Princess Ugg 8 (March 2015)

Well, Naifeh sure does wrap up Ugg nicely. Oh, he hurries it a little to be sure. There’s no reason he couldn’t have stretched this issue out to two and it would’ve done… Continue reading

Sons of Anarchy 19 (March 2015)

On his first issue, it’s clear new writer Ryan Ferrier doesn’t have handle on Sons of Anarchy. He’s got Bergara on the art, which doesn’t exactly help him. Bergara has a few more… Continue reading

War Stories 6 (February 2015)

I’ve got a suggestion for Ennis and Avatar on their War Stories. One issue stories, a decent artist a issue. No more guys like Aira, who can’t even hold together the perspective on… Continue reading

Ms. Marvel 13 (May 2015)

Takeshi Miyazawa’s art changes Ms. Marvel. Along with the family emphasis this issue–Kamala spending time with them instead of her friends at school–it nearly feels like a different comic. Miyazawa is action-oriented and… Continue reading

The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 22

It’s the Comics Fondle Podcast Episode #22 for March 2015. Comics: Batgirl, Big Man Plans, Black Hood, Casanova, Cluster, Criminal one shot, Crossed +100, Dave, Descender, Eight, Ghosted, Gotham by Midnight, Hawkeye, Howard… Continue reading

Howard the Duck 1 (May 2015)

Wouldn’t it be funny to do a new Howard the Duck comic full of pop culture references to tie into his newfound recognition thanks to the Guardians of the Galaxy movie? People might… Continue reading

Ghosted 18 (March 2015)

Very unexpected turns in this issue. Williamson almost seems to be getting to a place where he might wind Ghosted down. Soon. I hope not. This issue–this arc–is the greatest hits of the… Continue reading

Big Trouble in Little China 9 (March 2015)

Churilla’s art seems really rushed this issue, but it might not be his fault. The issue winds down and Powell gets to his cliffhanger and all of a sudden it’s clear the big… Continue reading

Bitch Planet 3 (February 2015)

Robert Wilson IV’s guest art on this issue of Bitch Planet leaves a lot to be desired. Wilson seems like he wants to do cheesecake–or at least something more appropriate for Archie–and writer… Continue reading

Rat God 1 (February 2015)

Even with some really bad narration from one of the characters, Rat God is off to a fantastic start thanks to Richard Corben. The book is that sturdy combination of great art and… Continue reading

The Black Hood 1 (April 2015)

Michael Gaydos is the wrong guy for The Black Hood, just because he’s so perfectly the “right guy” for it. The series is Archie Comics’s attempt to do something knew with their superhero… Continue reading

Descender 1 (March 2015)

Descender isn’t the most original thing under the sun. It’s hard to read it and not be reminded of the Spielberg movie, A.I.. Writer Jeff Lemire borrows major android concepts, but apparently not… Continue reading

Princess Leia 1 (May 2015)

You know, I almost like Princess Leia. Oh, the Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson art is lame cheesecake–though they draw Chewbacca well enough–and Mark Waid’s script isn’t lame cheesecake. Waid’s doing this whole… Continue reading

Crossed + One Hundred 3 (February 2015)

For this issue of Crossed, Moore goes nice and calm. He brings his explorers back to their home and lets all the things they’ve learned settle in. What’s so disconcerting–but not bad–about One… Continue reading

Cluster 2 (March 2015)

There’s some nice development with Cluster this issue, but Brisson doesn’t have a good close for the issue. He seems to know it’s a problem because he goes into a flashback and shows… Continue reading

Curb Stomp 1 (February 2015)

Curb Stomp, quite frankly, plays like a Troma remake of Repo Man. It’s post-apocalyptic, but not in a fantastical way, with its characters just trying to get by in a difficult world. The… Continue reading

The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw 4 (February 2015)

Yeah, Dewey really can’t draw people. He’ll do this beautiful anthropomorphic giraffe and then the lame human character. Of course, the human character is only lame in how Dewey draws him; Busiek writes… Continue reading

Ms. Marvel 12 (May 2015)

It’s an extremely impressive issue of Ms. Marvel from Wilson. Loki–the good version of Loki–guest-stars and gets involved with the life of Bruno and, through Bruno, Kamala, and through Kamala and Bruno, Ms.… Continue reading

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 2 (April 2015)

Cruel, cruel cliffhanger. So cruel. After an awesome–Doreen would agree with the adjective–issue of Squirrel Girl, writer North finds the perfect spot for a cliffhanger. Not so much for what’s going to happen… Continue reading

Gotham by Midnight 4 (April 2015)

Well, Templesmith gets to draw the Spectre and it mostly works out. He gets to draw big giant Spectre even, which I wasn’t expecting. And big giant Spectre is like a big giant… Continue reading

Abigail and the Snowman 3 (February 2015)

This issue of Abigail and the Snowman is Langridge’s strongest–it’s also the penultimate issue and the one where it’s clear Langridge could definitely keep this going longer. The issue’s kind of high adventure;… Continue reading

Batgirl 39 (April 2015)

There’s a shocking amount of this comic book I don’t care about in the least. I’ve been tiring of Stewart and Fletcher’s somewhat incompetent Barbara, but at least they acknowledge her here. Sure,… Continue reading

MPH 5 (February 2015)

Millar gets to a nice manipulative finish on MPH. He does give Fegredo a bunch of cool stuff to draw and the art’s great, but Millar has enough story for another five issues… Continue reading

Ms. Marvel 11 (April 2015)

Wilson wraps up this Ms. Marvel arc rather nicely. In fact, she finally does what I said Ms. Marvel should’ve done issues ago–she calls the cops. Not sure why she couldn’t call Wolverine,… Continue reading

Manifest Destiny 13 (February 2015)

It’s a bridging issue of Manifest Destiny. Dingess makes it seem full, starting with a different journal than the normal one, but he doesn’t do much with it. He gets the reader’s brain… Continue reading

War Stories 5 (January 2015)

I wonder how this issue would be with a decent artist. Not even a good artist, just a decent one. One who clearly doesn’t have the time he needs to get the issue… Continue reading

Sons of Anarchy 18 (February 2015)

It’s an okay flashback issue from Brisson and Bergara. It might have more meaning if one is familiar with the “Sons of Anarchy” television program, not just the comic book. I don’t even… Continue reading

Letter 44 14 (February 2015)

It’s a fairly decent fill-in issue on Letter 44. Drew Moss guest illustrates a flashback to before the mission issue. Soule recaps the relationship between Overholt and Willets; I don’t remember them on… Continue reading

She-Hulk 12 (April 2015)

Well, there’s quite a bit to the last issue of She-Hulk, where Soule reveals the great conspiracy but not the paralegal’s secret. The conspiracy has to do with magic and some other stuff… Continue reading

Lazarus 15 (February 2015)

Much of the issue–maybe even most of the issue–is a sword fight. There’s no dialogue, no description; Lark moves through the fight, sometimes showing reaction shots, sometimes working on a subplot, but the… Continue reading