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The Fly: Outbreak 1 (March 2015)

Dear IDW, NOW Comics is calling from 1990; they want their Fly comic back. The Fly: Outbreak is a quizzical sequel absolutely no one was asking for, but apparently there are some long-term… Continue reading

Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive 1 (December 2014)

It’s strange, but the best thing about Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Direction so far is Rachael Stott’s artwork. And her artwork isn’t particularly good. She does okay with people in… Continue reading

Judge Dredd Mega-City Two: City of Courts 5 (May 2014)

Not the strongest last issue, not at all. Though it probably does have Farinas’s most consistently decent art of the entire series. Well, in terms of detail and correct body proportions. His action… Continue reading

Judge Dredd Mega-City Two: City of Courts 4 (April 2014)

Wolk brings in the ex-judge with the Mexican wrestling mask–it isn’t too exciting as it looks just like a regular judge’s mask, only not a helmet–and Dredd has a team-up. In the second… Continue reading

Judge Dredd Mega-City Two: City of Courts 3 (March 2014)

Dredd gets a sidekick–temporarily, it’s like Wolk doesn’t want him to bond with anyone in Mega-City Two or something–and fights a giant sea monster. He also gets to see how the city turns… Continue reading

Judge Dredd Mega-City Two: City of Courts 2 (February 2014)

Even though Farinas art gets a little worse, Wolk isn’t spending time setting up the comic, he’s just telling a Judge Dredd goes undercover with a West Coast biker gang of the future.… Continue reading

Judge Dredd Mega-City Two: City of Courts 1 (January 2014)

The back matter for this issue discusses the history of Mega-City Two, which I only briefly read. Writer Douglas Wolk has a nice structure for the issue–he drops the reader into Mega-City Two,… Continue reading

Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland 2 (October 2014)

Shanower is really dedicated to giving Little Nemo a narrative and it doesn’t help the comic at all. Jimmy (or Nemo) is an annoying kid who Shanower has throughout the entire issue–he’s not… Continue reading

Winterworld 3 (August 2014)

Even with the Guice art and some solid writing in places from Dixon, his approach to Winterworld and its revelations is getting too annoying. The protagonists have found a wonderful refuge from the… Continue reading

Ragnarök 2 (September 2014)

Why do I even talk? Why do I ever say nice things like Ragnarök isn’t going to be some non-Marvel Thor knock-off? Because I then end up with egg on my face when… Continue reading

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe 3 (September 2014)

Something very bad happens this issue of Transformers vs. G.I. Joe. It becomes inane. Writers Scioli and Barber don’t exactly stop giving characters arcs of their own, they just get rid of having… Continue reading

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe 2 (August 2014)

Even though I can remember having some of the toys–or wanting them–I can’t remember the name of the Transformers planet. But all the action takes place there, with Lady Jane leading an attack… Continue reading

Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever 3 (August 2014)

The bottom falls out this issue. Given nothing compelling to illustrate–unless one counts the various odd jobs Kirk and Spock perform–Woodward is left with talking heads, where he seems to be painting panels… Continue reading

Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland 1 (August 2014)

In Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland, writer Eric Shanower includes something very strange, something Winsor McCay never bothered with. A narrative. This series's Nemo isn't just a kid who has amazing dreams and… Continue reading

Star Trek 36 (August 2014)

I love how static Shasteen draws all the faces. It looks like he's going through either publicity photos or maybe screen grabs and picking the ones he thinks are closest to the emotions… Continue reading

Godzilla: Cataclysm 1 (August 2014)

I wanted Godzilla: Cataclysm to be good. Not before I started reading it, but as I read the first few pages where writer Cullen Bunn sets it all up. It’s got an intriguing… Continue reading

Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever 2 (July 2014)

Not only is Janice Rand back, she kicks butt. There are a few more big changes in this issue, with Kirk and company beaming up after time has changed to find themselves on… Continue reading

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe 1 (July 2014)

Scoli and Barber’s madness continues and amplifies. What I love is how they put in some sense of a narrative–there’s a subplot involving Snake Eyes and what he’s been doing since he left… Continue reading

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe 0 (May 2014)

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe is not serious. It is not a realistic examination of an elite international military organization battling sentient robotic beings from another star. It is Tom Scioli capturing the sensation… Continue reading

Star Trek: Flesh and Stone (July 2014)

Was someone out there desperate for a really bad team-up of all the doctors from “Star Trek” shows? The only regular medical officer the writers don’t include is the new continuity McCoy, which… Continue reading

Ragnarök 1 (July 2014)

Someone, either at IDW or Walt Simonson himself, is doing everyone the great disservice of suggesting Ragnarök is some kind of Thor rip-off IDW is doing just because the character is a Norse… Continue reading

The Squidder 1 (July 2014)

Ben Templesmith has a fairly interesting setting for Squidder. Imagine Cthulhu does come to the world, what happens when people fight back through technology and modern (or futuristic) warfare. It’s post-apocalyptic but after… Continue reading

The X-Files: Year Zero 1 (July 2014)

I’m not a big “X-Files” fan; I have not watched many episodes but I have seen the movies. And I do not recall atrocious banter being part of the formula. Karl Kesel writes… Continue reading

Star Trek 35 (July 2014)

I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how to talk about this issue of Star Trek. Not because the comic is all of a sudden doing well or good–and not because… Continue reading

Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever 1 (June 2014)

I guess I didn’t realize–or care–how much Harlan Ellison’s original teleplay for the classic “Star Trek” episode The City on the Edge of Forever got changed. From the first couple pages, it certainly… Continue reading

Winterworld 1 (June 2014)

Winterworld is about some guy who has a teenage girl sidekick in a post-apocalyptic frozen wasteland. Writer Chuck Dixon has a very strange approach to the plotting–every scene is a glimpse of a… Continue reading

Rocky and Bullwinkle 4 (June 2014)

Once again, Evanier seems to be running out of ideas–at least for what to do with his titular characters. Even the Dudley Do-Right story has Dudley reduced to a brief walk on appearance.… Continue reading

Star Trek 34 (June 2014)

There's a goofy aspect to this issue because there's got to be, given Johnson's storyline. It's a rip-off of some other things, with a couple odd Jurassic Park homages thrown in, but it's… Continue reading

Star Trek 33 (May 2014)

I read this entire issue without paying attention to the story arc title on the cover. I'm glad I ignored it. Here's the problem–the art. I wonder how Joe Corroney's art would be… Continue reading

Rocky and Bullwinkle 3 (May 2014)

What a splendid comic. I’m not sure of any other word for it. Between the two parts of the feature story, involving Rocky and Bullwinkle having to go to the moon to stop… Continue reading