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Detective Comics 567 (October 1986)

The headline on the cover promises an "off-beat" story from Harlan Ellison. Off-beat can't have been an intentional euphemism for bad… Ellison writes Batman as an insensitive, ill-mannered, narcissist. On patrol, Batman can't… Continue reading

Detective Comics 566 (September 1986)

I wish they had done a recap issue back when Colan was at the top of his game. This issue sets up the big anniversary special over in Batman, with he and Robin… Continue reading

Detective Comics 565 (August 1986)

Colan’s really slipping. His faces are getting lifeless and awkward. The scene where Jason is making out with his girlfriend, the girl looks like a mannequin. Moench goes on and on about love… Continue reading

Detective Comics 564 (July 1986)

Colan’s art seems to have stabilized quite a bit. In a lot of ways, it’s less ambitious and a waste of his talent, but at least there aren’t any awful Jason panels. Instead,… Continue reading

Detective Comics 563 (June 1986)

Finally, a villain Moench can write–he does a great job with Two-Face this issue, just great. It makes up for Batman not really having a story. He and Catwoman are out on case,… Continue reading

Detective Comics 562 (May 1986)

It’s hard to recall the feature story after the fantastic art on the Green Arrow backup. Moore does an amazing job. It’s packed with content too, so there’s a lot of variety. It’s… Continue reading

Detective Comics 561 (April 1986)

Because the world needs more anti-drug messages. Jason really likes the new girl at school, but she wants to do drugs. Can Jason–and Robin–convince her to stay square? It’s hard to say whether… Continue reading

Detective Comics 560 (March 1986)

This issue has Batman tricking Robin and Catwoman into teaming up. They aren’t getting along–all because of Jason–so Batman has to set a trap for them. Moench tells the story from the perspective… Continue reading

Detective Comics 558 (January 1986)

Moench paces the feature pretty well–Batman’s taking Catwoman to the hospital while Robin hangs out around Nocturna’s observatory. Throw in Robin having the save a guy obsessed with Nocturna and Batman having a… Continue reading

Detective Comics 557 (December 1985)

I think Smith’s got to be doing more of the finishing these last few issues. The panels are much smoother than usual Colan panels. Again, absurd melodrama and, again Moench makes it work.… Continue reading

Detective Comics 556 (November 1985)

There’s some fantastic art from Colan and Smith this issue. Moench’s still got his weird relationship between Jason and Nocturna, but Colan sure does draw it well. When Batman finally shows up–after discovering… Continue reading

Detective Comics 555 (October 1985)

Gene Colan and Bob Smith are back on the art and it’s a strange return for Colan. It’s a lot of action and Colan goes a lot more dynamic than he usually does.… Continue reading

Detective Comics 554 (September 1985)

Janson art again. It’s just phenomenal. He’s even figured out he doesn’t like doing splash panels with bland superhero poses so instead he’s doing complex panels indicating lots of movement. The way Janson… Continue reading

Detective Comics 553 (August 1985)

It’s an issue of amazing art. Klaus Janson isn’t doing a lot of detail on faces, which is not good, but his composition is breathtaking. The way he translates Moench’s script–sort of sapping… Continue reading

Detective Comics 552 (July 1985)

It’s an odd done-in-one, with Moench structuring the issue around an article from Julia (Alfred’s daughter). Poor Julia has never been much of a character, just a third vertex in Moench’s Bruce Wayne… Continue reading

Detective Comics 551 (June 1985)

There’s something distressing about the art on the feature. It barely looks like the previous Broderick and Smith issues; maybe Broderick didn’t give Smith much to work with. There’s certainly not a lot… Continue reading

Detective Comics 550 (May 1985)

Moench goes a little too high concept for this one, especially since Broderick isn’t really the artist to do a protracted chase sequence. A small-time thug runs across the rooftops, Batman in close… Continue reading

Detective Comics 549 (April 1985)

It’s a nice issue overall. The feature has Moench, Broderick and Smith doing a Harvey Bullock issue. Moench plays it mostly for laughs, then goes deeper–showing the “real” Bullock–and then giving him a… Continue reading

Detective Comics 548 (March 1985)

So Moench finds an interesting way to move past all the Jason Todd adoption stuff. He forgets about it. Oh, he mentions it a bunch, especially in the opening scene with Jason eating… Continue reading

Detective Comics 547 (February 1985)

Moench partially redeems his amnesia storyline this issue with the suggestion it’s not going to go on for too long. He also does some decent work teaming up Robin and Nocturna, which he… Continue reading

Detective Comics 546 (January 1985)

From the start, it’s kind of clear Colan’s rushing on the art. Pretty much everyone looks like Dracula, from villainous Mayor Hill to angry little Jason Todd. Hill’s plotting, Jason’s being mean to… Continue reading

Detective Comics 545 (December 1984)

This issue has some beautiful art from Gene Colan and Bob Smith in the feature and then Shawn McManus in the backup, but it’s a disaster otherwise. Moench spends most of the feature… Continue reading

Detective Comics 544 (November 1984)

What an issue. How to even start. Okay, so Moench is having so much trouble figuring out why Bruce Wayne wants to adopt Jason Todd, he actually has a scene where Nocturna “tempts”… Continue reading

Detective Comics 543 (October 1984)

Wow, what’s Moench thinking? He’s done some great, ambitious stories since he started writing the Batman comics but… a supervillain adopting Jason Todd? Noctura is back–she looks like a vampire, something I assume… Continue reading

Detective Comics 542 (September 1984)

It says something when Moench’s got more character in two or three dialogue interchanges between Jason and Alfred’s daughter–they don’t like each other or something–than in a bunch of lengthy conversations between Batman… Continue reading

Detective Comics 541 (August 1984)

It’s a strange issue with Batman chasing the Penguin down to Antarctica to stop him from selling military secrets to the Russians. Moench throws in a couple twists, both of them vaguely amusing,… Continue reading

Detective Comics 540 (July 1984)

There’s something off about Colan’s layouts for the feature story. Moench splits it between Batman and Robin for the first half–Batman dealing with his Scarecrow-induced fears, Robin dealing with the Scarecrow himself–and it’s… Continue reading

Detective Comics 539 (June 1984)

Bob Smith inking Don Newton is something to see. There’s almost an Eisner-like quality to the faces. It’s beautiful art on the feature. But Moench’s writing is awesome too, whether it’s the main… Continue reading

Detective Comics 538 (May 1984)

It’s a strange issue and not just because the feature’s incredibly boring. It’s a sting operation where Batman follows the new Catman–who is the new Catman because the old one sold out his… Continue reading

Detective Comics 537 (April 1984)

Quick observation about the Green Arrow backup before I forget–McManus has some great panels. Not all of them, not consistently, but he has some amazing close-ups. The feature story has Batman getting called… Continue reading