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Battlefields 6 (May 2013)

Ennis wraps up Battlefields this issue. Not just Anna’s story, but the series in general–he puts a close on how he’s been telling these war stories. He might be able to pick it… Continue reading

Battlefields 5 (March 2013)

Wow. Okay, starting at the beginning. Ennis jumps ahead five or six years, then fills the reader in on Anna and Mouse’s time since the war. Specially how Anna got out of her… Continue reading

Battlefields 4 (February 2013)

The war in Europe’s almost over and Ennis brings back Anna the pilot to do a story about that period. She gets shot down in the first few pages and ends up in… Continue reading

Battlefields 3 (January 2013)

Ennis saves the big tank battle for the last issue of the arc; he also does away with most of the historical details. They’re an aside. The tank crew’s experience in the battle… Continue reading

Battlefields 2 (December 2012)

Stiles and his sidekick spend the issue away from the rest of the crew, observing a famous historical battle. They participate, but Ennis mostly just uses Stiles to explain what’s going on. He… Continue reading

Battlefields 1 (November 2012)

It wouldn’t be Battlefields without the Tankies and Sergeant Stiles. But Ennis is also doing a Korean War story–and drawing attention to the lack of attention the Korean War gets–so Ennis is coming… Continue reading

Battlefields 9 (August 2010)

Could you be more depressing Garth Ennis? I mean, it’s really not depressing, not in the futility way the first Battlefields embraced… but it’s the first issue of this series to get me… Continue reading

Battlefields 8 (July 2010)

Still a ton of art issues–I can’t be the only one who’s noticed Aviña’s colors are horrific on this issue. Luckily, Braun keeps it together, saving the strange tablet lines for the last… Continue reading

Battlefields 7 (June 2010)

Is Braun drawing on a computer tablet here? His lines just seem completely unnatural. Of course, his art’s really loose–the size of Anna’s face isn’t constant. And Tony Aviña’s colors are atrocious here.… Continue reading

Battlefields 6 (May 2010)

The curse of the full page panels. Ezquerra has two in the last few pages and it hurts the reading experience. The tank battle needed more elucidation, not full page panels. I have… Continue reading

Battlefields 5 (April 2010)

I’d like to call a foul on Ennis here for playing the reader but it’s not his fault. Maybe he knew the reader would get comfy, a little relaxed, laughing at the jokes…… Continue reading

Battlefields 4 (March 2010)

Hey, it’s the sequel to Tankies. I didn’t even realize from the cover. Well, I’m not sure it’s exactly a sequel to Tankies, rather another adventure of that tank crew. If I remember… Continue reading

Battlefields 3 (February 2010)

Well, Ennis gets to the rough stuff here. But he still handles it calmly and affably for the beginning, then once the event occurs, it’s rather touching. To this point, Battlefields has been… Continue reading

Battlefields 2 (January 2010)

Ennis continues with the mellow. This story arc continues to be calm and genial. It’s nice–the new captain flirts with the barmaid, the command decides to let the socially graceless Masher continue with… Continue reading

Battlefields 1 (January 2010)

Ennis is off to a fine start with the second round of Battlefields, this time covering Australian fliers during World War II. All Battlefields are WWII, aren’t they? Anyway, it’s a fine start,… Continue reading

Battlefields: The Tankies 3 (July 2009)

The final issue of Tankies is even better than I remembered and maybe even imagined. I’m really glad I forgot the ending–Ennis gives it two finishes, one for the tank company, one for… Continue reading

Battlefields: The Tankies 2 (May 2009)

Oh, it’s lovely. Ennis has something of a narrative tree going here–he has his main story with the tankies, but then he’s got command’s story. Command’s story has a little to do with… Continue reading

Battlefields: The Tankies 1 (April 2009)

I’ve always claimed The Tankies as Ennis’s best of the Battlefields (first series, anyway). I didn’t really remember why. Then I read the first issue again. Ennis sets up the story as a… Continue reading

Battlefields: Dear Billy 3 (March 2009)

It’s a tad… Victorian, isn’t it? I mean, it’s an excellent issue and a decent close to Dear Billy, but it’s just too confined. With the whole letter to Billy thing–Ennis either has… Continue reading

Battlefields: Dear Billy 2 (February 2009)

I can’t remember how Dear Billy ends. Even reading another issue, I can’t remember. I spent a while, in the back of my head, anticipating Ennis’s cliffhanger. Three issue limited, he’d have to… Continue reading

Battlefields: Dear Billy 1 (January 2009)

I’ve forgotten most of the details to Battlefields, which is nice as it turns out. I then can remember things, anticipate them as I read, makes the experience seem richer. It’s a rather… Continue reading

Battlefields: The Night Witches 3 (January 2009)

Here Ennis plays with having two protagonists, the expectations that arrangement has on the reader. Play might be the wrong word because play suggests it might be fun. Ennis doesn’t do it for… Continue reading

Battlefields: The Night Witches 2 (November 2008)

Juxtaposing the two stories–the young male Nazi soldier and the young female Russian flier–might seem like a standard approach, but it produces some unexpected things. The German fears the Russians, who the reader… Continue reading

Battlefields: The Night Witches 1 (October 2008)

I don’t know if I appreciated Braun enough the first time I read this series. He can do the complex expressions (ranging from unsure Nazis to zealot ones, not to mention the Russian… Continue reading