–in one of Williamson’s most unexpected moves, the character (who everyone is accusing of being an undercover cop) turns out to be an undercover… Continue reading

Robocop 5 (November 2015)

Once again, there are occasional moments where this issue of Robocop feels a little bit too much like Robocop 2. Not even the action, but the way Williamson is moving things along for… Continue reading

Robocop 4 (October 2014)

Williamson does a couple unexpected things this issue. First, he brings a level of what one has to call Robocop 2 ultra-violence–well, technically Magno brings it–but Williamson wrote the scene. It's a big… Continue reading

Robocop 3 (September 2014)

This issue is the best one Williamson’s written so far. It’s not Magno’s drawn; he’s better than last time but there are still a lot of perspective issues. They make the body proportions… Continue reading

Robocop 2 (August 2014)

Robocop continues to have problems, but this issue they're different ones. For instance, Magno's art isn't as detailed. He's concentrating on foreground figures and letting the backgrounds go loose (with a handful of… Continue reading

Robocop 1 (July 2014)

This comic is way too short. It’s frustrating too because creators Joshua Williamson and Carlos Magno go out of their way to show they know how to do a Robocop comic. Magno’s art… Continue reading

Robocop: Last Stand 8 (March 2014)

So Ed Brisson gets the job of sending the original Robocop into the sunset. My first thought–he does an admirable job, though he could have easily turned it into three issues. He’s got… Continue reading

Robocop: Beta 1 (February 2014)

I feel bad for the creators on Robocop: Beta, it’s not their fault the comic fails, it’s just the nature of pointless movie tie-ins. Otherwise it’s not a bad comic. It’s even got… Continue reading

Robocop: Memento Mori 1 (February 2014)

Is Memento Mori the best of Boom!’s terrible Robocop remake tie-ins? Maybe. It’s definitely the first one where the art engaged. João Vieira has the appearance of an interesting style. Cartoonish, almost. He… Continue reading

Robocop: To Live and Die in Detroit 1 (February 2014)

Again, not having seen the new Robocop movie, it’s hard to say who’s responsible for the nonsense of To Live and Die in Detroit. It could be writer Joe Harris. He certainly does… Continue reading

Robocop: Hominem Ex Machina 1 (February 2014)

Okay, it’s a movie tie-in but it’s a prequel and a sequel. Who knows? The new Robocop isn’t out yet so is it even possible to gauge whether Michael Moreci and Jason Copland… Continue reading

Robocop: Last Stand 7 (February 2014)

It’s an all art issue. It’s an all action issue too, but there’s not even the regular amount of witty banter for an action issue. So it’s just Öztekin doing a fight scene… Continue reading

Robocop: Last Stand 6 (January 2013)

It’s funny how interesting art changes things in terms of pacing. Not just good art; there are plenty of comics out there with good art and bad pacing and the issue doesn’t work… Continue reading

Robocop: Last Stand 5 (December 2013)

Wow, what a downer issue. In a lot of ways, it seems like a rejection of the reader’s expectations, which Grant had only recently raised–and only if the reader is familiar with Robocop… Continue reading

Robocop: Last Stand 4 (November 2013)

When I got done with this issue, I looked at the indicia to make sure I was remembering correctly and there really are four whole issues left. I’m a little sad it isn’t… Continue reading

Robocop: Last Stand 3 (October 2013)

And the awesome is back. About half the issue is an action sequence from Öztekin. It opens with the Japanese android running around the rooftops–here’s where Grant and Öztekin show off how what… Continue reading

Robocop: Last Stand 2 (September 2013)

All of a sudden, the Robocop 3 references are a lot clearer. Grant is in the precarious position of having very familiar scenes or very familiar lines–if anyone else, like me, is familiar… Continue reading

Robocop: Last Stand 1 (August 2013)

I’m going to regret making this statement. I’m liking Robocop: The Last Stand. At first I was confused with the art choice–Korkut Öztekin has a punky, very indie art style and it doesn’t… Continue reading

Robocop 1 (January 2010)

I think Dynamite has succeeded where Marvel, Dark Horse and Avatar have failed… they’ve made the worst Robocop comic ever. Given a relatively free slate, Dynamite has come up with a setting for… Continue reading

Robocop 23 (January 1992)

Yeah, it’s awful. Lewis doesn’t appear in the issue. Robocop doesn’t go to Detroit. The entire issue, for him, is set on an Aztec pyramid; something along those lines. Robocop spends most of… Continue reading

Robocop 22 (December 1991)

Furman can’t wrap up the comic in an issue, which is what Marvel’s Robocop has left so he’s undoubtedly going to leave some things hanging. Or he’s going to force it all into… Continue reading

Robocop 21 (November 1991)

So when the series started Robocop 2 hadn’t been released and the Old Man was still a good guy. Now he’s a bad guy. But still not as bad as he was in… Continue reading

Robocop 20 (October 1991)

Who is Andrew Wildman and why has he ruined my Robocop? Regardless of Sullivan relatively slipping, this guy is a joke. His faces are pure amateur. I suppose his figures are a little… Continue reading

Robocop 19 (September 1991)

So we finally get Lewis and Robocop about the suck face and it turns out it’s a stupid brainwashing thing? Or, worse, we don’t even find out if it’s a stupid brainwashing thing.… Continue reading

Robocop: Roulette 4 (March 1994)

Dark Horse’s Robocop ends here. Finally. It’s not a bad issue, definitely the best in this series and probably overall (the competition isn’t particularly steep, however). It helps Jeff Butler handles some of… Continue reading

Robocop 18 (August 1991)

Furman goes episodic here. I mean, TV episodic, maybe the five minutes before the opening titles role. It’s all about cops going crazy and whatever it is driving them crazy also effects Robocop… Continue reading

Robocop: Roulette 3 (February 1994)

Byrd’s art is pretty awful, but it’s a surprisingly okay issue. Even taking all the stupidity into account, Arcudi does manage a couple all right moments here, like when Robocop goes back to… Continue reading

Robocop 17 (July 1991)

Egads that’s bad. I was all set to say nice things about the art, but then Candelario’s inks made that one impossible. It’s a terribly written comic book. Besides having a really stupid… Continue reading