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Batman: The Widening Gyre 6 (September 2010)

Maybe DC did the whole “New 52” thing so they’d never have to address the terrible developments in Widening Gyre. I’d respect them for that motive. It’s just not a bad finish, with… Continue reading

Batman: The Widening Gyre 5 (April 2010)

Oh, no, it’s another one with potential. Smith doesn’t resolve the cliffhanger–he just has Bruce running off to avoid it. Bruce and Silver in Aspen, even in the few scenes they have, is… Continue reading

Batman: The Widening Gyre 4 (February 2010)

Uh, oh, there are getting to be things I like here. Smith has turned it into a domestic–Batman fights crime while Silver waits home for him. The stuff with the new goat guy… Continue reading

Batman: The Widening Gyre 3 (December 2009)

This issue’s easily the best and I’m not entirely sure why. It’s a romance montage–Bruce and Silver off in paradise during the day, Batman out at night. There’s some stuff with the goat… Continue reading

Batman: The Widening Gyre 1 (October 2009)

Leave it to Kevin Smith to try to make Batman sound hip. He also sounds really self-aware, which doesn’t really work for the character. I was half expecting Smith to make a gay… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 56 (June 2004)

You know, when Bendis and Bagley are on, they’re really on. Though this issue is mostly just a big fight between Peter and Doc Ock, there’s a couple little things with Gwen and… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 55 (May 2004)

The Spider-Man movie adventure continues with Kong getting a part, Gwen freaking out and Peter stalking the set. Oh, and Dr. Octopus storming the set during filming. It’s kind of a cheap issue,… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 54 (May 2004)

It’s another Bendis setup issue, complete with a text piece from Peter recounting current events. Actually, he doesn’t so much recount events as explain he’s finally happy (though Mary Jane’s not allowed to… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 53 (April 2004)

Bendis misses just about every chance he’s got this time. It’s not a bad issue, surprisingly good, actually, but he misses all the great chances. He doesn’t, for instance, let Peter beat the… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 52 (March 2004)

At least there’s a lot of action this issue so one doesn’t concentrate on Bagley’s strange version of “sexy girl” art. Bendis actually spends a page, alongside Peter scaling a building, to write… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 51 (February 2004)

Mark Bagely’s attempts at drawing sexy, scantily clad women–Elektra and Black Cat–are mildly disturbing. He’s not good at it; he’s also not good at designing their Ultimate costumes. Visually, this issue is atrocious.… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 50 (February 2004)

Not a good issue. The stuff at the end, with Mary Jane’s dad flipping out and May and Gwen off to the rescue, that stuff is good. The stuff with Peter and Mary… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 49 (January 2004)

And here comes the secret identity stuff. Kingpin is going to find Peter out! But wait, doesn’t Peter know Nick Fury? Can’t they do something? Nick Fury would move heaven and earth for… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 48 (December 2003)

I just love how Bendis handles Ultimate Kingpin and Peter. I know I’ve already said it, but it’s even better this issue. The relationship between the two obviously has to do with Peter’s… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 47 (December 2003)

Bendis introduces three new plot lines–the Kingpin is back, too many people know Peter is Spider-Man and the Bugle is backing a mayoral candidate who’s out to get Spider-Man. Well, maybe not a… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 46 (November 2003)

This issue is a prelude to Ultimate Six, with Bendis focusing on Sharon Carter and her take on the last time Spidey fought Doctor Octopus. Turns out Ultimate Sandman was there too. Bendis… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 45 (November 2003)

The famous therapy issue. I remember it was a big deal when it came out because Bendis all of a sudden treated Aunt May like a real character and not a pawn to… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 44 (October 2003)

Bendis opens with a lot of action–resolving the previous issue’s falling out of a plane cliffhanger–but Bagley does a couple double page spreads and it flops. It’s not tense, it’s not exciting. And… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 43 (September 2003)

Bendis redeems himself (for now) with this issue. He turns the X-Girl guest stars into a decent story. Peter’s shocked to discover other superheroes–more famous ones, maybe–admire him. It makes for a good… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 42 (August 2003)

Thanks a lot, Bendis, I was really liking this issue–even with Geldoff’s eurotrash hair–until it turned out the whole thing’s just a set-up to bring in the X-Men. Or the X-Girls. Whatever. The… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 41 (July 2003)

In some ways, less than nothing happens this issue. Bendis resolves the previous issue’s cliffhanger, but without a Geldoff confrontation. The name’s a Pink Floyd reference, right? Anyway, Peter, Gwen, Liz and Mary… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 40 (July 2003)

What’s a Geldoff? Bendis skips Peter’s angst this issue, which still deals with the aftermath of the Venom arc. Instead, he concentrates on the practical. What’s Peter going to do about a costume?… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 39 (June 2003)

It’s a talking heads book and not a bad one at all. First Peter talks to Nick Fury (either Nick lies to him or Ultimate Origins is a retcon),then he talks to Eddie’s… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 38 (May 2003)

It’s a lackluster finish. The issue reminds of the big fight issue with the Green Goblin, only with–in addition to Peter’s self-depreciating narration–Peter’s dad narrating it from a video tape journal. Now, the… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 37 (May 2003)

How many scenes do this comic have? I think four. But the second is a continuation of the first. Peter wakes up from a nightmare–one where Bagley’s art seems like Clayton Crain has… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 36 (April 2003)

And, almost immediately, it gets less impressive. Bendis wastes an entire page on a really bad monologue of Peter revealing himself to Eddie (and lying to him, which at least implies Bendis wasn’t… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 35 (March 2003)

Bendis compresses about two years of eighties Spider-Man comics into this issue. Peter likes the black costume, he goes on varied night out of crime fighting, then discovers the costume’s dark side and… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 34 (March 2003)

Bendis does really well again this issue. Eddie and Peter’s friendship develops naturally, Gwen makes a fine, believable third. But then everything falls apart towards the end. Not bad enough to drag the… Continue reading

Ultimate Spider-Man 33 (February 2003)

Brian Michael Bendis sure does like his coincidences, doesn’t he? If Mary Jane hadn’t broken Peter’s heart, he never would have found the boxes with the Venom Project stuff. Here’s what’s funny–Bendis makes… Continue reading

Revolution on the Planet of the Apes 2 (January 2006)

The problem with Revolution reveals itself in the backup from Templeton and Gabriel Morrissette–it’s supposed to be cheeky. It’s hard to describe the comic as anything else. Sure, it’s a direct sequel to… Continue reading