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Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive 1 (December 2014)

It’s strange, but the best thing about Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Direction so far is Rachael Stott’s artwork. And her artwork isn’t particularly good. She does okay with people in… Continue reading

Star Trek 13 (April 1981)

It's another high concept issue from Pasko. He's got McCoy meeting his estranged daughter for the first time in years–she's marrying a Vulcan (a much, much older one), he's got the Enterprise landing… Continue reading

Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever 3 (August 2014)

The bottom falls out this issue. Given nothing compelling to illustrate–unless one counts the various odd jobs Kirk and Spock perform–Woodward is left with talking heads, where he seems to be painting panels… Continue reading

Star Trek 36 (August 2014)

I love how static Shasteen draws all the faces. It looks like he's going through either publicity photos or maybe screen grabs and picking the ones he thinks are closest to the emotions… Continue reading

Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever 2 (July 2014)

Not only is Janice Rand back, she kicks butt. There are a few more big changes in this issue, with Kirk and company beaming up after time has changed to find themselves on… Continue reading

Star Trek: Flesh and Stone (July 2014)

Was someone out there desperate for a really bad team-up of all the doctors from “Star Trek” shows? The only regular medical officer the writers don’t include is the new continuity McCoy, which… Continue reading

Star Trek 35 (July 2014)

I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how to talk about this issue of Star Trek. Not because the comic is all of a sudden doing well or good–and not because… Continue reading

Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever 1 (June 2014)

I guess I didn’t realize–or care–how much Harlan Ellison’s original teleplay for the classic “Star Trek” episode The City on the Edge of Forever got changed. From the first couple pages, it certainly… Continue reading

Star Trek 12 (March 1981)

Penciller Luke McDonnell–along with Tom Palmer on inks–does a lot of photo referencing this issue. But he’s only partially successful. Kirk looks spot-on, but Spock doesn’t. And Janice Rand returns this issue; she’s… Continue reading

Star Trek 34 (June 2014)

There's a goofy aspect to this issue because there's got to be, given Johnson's storyline. It's a rip-off of some other things, with a couple odd Jurassic Park homages thrown in, but it's… Continue reading

Star Trek 11 (February 1981)

This issue’s art, from Joe Brozowski and Tom Palmer, is better than the usual for the comic. A lot of emphasis on the faces, lots of photo reference, but also a decent level… Continue reading

Star Trek 10 (January 1981)

Having an interested artist helps Trek quite a bit. Leo Duranona does get Janson on inks and Janson’s been one of the series’s best parts so far. The story, from Michael Fleisher, has… Continue reading

Star Trek 9 (December 1980)

Dave Cockrum must have refused to draw faces and made the inker do it. It might explain why the features on the characters this issue appear to slide around their faces, Frank Springer… Continue reading

Star Trek 8 (November 1980)

Martin Pasko writes the heck out of this comic book. He’s got a really complicated plot and it makes for a fantastic, lengthy read. Pasko doesn’t just come up with a great reveal… Continue reading

Star Trek 7 (October 1980)

Tom DeFalco’s Trek script feels a little too generic. He doesn’t bring much personality to the principal cast members, saving it instead for Scotty and Uhura. She gives him a very clear bicep… Continue reading

Star Trek 6 (September 1980)

Barr gives the Enterprise crew a mystery to solve. Unfortunately, it’s almost the same mystery as one of the television episodes. It’s like Barr took out one part just to make it fit… Continue reading

Star Trek 33 (May 2014)

I read this entire issue without paying attention to the story arc title on the cover. I'm glad I ignored it. Here's the problem–the art. I wonder how Joe Corroney's art would be… Continue reading

Star Trek 5 (August 1980)

This issue's better than the last, with Spock kidnapped by Klingons and Kirk trying to figure out how to resolve the situations. No Dracula appearance–maybe Mike W. Barr didn't like that idea either… Continue reading

Star Trek 4 (July 1980)

With the limitless possibilities of a comic book, Wolfman goes instead with the Enterprise encountering some kind of haunted house in space. It’s bewildering, but somehow appropriate–it certainly feels like an episode out… Continue reading

Star Trek 32 (April 2014)

Lots of drama this issue. There’s some comedy too, from McCoy and Scotty, but there’s also running around. Last issue the Enterprise became sentient and grew itself a humanoid body. This issue… well,… Continue reading

Star Trek 3 (June 1980)

Unfortunately, the final issue of Wolfman and Cockrum's Star Trek: The Motion Picture compounds all the problems they had in the second issue. While they're skilled at densely packing scenes with characters and… Continue reading

Star Trek 2 (May 1980)

There’s a really impressive scene with a lots of dialogue and Cockrum having to fit something around seven people into a small panel. Cockrum and Wolfman occasionally do some masterful adaptation in this… Continue reading

Star Trek 1 (April 1980)

It’s going to be difficult to talk about this one. Not because there’s anything particularly wrong with this first issue of Marvel’s adaptation of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. In fact, there might… Continue reading

Star Trek 31 (March 2014)

This issue feels very much like a Star Wars approach to Trek. Not storytelling, but franchise stuff. Apparently there's a new character in the Into Darkness movie who has no memorable lines and… Continue reading

Star Trek 30 (February 2014)

Besides Liang’s art problems–she can’t make the photo-referencing look good and the female McCoy is a disaster–and an illogical cameo, this issue of Star Trek has got to be the best in the… Continue reading

Star Trek 29 (January 2014)

All it takes for a great Star Trek is a gimmick. And I don’t want to give away the gimmick, so it’ll be a little difficult to talk about. The gimmick alone makes… Continue reading

Star Trek 28 (December 2013)

A couple fast observations about Star Trek, in general. First off, Johnson has no confidence writing Kirk. A lot of the other characters have a “voice,” except maybe Chekhov who Johnson just uses… Continue reading

Star Trek 27 (November 2013)

It’s too bad Fajar is still on the art for this series. Johnson’s writing–and his post-Star Trek 2 plotting–is getting fairly entertaining and the bad art really just kills the issue’s momentum. There… Continue reading

Star Trek 26 (October 2013)

If it weren’t for the terrible art from Fajar, this issue might actually be pretty good. Johnson splits the crew–spending Spock off to consult the Federation while everyone on the Enterprise questions him… Continue reading

Star Trek 25 (September 2013)

There are too many dang people in the main Enterprise cast. Johnson just added Sulu’s sister as a love interest for Chekhov. Why does Chekhov need a love interest? No idea. Johnson’s not… Continue reading