War Stories 5 (January 2015)

I wonder how this issue would be with a decent artist. Not even a good artist, just a decent one. One who clearly doesn’t have the time he needs to get the issue… Continue reading

Sons of Anarchy 18 (February 2015)

It’s an okay flashback issue from Brisson and Bergara. It might have more meaning if one is familiar with the “Sons of Anarchy” television program, not just the comic book. I don’t even… Continue reading

Letter 44 14 (February 2015)

It’s a fairly decent fill-in issue on Letter 44. Drew Moss guest illustrates a flashback to before the mission issue. Soule recaps the relationship between Overholt and Willets; I don’t remember them on… Continue reading

She-Hulk 12 (April 2015)

Well, there’s quite a bit to the last issue of She-Hulk, where Soule reveals the great conspiracy but not the paralegal’s secret. The conspiracy has to do with magic and some other stuff… Continue reading

Lazarus 15 (February 2015)

Much of the issue–maybe even most of the issue–is a sword fight. There’s no dialogue, no description; Lark moves through the fight, sometimes showing reaction shots, sometimes working on a subplot, but the… Continue reading

Judge Dredd 33 (July 1986)

This issue of Dredd seems to be the strange issue, like they found all the absurdly funny strips from 2000 AD and gave them their own issue. And artist Ron Smith works for… Continue reading

Birthright 5 (February 2015)

Williamson has a surprise in him. Birthright has it’s big surprise, of course, the big overall one, but Williamson totally changes the series with the last scene and it’s pretty cool. Birthright, just… Continue reading

The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 21

Comics: Satellite Sam, Squirrel Girl, Nameless, Hawkeye, Casanova, Birthright, Ghosted, Robocop, Nailbiter, Crossed +100, Bitch Planet, Sixth Gun, C.O.W.L., They’re Not Like Us, Empty, Cluster, Lady Killer, Stray Bullets, Walking Dead. Other stuff:… Continue reading

Ghosted 17 (February 2015)

Ghosted feels like a much different comic book with Vladimir Krstic Laci on art. It feels like a seventies ghost comic, slick in a classical sense, not a hip sense. It works against… Continue reading

Satellite Sam 11 (February 2015)

The writing on this issue of Satellite Sam is excellent. Fraction hits every subplot, sort of checks its temperature, stirs it a little, then combines a couple of them into the final scene… Continue reading

Velvet 9 (February 2015)

It’s a decent, not great, issue of Velvet. Brubaker’s resolution to his rip-off of The Rock works out a whole lot better than I would have expected; he and Epting do a nice… Continue reading

Nailbiter 10 (February 2015)

It’s a rather good issue of Nailbiter. I’m beginning to think the problem with Williamson’s writing isn’t too many ideas (or a lack of them on the fast issues), but a pacing one.… Continue reading

Robocop 8 (February 2015)

I’m not sure how I’d describe Killian, Williamson’s long-in-the-tooth antagonist in Robocop, but soap opera tough guy might be the best description. There’s no depth to the character, which is starting to get… Continue reading

C.O.W.L. 8 (January 2015)

There are some definite issues with Reis’s art here. The people don’t look right; he’s maybe trying a new style and it doesn’t take. Or maybe there are just too many people to… Continue reading

Hawkeye 21 (April 2015)

What’s confusing about this very late issue of Hawkeye is how little anyone is invested in it; Fraction has the most fun when doing a one page scene between Clint and Jessica Drew… Continue reading

Cluster 1 (February 2015)

There’s not much original in Cluster so far. It’s a remix of a lot of sci-fi, popular and not, but writer Ed Brisson manages to coat over all those elements because the story… Continue reading

Judge Dredd 32 (June 1986)

Dredd has his showdown with the surviving Angel brothers. It’s an oddly incomplete story just because Walter has a silent but important role and Wagner and Grant never get around to resolving it.… Continue reading

Judge Dredd 31 (May 1986)

Besides having some very odd angles from Ezqerra, this issue does pretty well. Even if Wagner and Grant have a really, really silly setup. The Judge Child, across the galaxy, is able to… Continue reading

Bitch Planet 2 (January 2015)

This issue of Bitch Planet, as far as DeConnick’s technical writing goes, is amazing. It’s the best plotted, best constructed comic I’ve read in a long time. The balance of talking heads to… Continue reading

The Dying and the Dead 1 (January 2015)

The Dying and the Dead sure seems like it’s got some good old fashioned zeitgeist elements to it, like the ancient protagonist who’s still an action movie badass. What would aging Hollywood actors… Continue reading

Big Trouble in Little China 8 (January 2015)

Well, Big Trouble in Little China is definitely going places. This issue, which is mostly (amusing) exposition and (great) banter–with a lot big action set piece thrown in–moves the series to an unexpected… Continue reading

Princess Ugg 7 (January 2015)

Naifeh seems like he’s forecasting quite a bit of what’s to come in Princess Ugg, which is fine. The comic has seemed somewhat listless and wandering, but this issue has Naifeh not just… Continue reading

Flash Gordon 8 (January 2015)

I’m really hoping there’s an explanation for Flash Gordon, like Dynamite’s licensing deal changed or something along those lines. Because it’s hard to believe Parker and Shaner put all their previous effort into… Continue reading

Gotham by Midnight 3 (March 2015)

On second thought, maybe seeing Templesmith fully realize the Spectre isn’t a good idea for Gotham by Midnight. He has to handle big supernatural action this issue and it doesn’t come off. It’s… Continue reading

Abigail and the Snowman 2 (January 2015)

Abigail and the Snowman continues with Langridge a little more focused than last time. The story takes place over a couple days, with Claude (the Yeti) going with Abigail to school on her… Continue reading

The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw 3 (January 2015)

Busiek finally seems to be going somewhere with The Autumnlands. It’s unfortunate he needed a human to get the story moving, but Busiek turns what appears to be a contrived new character into… Continue reading

Judge Dredd 30 (April 1986)

It’s a tough issue. Not in a bad way, but in a post-Apocalypse War, the future is a tough place, tough issue. Wagner, Grant and Ezquerra do both stories. The writing is better… Continue reading

Sons of Anarchy 17 (January 2015)

Every third or fourth issue of Sons of Anarchy, I write something about how it’s amazing what Brisson is doing with this licensed title, especially one about bikers, which doesn’t seem the most… Continue reading

Crossed + One Hundred 2 (December 2014)

Moore takes the comic to Graceland–sans Elvis cameo–because even though Moore has a lot of pop culture references in Crossed, they’re never cheap. They’re never too obvious, they’re never forced. A few of… Continue reading

ODY-C 2 (January 2015)

With the second issue of ODY-C, which is definitely easier to follow than the first, it’s still unclear why one should read the comic. Unless he or she is really, really interested in… Continue reading