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Batgirl 39 (April 2015)

There’s a shocking amount of this comic book I don’t care about in the least. I’ve been tiring of Stewart and Fletcher’s somewhat incompetent Barbara, but at least they acknowledge her here. Sure,… Continue reading

Batgirl 38 (March 2015)

Something happens this issue of Batgirl. The gimmick starts to get a little old. Barbara using Batgirl to be popular on social media, Barbara going after a reality TV bad boy, Barbara dating… Continue reading

Batgirl 37 (February 2015)

There’s a somewhat pointless plot twist at the end of this issue. It’s sensational, when the writers haven’t actually set up a point for it. They aren’t asking profound questions or making profound… Continue reading

Batgirl 36 (January 2015)

It’s another solid issue, with Babs stumbling onto a crime on campus. Stewart and Fletcher also introduce a few more supporting cast members–the issue ends with a sitcom-like tag with all of them,… Continue reading

Batgirl 35 (December 2014)

It's the all-new Batgirl, which is mostly just a "Veronica Mars" in college where Babs solves hip crimes–the supervillain this issue is hacking phones and putting the embarrassing private information online. Why? Because… Continue reading

Batman Family 17 (April-May 1978)

This issue has a neat thread running through its three feature-length stories. The Huntress (from Earth-Two) comes to Earth-One for a visit. In the Batman story, she meets him and Robin. Then she… Continue reading

Batgirl 3 (January 2012)

Even after a terrible opening–Simone finishes her cliffhanger without a proper recap, I still don’t know what happened or why–Batgirl starts to recover. And it does so against some substantial odds. Besides the… Continue reading

Batgirl 2 (December 2011)

The point, to me, of a Barbara Gordon Batgirl comic is Barbara Gordon. And on some level, Gail Simone is with me. The comic comes (albeit slowly) to life when Barbara shows up… Continue reading

Batgirl 1 (November 2011)

I like Ardian Syaf. I’d never heard of him before Batgirl but he does a good job. The big question of a Barbara Gordon Batgirl comic is how Gail Simone is going to… Continue reading

Detective Comics 519 (October 1982)

Kupperberg writes Batman and Robin like something out of the TV show. They’re celebrities, they go on very public adventures, Robin loiters awkwardly around the Batcave in his tights. The approach is just… Continue reading

Detective Comics 518 (September 1982)

It’s decent, underwhelming issue. In the feature, Batman recovers from his vampire attack–and it’s apparently forgotten Dick was a vampire for a while (he’s fully recovered here, with the explanation being he was… Continue reading

Detective Comics 517 (August 1982)

They’re really dragging out the Batman turns into a vampire thing. I think this issue is the fourth or fifth of the story. I guess it’s fine, since it’s Colan and DeZuniga again… Continue reading

Detective Comics 516 (July 1982)

The Batman feature is problematic to say the least. Batman infiltrates a school for criminals as “Matches” Malone (gag) and is quickly found out. He then has to dispatch of the criminals as… Continue reading

Detective Comics 515 (June 1982)

Ugh. “Matches” Malone is so goofy. Why hasn’t anyone modernized him…. Otherwise, it’s a decent issue. The Chiaramonte inks are the best so far. It’s not the best Newton, but it’s good. Conway… Continue reading

Detective Comics 514 (May 1982)

What a weak issue. I mean… it’s really weak. It’s competent in a way someone spending sixty cents might not complain, but it’s not good at all. The feature is a Maxie Zeus… Continue reading

Detective Comics 513 (April 1982)

How did DC let this one get to the printers? Chiaramonte’s inks are a complete disaster. Maybe Newton was in a rush and Chiaramonte had to cover a lot but… it doesn’t even… Continue reading

Detective Comics 512 (March 1982)

Colan and Janson are back in sync, which is good because Conway’s overwriting the dialogue again. It’s like he can’t decide if Batman is supposed to think or talk his plans for athletic… Continue reading

Detective Comics 510 (January 1982)

There are two Mad Hatters? I’m now incredibly confused. According to this issue, there was an original Mad Hatter and then a replacement and then the original came back. At least in the… Continue reading

Detective Comics 509 (December 1981)

Conway really lays on the melodrama for his resolution to Bruce and Selina’s romance–Catwoman’s still too much in the picture for her to be able to stick it out–but it still works somehow.… Continue reading

Detective Comics 508 (November 1981)

I’ve been trudging through Conway’s Batman comics the last few days–maybe the Irv Novick art on Batman is getting me down–so it’s nice this issue of Detective Comics is fantastic. It’s a completely… Continue reading

Detective Comics 506 (September 1981)

I know kids actually read comic books back in the eighties so Conway had to keep them in mind, but he’s got a story about a golden mannequin lady killing people… he didn’t… Continue reading

Detective Comics 505 (August 1981)

Dan Adkins’s inks are a mess here. Because of them, there’s barely one good panel of Don Newton drawing Batman versus a werewolf. The story’s something of a surprise–with Conway concentrating solely on… Continue reading

Detective Comics 503 (June 1981)

Now there’s a done-in-one. Wow. Conway fits a ton into the issue, which boils down to another poisoned Batman goes after the Scarecrow story, but with all sorts of decoration. It opens with… Continue reading

Detective Comics 502 (May 1981)

So… Alfred’s somebody’s baby daddy. That little detail is sort of overlooked in this issue. Not only is he a baby daddy, he’s an emotionally disconnected one (he financially supports her, but won’t… Continue reading

Detective Comics 501 (April 1981)

I love the scene with the Paris police giving Batman the okay because of his “unofficial” Interpol status. I wonder if Conway realized how silly the scene reads, given he’s sitting there in… Continue reading

Detective Comics 499 (February 1981)

Well, Batman fights the crooked miners union again this issue… but this time… he wins! Actually, it’s a really nice story about Batman and Blockbuster saving a bunch of miners in a collapsed… Continue reading

Detective Comics 498 (January 1981)

It’s Batman versus the crooked coal miners and guess who wins? Not Batman. Okay, maybe I’m abridging a little, but not by much. Conway makes Batman a little too human here, way too… Continue reading

Detective Comics 497 (December 1980)

The main story is dedicated to Will Eisner, but besides some rather obvious Spirit references, I don’t get it. I mean, it’s not like Batman spends the issue getting beat up. That one… Continue reading