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Marvel Premiere 2 (May 1972)

Ladies and gentlemen… the writing stylings of Roy Thomas! Yay! Yay! Oh, wait. Umm. No. Not yay. I suppose if someone wanted to read some really bad seventies young person counterculture dialogue, he… Continue reading

Girl Comics 1 (May 2010)

Marvel should have tried harder with Girl Comics. It’s way too easy just to say, Girl Comics is bad comics. The opening from Colleen Coover is weak. It’s so trite, the story featuring… Continue reading

Namora 1 (August 2010)

Other Atlas members get limited series from Jeff Parker, but Namora just gets a one-shot. It’s not even Atlas branded, it’s “Women of Marvel” branded. It seems like a sexist move (I’m sure… Continue reading

Atlas 5 (November 2010)

So, either Parker wanted the story to go six issues or eight. It’s hard to tell. I imagine if it had gone at least six, he wouldn’t have needed the three pages of… Continue reading

Atlas 4 (October 2010)

Poor Bob. This issue reveals he’s really a lot more alien than he’s let anyone know, keeping his appearance hidden. Parker hinted at it in the Gorilla-Man series, but it didn’t make sense… Continue reading

Atlas 3 (September 2010)

Huh. It’s hard to say what Parker’s doing or why. He basically drags a quarter of an issue’s worth of story out to an entire issue—the bad guys infiltrate the Atlas headquarters, nothing… Continue reading

Atlas 2 (August 2010)

There’s the Atlas I love. Parker brings back everything great about the series (the serious tone with the humor, Mr. Lao having something going on he forgets to tell Jimmy about) and adds… Continue reading

Atlas 1 (July 2010)

Parker does something very strange for the first issue of Atlas. He barely features them. There’s a backup with the team in the fifties, which helps, but the primary story belongs to 3-D… Continue reading

Gorilla-Man 3 (November 2010)

Parker plays fast and loose with the logic for the conclusion. Not for the flashbacks–which is careful not to overlap the previous Gorilla-Man origin–but for the modern stuff. It ends on a strange… Continue reading

Gorilla-Man 2 (October 2010)

There’s a little bit of action (in the modern story) at the open of the issue, then it’s a trip down memory lane. Parker makes the connection between Ken, his past and his… Continue reading

Gorilla-Man 1 (September 2010)

Parker sets the series (presumably, at least the first issue implies) in modernity. It’s in between Atlas titles, with Ken on an Atlas mission to Africa to stop some bad guy. That part… Continue reading

Agents of Atlas 6 (March 2007)

Parker ends Agents of Atlas with M-11. It’s very appropriate since he’s been the biggest mystery of the series and to the team members. There’s something incredibly tragic and beautiful about the character;… Continue reading

Agents of Atlas 5 (February 2007)

And here again, Parker does the improbable. The issue has a relatively short present action, something like a half hour. Maybe a little more, but the big part of then issue isn’t long,… Continue reading

Agents of Atlas 4 (January 2007)

Oh, Jeff Parker, how I love thee. This issue–this modern Marvel comic book–takes place over a week. Maybe even a few days more than a week. Parker resolves the previous issue’s cliffhanger, brings… Continue reading

Agents of Atlas 3 (December 2006)

After opening with a nice fight scene–it starts with just Jimmy, then brings everyone in–the issue moves to some Atlas investigating. The book’s title still doesn’t make any sense in the context of… Continue reading

Agents of Atlas 2 (November 2006)

Derek, the SHIELD agent, narrates this issue. The result is a more procedural issue, like Parker is trying to keep the reader a few steps removed from the principle characters. He does it… Continue reading

Agents of Atlas 1 (October 2006)

Coming back to the first Atlas series is a bigger treat than I thought it would be. I don’t remember much about it, but I certainly didn’t remember Parker uses Gorilla Man as… Continue reading

Marvel Boy: The Uranian 3 (May 2010)

I guess not even Jeff Parker can make a last issue for a series needing lots more issues work. Parker gives Bob a romance and then takes it away. So cruel. The issue… Continue reading

Marvel Boy: The Uranian 2 (April 2010)

Oops. I didn’t realize Bob couldn’t fly in the first issue. I sort of assumed he could. The second issue doesn’t have much heroics at the start not based in alien technology (Marvel… Continue reading

Marvel Boy: The Uranian 1 (March 2010)

It’s hard not to look at this comic and not think Omega the Unknown. Ruiz’s art is a little too indie for Marvel, just like the art on Omega. And then there’s the… Continue reading

Avengers vs. Atlas 4 (June 2010)

Each issue of Avengers vs. Atlas ends with an Atlas backup, which is appropriate… since it turns out, the series isn’t actually an Atlas book. I mean, it’s fantastic and I recommend it… Continue reading

Avengers vs. Atlas 3 (May 2010)

Once again, I’m opening with a comment about Hardman, because the comic really leaves no other choice. While Parker constructs this elaborate and complicated story (I don’t even know how complicated yet, but… Continue reading

Avengers vs. Atlas 2 (April 2010)

I clearly don’t appreciate Gabriel Hardman enough. Hardman reminds me of Michael Lark’s superhero work, only without the… moodiness. Hardman’s like a non-moody Michael Lark, at least here he is–I honestly don’t remember… Continue reading

Avengers vs. Atlas 1 (March 2010)

Why isn’t Jeff Parker writing the Avengers? I’d read an Avengers book by Parker in a heartbeat, even with the strange team line-up they’ve got going. His characterizations here–especially of Wolverine, Spider-Man and… Continue reading

The Incredible Hercules 141 (April 2010)

No. Effing. Way. They rip off a line from Braveheart? Does Marvel even have an editor reading this book? The second or third most recognizable line from a blockbuster Oscar winner gets past… Continue reading

The Incredible Hercules 140 (March 2010)

The full onslaught of chatter between Amadeus Cho and Hercules has to be one of the most astoundingly stupid things I’ve ever read. Still, there’s some moderately okay drama in this issue. The… Continue reading

The Incredible Hercules 139 (February 2010)

Wait, Amadeus Cho is straight? I didn’t want to say they wrote him gay because I thought he might be Marvel’s attempt at a gay mainstream character but if he’s straight… it’s the… Continue reading

The Incredible Hercules 138 (January 2010)

So Hercules isn’t just a moron, he’s got a weird little Asian sidekick who’s super-smart? I mean, what would Wertham have to say about their creepy little relationship? Actually, it’s not creepy. It’s… Continue reading

Assault on New Olympus 1 (January 2010)

Marvel dumped the Hulk from his own title to give it to Hercules? Hercules? He’s an idiot. Reading this special, the Hercules part, is like watching a moron bumble through some superhero adventures;… Continue reading

X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas 2 (January 2010)

Wait, what? Okay, I get it. Agents of Atlas can’t make the grade sales-wise so there need to be team-ups–Parker’s the best writer Marvel has working on their mainstream stuff right now (sorry,… Continue reading