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Gotham by Midnight 4 (April 2015)

Well, Templesmith gets to draw the Spectre and it mostly works out. He gets to draw big giant Spectre even, which I wasn’t expecting. And big giant Spectre is like a big giant… Continue reading

Gotham by Midnight 3 (March 2015)

On second thought, maybe seeing Templesmith fully realize the Spectre isn’t a good idea for Gotham by Midnight. He has to handle big supernatural action this issue and it doesn’t come off. It’s… Continue reading

Gotham by Midnight 2 (February 2015)

For a good fifth of this issue, which Templesmith paces out well, it seems like the Spectre might show up. He does, but Templesmith doesn’t show him. But for a while, it seems… Continue reading

Gotham by Midnight 1 (January 2015)

Thanks to Ben Templesmith’s art, Gotham by Midnight works a lot better than it should. A lot of Ray Fawkes’s dialogue is generic cop show stuff, but Templesmith has a way of visually… Continue reading

Batman: The Deal (November 2013)

Thanks to the Internet, unofficial, fan-made productions can get a lot of exposure. Why people haven’t been doing more unofficial superhero comics is beyond me. It makes great senses but you don’t hear… Continue reading

Detective Comics 567 (October 1986)

The headline on the cover promises an "off-beat" story from Harlan Ellison. Off-beat can't have been an intentional euphemism for bad… Ellison writes Batman as an insensitive, ill-mannered, narcissist. On patrol, Batman can't… Continue reading

Batman 400 (October 1986)

I hate this comic. I hate how DC used it, I hate how Moench writes it, even if it was an editorial decision. There are nods to Moench’s run, but only so far… Continue reading

Detective Comics 566 (September 1986)

I wish they had done a recap issue back when Colan was at the top of his game. This issue sets up the big anniversary special over in Batman, with he and Robin… Continue reading

Batman 399 (September 1986)

It’s a depressing issue, but Moench’s ambitious in that depression. He plays some of the thriller scenes like a melodrama–a guy storming over to have it out with the murderer of his girlfriend–while… Continue reading

Detective Comics 565 (August 1986)

Colan’s really slipping. His faces are getting lifeless and awkward. The scene where Jason is making out with his girlfriend, the girl looks like a mannequin. Moench goes on and on about love… Continue reading

Batman 398 (August 1986)

Moench finally starts dealing with some things this issue–Jason finally stops being such a little turd and Catwoman finally stops letting Batman treat her like half a partner. There’s a big showdown between… Continue reading

Detective Comics 564 (July 1986)

Colan’s art seems to have stabilized quite a bit. In a lot of ways, it’s less ambitious and a waste of his talent, but at least there aren’t any awful Jason panels. Instead,… Continue reading

Batman 397 (July 1986)

Mandrake draws Two-Face’s head a little wide–probably to give himself room–but otherwise his art has gotten rather refined. There are some excellent panels this issue; Mandrake is able to do the more outlandish… Continue reading

Detective Comics 563 (June 1986)

Finally, a villain Moench can write–he does a great job with Two-Face this issue, just great. It makes up for Batman not really having a story. He and Catwoman are out on case,… Continue reading

Batman 396 (June 1986)

Robin is such a little punk this issue Gordon finally yells at him. Moench has given up on Bruce Wayne and Jason Todd the past few issues–given up on any Robin characterization besides… Continue reading

Detective Comics 562 (May 1986)

It’s hard to recall the feature story after the fantastic art on the Green Arrow backup. Moore does an amazing job. It’s packed with content too, so there’s a lot of variety. It’s… Continue reading

Batman 395 (May 1986)

Moench tries for way too much this issue. First, he’s got a new villain for Batman to deal with, then he’s got Batman and Catwoman smooching at the Bat-signal. Robin’s jealous so he… Continue reading

Detective Comics 561 (April 1986)

Because the world needs more anti-drug messages. Jason really likes the new girl at school, but she wants to do drugs. Can Jason–and Robin–convince her to stay square? It’s hard to say whether… Continue reading

Detective Comics 560 (March 1986)

This issue has Batman tricking Robin and Catwoman into teaming up. They aren’t getting along–all because of Jason–so Batman has to set a trap for them. Moench tells the story from the perspective… Continue reading

Batman 394 (April 1986)

The Gulacy art continues, albeit in a far less interesting environment. Batman, the KGB agent and Robin have to stop the villain from poisoning the city. It seems a much simpler story–if it… Continue reading

Batman 393 (March 1986)

Some lucky person out there, hopefully, has the original pages to this issue. Paul Gulacy guests and he does amazing work. There’s a lot of design influences, but all of them work. Well,… Continue reading

Detective Comics 559 (February 1986)

The art continues to slide. Someone took the time to give Green Arrow detailed eyeballs, but the composition is weak. It doesn’t even look like Colan. The writing isn’t much better. Moench’s got… Continue reading

Batman 392 (February 1986)

I’m not sure how I feel about Jan Duursema inking Mandrake. Somehow the vibrancy of the art is gone; the action scenes feel static. Maybe the best sequence is a car accident, just… Continue reading

Detective Comics 558 (January 1986)

Moench paces the feature pretty well–Batman’s taking Catwoman to the hospital while Robin hangs out around Nocturna’s observatory. Throw in Robin having the save a guy obsessed with Nocturna and Batman having a… Continue reading

Batman 391 (January 1986)

I could kind of guess the finish. Not all of it–Catwoman coming into play is a surprise, especially after Moench gives her a nice farewell with Batman at the open–but it’s predictable. I… Continue reading

Detective Comics 557 (December 1985)

I think Smith’s got to be doing more of the finishing these last few issues. The panels are much smoother than usual Colan panels. Again, absurd melodrama and, again Moench makes it work.… Continue reading

Batman 390 (December 1985)

I think Mandrake draws Robin like a chimp in his scenes with Nocturna to show he’s a kid. Or he just draws really ugly expressions for kids. Everyone else has great expressions–this issue… Continue reading

Detective Comics 556 (November 1985)

There’s some fantastic art from Colan and Smith this issue. Moench’s still got his weird relationship between Jason and Nocturna, but Colan sure does draw it well. When Batman finally shows up–after discovering… Continue reading

Batman 389 (November 1985)

Mandrake is getting better. The first half of the issue, except maybe some of the Batman stuff–the proportions are off–it’s good and Mandrake’s got some interesting expressions. They give the comic a lot… Continue reading

Detective Comics 555 (October 1985)

Gene Colan and Bob Smith are back on the art and it’s a strange return for Colan. It’s a lot of action and Colan goes a lot more dynamic than he usually does.… Continue reading