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The Superior Spider-Man 19 (December 2013)

So does Slott successfully conclude his Spider-Man 2099 thing? Define successful. It’s not a terrible issue. It’s definitely one of the better ones with Spidey 2099 in it, probably because there’s none of… Continue reading

The Superior Spider-Man 18 (November 2013)

Well, it’s definitely better than last issue but it’s still one of Slott’s weaker efforts on Superior. He’s got a big time travel story and it’s boring; referring to Back to the Future… Continue reading

The Superior Spider-Man 17 (November 2013)

When the Goblin Underground scenes are the best thing in the issue, it’s obviously Slott is running into some problems with Superior. At least there’s some bickering between the Goblin King and Hobgoblin…… Continue reading

The Superior Spider-Man 16 (October 2013)

I really don’t like the whole Goblin Army thing. It’s a little much, to say the least. Slott plays it tongue in cheek–which Ramos’s pencils just encourage–and it feels silly instead of scary.… Continue reading

The Superior Spider-Man 15 (October 2013)

I think with so many Spider-Man issues a month, sometimes Slott gets too disposable with the single issues. There are usually two Superior, I think, then a bunch of others, right? This issue… Continue reading

The Superior Spider-Man 14 (September 2013)

Umm. Couple things. First, Slott doesn’t have Otto narrate this issue. Maybe the first Superior without some insight from him. Second, Marvel never resolved that “Shadowland” crossover? Wasn’t it like five years ago?… Continue reading

The Superior Spider-Man 13 (September 2013)

It’s weird how Slott let Gage handle the script on this arc. It’s got some of the biggest changes to Superior since it started–a new page in Otto’s relationship with Jonah, a secret… Continue reading

The Superior Spider-Man 12 (August 2013)

Gage (and the plotting Slott) put Otto in an interesting place. Given the standard superhero trope of having to save one person or another, Otto apparently goes from the villain himself instead of… Continue reading

The Superior Spider-Man 11 (August 2013)

Giuseppe Camuncoli and John Dell make Otto look so positively condescending it’s wonderful. He only has a couple scenes outside his Spider-Man adventures, one with Anna and then one with his boss. I… Continue reading

The Superior Spider-Man 10 (July 2013)

Very interesting issue. With Otto freed of Ghost Peter, he makes some different choices–first is prioritizing responses to crimes and crises (which Slott addressed earlier in the series but not as directly) and,… Continue reading

The Superior Spider-Man 9 (July 2013)

Whew. There I was, having to take back some negative comments about Slott’s pacing last issue and how well he sold the story overall… and now I’m validated. This issue reads in something… Continue reading

The Superior Spider-Man 8 (June 2013)

Well, Slott recovers this issue. Big time. He must have watched “ER” too–all you need to make something touching is a sick child, add a megalomaniac like Otto being touched by said sick… Continue reading

The Superior Spider-Man 7 (June 2013)

This issue Ghost Peter discovers he can influence his old body and also make enough noise to distract Otto. Sadly, Slott uses that trick three times at least this issue to save someone… Continue reading

The Superior Spider-Man 6 (May 2013)

Been a while since I read an Humberto Ramos comic. Between steel fortitude and Slott’s writing, I didn’t get sick. The issue continues the “Spidey is going too far” theme, with Mayor Jameson… Continue reading

The Superior Spider-Man 5 (May 2013)

I guess I didn’t realize it before, but “Brand New Day” Peter Parker is supposed to be unbelievably good looking. Otto lucked out in the bod department, apparently. This issue features a really… Continue reading

The Superior Spider-Man 4 (April 2013)

Well, I’ll eat my rotten onions right off–I miss Stegman. Giuseppe Camuncoli takes over on pencils (John Dell on inks) and it’s not a good move. There are lots of regular people scenes… Continue reading

The Superior Spider-Man 3 (April 2013)

Slott’s starting to edge in on Batman territory here. The Vulture is using children to commit crimes, strapping them into flight harnesses and sending them out. Otto loses it and almost kills him,… Continue reading

The Superior Spider-Man 2 (March 2013)

I’m liking Stegman less this issue. Something about him reminds me of Todd McFarlane; he’s busy without content, just a lot blockier than ol’ Toddy. Luckily, I’m liking Slott’s writing a lot more… Continue reading

The Superior Spider-Man 1 (March 2013)

Once one gets past the entirely goofy brain-swapping detail, Superior Spider-Man is a hoot. Dan Slott’s success at it comes from his refusal to play too much into Doctor Octopus all of a… Continue reading

Girl Comics 2 (July 2010)

It’s another terrible issue. Is Marvel trying to say all female creators can do are trite stories? Colleen Coover annoys with her opening… Oh, wait. The Jill Thompson Inhumans story is fine. It’s… Continue reading

Girl Comics 1 (May 2010)

Marvel should have tried harder with Girl Comics. It’s way too easy just to say, Girl Comics is bad comics. The opening from Colleen Coover is weak. It’s so trite, the story featuring… Continue reading

Marvel Treasury Edition 28 (July 1981)

Was Jim Shooter paying himself by the word, because I don’t think I’ve ever read more exposition in a comic book. It’s terrible exposition too, but I suppose the sentences are grammatically correct.… Continue reading

Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man (January 1976)

It’s too bad this one doesn’t work out better, but at least it fails in an interesting way. Superman and Spider-Man simply can’t work together. It’s not so much the problems with them… Continue reading

Spider-Man: Back in Quack 1 (November 2010)

This issue, one of Marvel’s smorgasbord of one shots, is actually a Steve Gerber tribute issue. The feature is Howard the Duck (meets Spider-Man) and the backup is Man-Thing. Not sure why Marvel… Continue reading

Osborn 5 (June 2011)

DeConnick brings Osborn to a depressingly lesser conclusion. She needed another issue. She fast forwards a few weeks and everything’s resolved. It provides a nice narrative device (a Congressional hearing) but it’s not… Continue reading

Osborn 4 (May 2011)

So, yes, it turns out—unfortunately—I was right. Norman Osborn is a megalomaniac who needs an audience, so he keeps Norah the reporter alive. However, his sidekicks are very bad people who would not.… Continue reading

Osborn 3 (April 2011)

There’s a lot of great stuff in this issue of Osborn—my favorite is the way DeConnick mostly spends the non-Norman time with the senator, making it very different than what I expected. So… Continue reading

Osborn 2 (February 2011)

Peter Parker fails to show up again this issue for more premarital sex, which is disappointing, but otherwise DeConnick is in fine form. Setting up a cult centered around Norman Osborn is a… Continue reading

Osborn 1 (January 2011)

The first thing I noticed about Osborn is the Emma Rios artwork. She reminds of Paul Pope in a lot of ways. She’s very good, able to mix the implied evil and then… Continue reading

The Amazing Spider-Man 259 (December 1984)

Lot of Ditko homage on the last pages, even with the filmic–especially for the eighties–pacing of Peter suiting up in the red and blue. It’s sort of a weak finish to a great… Continue reading