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Green Hornet Annual 1 (September 2010)

What a pointless fill-in issue. Maybe the regular series was shipping late? Hester doesn’t do a terrible job–he certainly is able to pace the annual better than the regular series–but it just fills… Continue reading

Green Hornet 10 (December 2010)

Smith finally figures out how to pace a comic book. It’s a shame he does it for his last issue. There’s a lot more Smith-type humor in this issue, which both works and… Continue reading

Green Hornet 9 (November 2010)

Ugh. What’s worse than Smith doing three action scenes and calling it an issue? Doing one and, essentially, a chase sequence and calling it an issue. Sure, there’s some of his banter between… Continue reading

Green Hornet 8 (October 2010)

Smith requires the reader to forget everything he or she has learned about Kato in the previous seven issues and assume he’s an idiot. He’s an idiot and he gets killed because he… Continue reading

Green Hornet 7 (September 2010)

Smith does a little bit more with this issue. He at least brings in the bigger storyline with the bickering father and son Japanese supervillains. Smith’s very obviously influenced by the Burton Batman… Continue reading

Green Hornet 6 (July 2010)

Smith’s doing the movie montage in full effect this issue. He’s even got a wacky sidekick for the Green Hornet–a white guy who acts Chinese. I think it’s supposed to be hilarious. Smith… Continue reading

Green Hornet 5 (June 2010)

It’s interesting Smith made the villains the Japanese, which makes the comic seem dated… even if it takes place in the future. Smith’s never made the time period work. This issue is–except the… Continue reading

Green Hornet 4 (May 2010)

Smith sure does have his way of prolonging things. This issue opens with the reveal of the Hornet Cave (or whatever they call it) from last issue. Then there’s some flashback while Kato’s… Continue reading

Green Hornet 3 (April 2010)

Forget everything nice I said about Smith’s pacing. This issue is a fast, empty read (no pun intended). Smith introduces a narration here–it’s close third person, inside Britt Jr.’s head. The issue also… Continue reading

Green Hornet 2 (March 2010)

Smith’s Green Hornet script is based on his unproduced screenplay and it shows this issue. Not in a bad way–Smith comes up with an amazing action sequence with a female Kato in an… Continue reading

Green Hornet 1 (March 2010)

I’m guessing, from Smith’s use of pop culture references, it’s going to be a future story. Because in the past, he’s got Indiana Jones references and a white guy calling his hat “pimp.”… Continue reading