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The Boys 72 (November 2012)

And what does Ennis do for the finish? Pretty much exactly what I figured he’d do. There’s nothing really new to it, except maybe some gesture of humanity from the corporate jerk, which… Continue reading

The Boys 71 (October 2012)

For the last regular issue–there’s one more, but this one ends the plot line of the the final arc at least–Ennis does rather well. He doesn’t recover the series, however. He turns in… Continue reading

The Boys 70 (September 2012)

It’s a fast issue. Hughie gets to meet some mentioned, but never seen characters. Well, let’s just say Ennis should have gone the Vera and Maris route because doing a Lovecraft thing? Not… Continue reading

The Boys 69 (August 2012)

I’d say another problem with Ennis’s big twist is how many twists does he really need for this comic book. He’s about to hit seventy issues–I’m not going to do the math, but… Continue reading

The Boys 68 (July 2012)

I don’t think I’ve ever quite read something like what Ennis is doing with The Boys. He’s making the reader feel bad about liking the comic. It’s a crazy thing, full of hostility.… Continue reading

The Boys 67 (June 2012)

The biggest surprise this issue–and the issue has three or four surprises, maybe five–has to be Ennis deciding to deport the Boys. Except Mother’s Milk. It’s a throwaway little bit, intended to show… Continue reading

The Boys 66 (May 2012)

Ennis opens with the most exciting thing in the issue–only he doesn’t intimate there’s not going to be anything else exciting in the issue. He also doesn’t explain the scene. He just lets… Continue reading

The Boys 65 (April 2012)

And Ennis comes up with a huge surprise reveal–before teasing a surprise in the next issue. He doesn’t go as far with it as he could; he basically does a Brubaker. He reveals… Continue reading

The Boys 64 (March 2012)

There’s so much talking. Ennis just has Butcher and Hughie standing around talking for what seems like six pages. They’re waiting at the White House for the big showdown, only there’s a secret… Continue reading

The Boys 63 (February 2013)

Even though Braun gets loose every other page (or maybe even panel) and Ennis’s big finish for Hughie and A-Train flops, the issue works. Things are finally coming to a close and Ennis… Continue reading

The Boys 62 (January 2012)

I don’t know what’s going on with Braun’s art, but he gets positively cartoony at times this issue. It’s like he’s too enthusiastic with Ennis’s humorous moments, which mostly involve Butcher making a… Continue reading

The Boys 61 (December 2011)

The Boys is so far off the rails, it’s hard to even get excited about a decent issue anymore. And this issue’s decent. It’s not good or great, but it’s got a couple… Continue reading

The Boys 60 (November 2011)

Once again, it’s very hard to determine whether Ennis had these plans for The Boys all along or if he rushed things along with contrivances. Because it sure feels like he’s rushing things… Continue reading

Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker 6 (December 2011)

Ennis ends the series, his summing up of Butcher, with a quote from Unforgiven. He also includes a reference to himself in the comic, apparently when he was trying to get work at… Continue reading

Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker 5 (November 2011)

Mallory shows up–the first time Robertson has drawn him–and the series becomes about what I expected in the second half. Sadly the first half mostly consists of Butcher reading his wife’s diary where… Continue reading

Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker 4 (October 2011)

I have to give it to Ennis, he does come up with one hectic of a death scene for Butcher’s wife. I always assumed it was something similar to Hughie’s but no. Ennis… Continue reading

Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker 3 (September 2011)

Why am I reading this comic? It’s a family drama this issue–oh, wait, Butcher meets the greatest woman in the world and she totally changes his life with her patience and inner beauty.… Continue reading

Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker 2 (August 2011)

This issue is a bit of a summary nightmare. The opening stuff with the Falklands is okay, though Ennis has covered a lot of the same territory with Born. Butcher turns out to… Continue reading

Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker 1 (July 2011)

Besides the vaguely obviously device of Butcher narrating his tale to his dead father (in his casket, no less), Garth Ennis does a fairly decent job with this issue. In some ways, leaving… Continue reading

The Boys 59 (October 2011)

Ennis can definitely still write great scenes. The Butcher “losing it” scene in this issue–it takes up the last three or so pages, but feels like a lot more–is amazing Ennis writing. Strangely,… Continue reading

The Boys 58 (September 2011)

Most of the “events” this issue are old items hinted at in some bug logs Hughie is reading. There’s a scene where he and Butcher continue investigating the crime, but it actually just… Continue reading

The Boys 57 (August 2011)

There sure is a lot of talking this issue. There’s Hughie and Annie talking–they talk a whole lot, all about their relationship’s current status, Hughie working for the Boys, Annie being one of… Continue reading

The Boys 56 (July 2011)

Ennis brings Hughie and Butcher back together in a criminal investigation. It’s very similar to one of the early Boys arcs. It’s straight investigation with a lot of lurid elements. The only big… Continue reading

The Boys 55 (June 2011)

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised Ennis, McCrea and Burns screwed up the finish. Ennis has had problems wrapping up arcs before (though he’s also had some awesome wrap-ups). The real surprise should… Continue reading

The Boys 54 (May 2011)

Letting Mallory talk so much has an odd effect on The Boys. This issue is another long read, just because there’s so much information; Ennis covers from the end of World War II… Continue reading

The Boys 53 (April 2011)

It’s another war issue and it’s a good one. Burns and McCrea continue to do excellent work; one knows Ennis can handle a good war comic, but the artists stepping up is nice… Continue reading

The Boys 52 (March 2011)

Ennis finally gets to do not just an Invaders story, he also gets to do a war story in The Boys. It’s Mallory’s story, which he’s telling Hughie after Highland Laddie. Oh, and… Continue reading

The Boys 51 (February 2011)

First, a technical issue. The company woman who’s decided to get rid of the Boys and the Seven has a computer simulation running with both team’s head shots then an “accuracy” calculation. Except… Continue reading

The Boys 50 (January 2011)

Having Mallory just be some guy doesn’t pay off. Sure, it’s realistic enough, but why hide his face for forty issues. No reason he couldn’t show up. It’s not like he’s Butcher’s dad… Continue reading

The Boys 49 (December 2010)

So it’s all setup for Ennis flashing back to the big first fight between The Seven and The Boys? With Butcher recounting the event to his dog, I’m not sure the Homelander is… Continue reading