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Swamp Thing 33 (February 1985)

So while Swamp Thing has his adventure in “Pog,” Abby has her own one here. Except she’s mostly just in a framing sequence, not quite an adventure. For whatever reason, Moore brought the… Continue reading

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 18 (November 1983)

Hey, wait a second, I’ve already read this story…. This issue reprints the tenth issue of the original Swamp Thing series, when Arcane swims across the ocean and attacks Swamp Thing only to… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 10 (May-June 1974)

I love this issue. I only sort of remembered it, but I love what Wein and Wrightson do with it. Wrightson gets a story credit so maybe he’s the one who came up… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 9 (March-April 1974)

Wein and Wrightson (he has some amazing panels this issue, whether Matt and Abby at the beach or a captured alien) are back on task this issue. While Wein still overwrites, the plotting… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 8 (January-February 1974)

While the cover—Swamp Thing versus green tentacles—might be memorable, this issue is the first where Wein doesn’t come up with something distinctive as far as narrative. It’s Swamp Thing not versus green tentacles… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 7 (November-December 1973)

Swamp Thing arrives in Gotham to save Matt and Abby from the Conclave and runs into Batman. Wrightson doing Batman is something, especially seventies Batman. I love Bruce’s hair, but how does he… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 6 (September-October 1973)

It’s sort of amusing how Wein can construct these fantastic, devastatingly emotional moments for Swamp Thing… but still have inane plotting. This issue, Swamp Thing finds a little Swiss town in Vermont. He… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 5 (July-August 1973)

Wein’s writing is back on track—except one page with incredibly awkward second person narration where he addresses the reader. Swamp Thing ends up in Maine, teaming up with a young woman accused of… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 4 (April-May 1973)

Okay, so this issue confirms Arcane (and Abby) were in the Balkans… so the English-speaking thing is problematic. This issue drops them (Abby, Matt and Swamp Thing) in Scotland on the moors for… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 3 (February-March 1973)

This issue introduces Abby (still Abigail and oddly a great English speaker for Eastern Europe) and the Patchwork Man. The issue’s incredibly awkward, because most of it is Wrightson doing this lovely homage… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 2 (December 1972-January 1973)

Wrightson (and Wein) take Swampy to Europe this issue for Arcane’s first appearance. Arcane doesn’t even get a first name here. I say Wrightson first because the art is truly wondrous. He gets… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 1 (October-November 1972)

Horror comics can get away with overwritten narration; other genres it stands out, but something about horror… it fits. Writing this issue’s narration, Wein goes overboard with the narration. Some of it works,… Continue reading

Conan the Barbarian 12 (December 1971)

Conan has another dalliance, this time as consort to a queen. It doesn’t turn out so well for him—well, he gets in trouble because of her fetching handmaid as well. At least in… Continue reading

Dark Horse Presents 102 (October 1995)

Shockingly, the Niles story story this issue–one of his Cal McDonald ones–is mildly inoffensive. It’s poorly written detective narration, but at least he’s work in a recognized genre (badly written detective narration). It’s… Continue reading

Dark Horse Presents 101 (September 1995)

Wow, has Steve Niles ever been able to write? He has a story in this issue and it’s the worst written police procedural I think I’ve ever read. A hundred issues or no,… Continue reading