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Planet of the Apes Annual 1 (1991)

At least the art is good. Otherwise, this annual is incredibly stupid. Marshall’s intended audience isn’t fans of the movies or even most of his regular Apes comics. Instead, it’s for fans of… Continue reading

Ape Nation 4 (June 1991)

Marshall doesn’t come up with anything good for the Ape Nation finale. In fact, he comes up with all these lame things and keeps stringing them together until the finish. Like most narratives… Continue reading

Ape Nation 3 (May 1991)

I’m perplexed. There’s only one issue left to Ape Nation and the best Marshall has come up with for a threat to our heroes is a rampaging horde of bad guys. But these… Continue reading

Ape Nation 2 (April 1991)

The coloring and the art come together this issue. The coloring was nice last issue, but this issue it’s even better. And Wyman and Pallot overcome their bad action panels (it’s like Wyman… Continue reading

Ape Nation 1 (February 1991)

Marshall ties a crossover between Planet of the Apes and Alien Nation directly into his Apes series. Meaning Ape Nation would be incomprehensible without reading Apes. While Marshall does introduce a new protagonist,… Continue reading

Ape City 4 (November 1990)

While having apes watching MTV might be outlandish, having spaceships in a Planet of the Apes comic seems even more disjointed. Maybe because the apes themselves show no sign of having the technology,… Continue reading

Ape City 3 (October 1990)

The art gets worse this issue. I wonder what Wyman’s pencils look like without inks. From a few panels, I wonder if he even bothered with full faces. Adventure really didn’t put much… Continue reading

Ape City 2 (September 1990)

Interesting. I don’t know what else to say about this issue of Ape City except… interesting. Imagine me sort of pensively scratching my chin as I think. Marshall, besides making a… ahem… big… Continue reading

Ape City 1 (August 1990)

There used to be a cable network with chimps doing scenes from old movies. Ape City is a lot like those commercials. But Marshall does make it mildly compelling because of the threat… Continue reading

Planet of the Apes 24 (July 1992)

Planet of the Apes limps off into the sunset with a new artist for this extra-special finale. Craig Taillefer, who also handles the letters, is terrible. I almost like the first artist on… Continue reading

Planet of the Apes 23 (May 1992)

You know, when I started reading Adventure’s Planet of the Apes series, I complimented Marshall for his intelligence. As the series winds down, this penultimate issue leaves me considering him beyond dumb. There’s… Continue reading

Planet of the Apes 22 (April 1992)

So Marshall’s evil ghost with demonic powers isn’t actually an evil ghost… he’s the Beyonder. Marshall doesn’t so much as borrow full scenes from Secret Wars II just how he approaches it. I’m… Continue reading

Planet of the Apes 21 (February 1992)

What an exceptionally bad issue. First, the art. Wyman has a new inker with Peter Murphy, according to the credits, but I can’t believe Wyman did much but sketch. The art has descended… Continue reading

Planet of the Apes 20 (January 1992)

The only particular thing in this issue is someone writing an Apes comic finally got around to an orangutan called King Louie. Otherwise, the issue’s pretty drab. Marshall does a Western with apes… Continue reading

Planet of the Apes 19 (December 1991)

Marshall’s author’s note at the beginning of the issue mentions Conquest of the Planet of the Apes is his favorite in the series. Oddly, it’s one of the ones he ignored when mentioning… Continue reading

Planet of the Apes 18 (November 1991)

The first page made me think Wyman and Pallot were back to doing good work. Unfortunately, they are not. It’s this detailed, beautiful piece of black and white comic art. The rest of… Continue reading

Planet of the Apes 17 (October 1991)

Interesting. Very, very interesting. Marshall’s either a terrible writer or he just never really wrote the comic and editors did. This issue ties directly to the first Planet of the Apes movie. It… Continue reading

Planet of the Apes 16 (September 1991)

Wow. Reading the issue, I kept wondering how the comic could get worse. First, Wyman and Pallot have completely gone to pot. If I’d picked up this issue first, I would have never… Continue reading

Planet of the Apes 15 (August 1991)

I think Marshall’s trying to combine Ripley from Aliens with Charlton Heston for his female protagonist. But he does get one big point of originality in this issue of Apes. He has his… Continue reading

Planet of the Apes 14 (July 1991)

I’m once again convinced Marshall didn’t see all the Apes movies. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t even read the comic books he’s written. This issue features some astronauts going through time and ending… Continue reading

Planet of the Apes 13 (June 1991)

Marshall changes things up for this issue, eschewing an actual story and treating it as a combination of a preview for other Adventure Apes comics and a joke. He constantly breaks the fourth… Continue reading

Planet of the Apes 12 (May 1991)

Can orangutans even breed with chimps? New artists M.C. Wyman and Terry Pallot take over the art chores this issue (I really hope to stay) and Wyman can actually draw, so one can… Continue reading

Planet of the Apes 11 (April 1991)

What anti-climatic drivel. I won’t even bother with Marshall’s mutant apes with super-healing powers. Or how he has Burles try to visualize the brainwashed female chimp’s attempts at remembering things. No, I’ll stick… Continue reading

Planet of the Apes 10 (March 1991)

With the exception of the addle-brained storyline about the amnesiac chimp, I thought Marshall was back on track this issue. It really seemed like things were going well. He had the missing female… Continue reading

Planet of the Apes 9 (January 1991)

Yeah, Marshall’s definitely plummeting, if not plummeted. It’s little things, like the female chimp narrating again. If he’s not doing it for style, he’s doing it for exposition, but he’s got too many… Continue reading

Planet of the Apes 8 (December 1990)

It’s Christmas on the Planet of the Apes, which means there’s a guy with a cart who travels around with presents. Now, I’m a fan of comic books playing with narrative tropes and… Continue reading

Planet of the Apes 7 (November 1990)

Marshall finally takes a complete misstep. It’s well-intentioned and I see what he’s trying to do, but it’s a pointless waste of half the issue. It’s nice to see him falter, putting Apes… Continue reading

Planet of the Apes 6 (October 1990)

Marshall makes an interesting choice with this issue, breaking the fourth wall. The protagonist of the issue is a new resident of the Ape City… his (or her) name is “Reador.” The entire… Continue reading

Planet of the Apes 5 (September 1990)

Marshall finally takes care of his continuity issues. He starts the issue talking about the second plague, which rendered most of the humans mute. Obviously, this development doesn’t fit into all of the… Continue reading

Planet of the Apes 4 (August 1990)

Marshall runs into some big problems here. First and foremost, he writes a big complicated action issue and Burles can’t draw it. There are fight scenes, there are battles scenes; they’re completely incompressible.… Continue reading