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Rip Kirby, The Affairs of Crusher Twickham (November 1953-April 1954)

It’s a genial adventure for Rip and company (well, not so much “and company,” just Desmond—Honey’s barely around again) as Desmond’s old friend tries to become a gentleman to woo a lady. Turns… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, Whom Gods Destroy (September-November 1953)

What a nice little storyline. It’s Rip’s first adventure saving someone from death row; I didn’t realize until it started he’d never had such a case. It’s a simple mystery where he discovers… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, Death on Four Wheels (May-September 1953)

And it’s Rip off to the races. I think this storyline is just Raymond’s way to get to draw a lot of cars. Any good will Dickenson’s earned is tested at this point,… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, Danger in Key Diablo (February-May 1953)

Rip continues its upswing—maybe scripture Dickenson got more comfortable—with this storyline. Honey’s a central character again (for the first time in what seems like a year), though she’s just the damsel in distress.… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, The Cold Deck Switch (September 1952-February 1953)

Honey doesn’t appear at all this storyline—and Desmond starts the investigation—but it’s the strongest Kirby’s been in a while. Strangely, it features Raymond’s worst panel on the strip so far. Rip’s on the… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, Pagan’s Plight (May-September 1952)

I think Raymond must have changed his model for Pagan Lee. Her face is completely different now. This storyline has me hoping Dickenson has taken over and it’s not Ward Greene at all… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, The Lambert Affair (January-May 1952)

Here’s a problem with old newspaper strips. When new writers come on, they aren’t credited. Fred Dickenson might have taken over scripting from Ward Greene for this story, but I’m not sure. It… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, The Tigress of El Kazar (September 1951-January 1952)

Greene and Raymond have established a new formula. Honey waves goodbye to Rip, he rushes off to mystery, the reader gets to find out the solution to the mystery before he does (in… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, I’m OK–You’re Great (April-September 1951)

Honey appears in the first strip of this storyline to give Rip an in on a case involving her friend. It’s definitely at least the third time Honey’s brought him a case in… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, The Little Man Who Wasn’t (December 1950-April 1951)

Rip takes what seems like a simple embezzlement case and—shockingly—it turns out to be more. A mild-mannered bank employee runs off with almost a million dollars and it’s up to Kirby to find… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, The Caged Songbird (September-December 1950)

It’s a domestic adventure for Rip this time. The most scenic Raymond gets is the lions outside the New York Public Library. This storyline opens with a strip announcing the story’s premise and… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, Return of the Mangler (June-September 1950)

The Mangler finally makes his comeback and it’s in maybe the worst story Greene and Raymond have done on Rip Kirby. Oh, Raymond’s art is still great—there’s some beautiful composition, particularly during the… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, The Play’s the Thing (March-June 1950)

This storyline, which is really short, finally puts the spotlight on Desmond. Rip’s butler and assistant is off to… well, it’s never accurately describe, but a small town in hopes of finding romance.… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, Peril in the Snow (December 1949-March 1950)

It’s a good thing Rip has Honey around or he’d never get new cases. This story is the second or third time he only gets involved in a case because of Honey (and… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, My Little Runaway (September-December 1949)

This story guest-stars Rip. With him in it so little, I guess Honey’s five or six strips probably amount to a cameo. They’re just the entry into the actual story, which is a… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, Pagan’s Cheerful Summer (May-September 1949)

This storyline shows exactly what I like so much about Rip Kirby—Greene and Raymond come up with interesting settings. Though maybe Rip doesn’t have enough New York adventures, at least they move him… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, Like Flies to Honey (January-May 1949)

Well, I got my wish and Honey’s back in Rip Kirby front and center. A young playboy has proposed to her and his family goes to Rip to break it up. Rip refuses,… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, The Bandar Rubies (December 1948-January 1949)

Heading home to New York from London, Rip and Desmond leave Honey—this issue might reveal the rather simple explanation for her absence… Greene and Raymond need to have Rip be flirtatious to move… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, Terror on the Thames (June-December 1948)

This storyline, even longer than the last, again has Honey getting a smaller role than almost anyone else. She’s back, at least, even if it is just for the setup mostly. Since Rip’s… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, Bleak Prospects (October 1947-June 1948)

For whatever reason, Greene and Raymond push Honey off panel for this entire storyline—and it’s a long one, running almost eight months. Pagan returns, bringing with her a friend who ends up as… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, The Dolls’ House (May-October 1947)

This storyline is slightly goofy. First, Honey runs off to show up Rip (she’s mad he was giving Pagan Lee attention). So he and Desmond (Desmond’s his butler, a reformed burglar) have to… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, Past Imperfect (January-May 1947)

About half this storyline is spent with Pagan Lee as the protagonist. Rip and Honey are too busy vacationing (though there’s some more implications of their intimate relationship). Pagan’s past is catching up… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, Fatal Forgeries (November 1946-January 1947)

Instead of an involved, complicated story, this time Greene and Raymond go for something far simpler. There’s a blackmailer using kids to get celebrity autographs to fuel his forgery endeavor. Rip accidentally gets… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, Enter: The Mangler (June-November 1946)

Greene and Raymond give Rip his first real nemesis here—the Mangler. Though we hear he’s called the Mangler for how he murders people, we never see it. The Mangler’s far more interested in… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, The Hicks Formula (April-June 1946)

For the second storyline, Greene and Raymond send Rip and company off to college. Honey doesn’t get a lot smarter this time around, but she definitely gets somewhat smarter and it helps a… Continue reading

Rip Kirby, The Chip Faraday Murder (March-April 1946)

It’s a little surprising how every panel of Rip Kirby is perfect. Okay, not every panel. There are two panels—each the last panel of a strip, where Alex Raymond apparently photo-references a close… Continue reading