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Hawkeye 21 (April 2015)

What’s confusing about this very late issue of Hawkeye is how little anyone is invested in it; Fraction has the most fun when doing a one page scene between Clint and Jessica Drew… Continue reading

Hawkeye 19 (September 2014)

It’s another concept issue from Fraction and Aja. This time Clint is deaf and Barney has to start talking to him. It’s not a particularly ambitious concept issue as it turns out, since… Continue reading

Hawkeye 17 (May 2014)

What do you do if your comic is so late not just your primary artist is behind but apparently your backup artist is behind too? You do a "winter holiday special," in which… Continue reading

Hawkeye 15 (April 2014)

How stupid can Clint get? Thanks to Aja’s page layouts, it’s hard to tell. The art’s beautiful, but the way Aja does flashes–rapidly cut comics–it’s unclear if he was really dumb or if… Continue reading

Hawkeye 13 (December 2013)

Why did it take Fraction so long to get to this issue? It’s Grills’s funeral; didn’t Grills die in issue nine or ten? Then there was the brother issue, the dog issue, a… Continue reading

Hawkeye 11 (August 2013)

Fraction and Aja tell the issue from the dog’s perspective. I’d forgotten Clint even had a dog. Luckily there’s the text recap. So, there’s a whole visual language for the dog, how he… Continue reading

Hawkeye 9 (June 2013)

Apparently Clint isn’t irresistibly attracted to the redhead, he’s just a man slut. It’s also unclear if he’s fired from the Avengers. His lady friends–Black Widow, Mockingbird, Spider-Woman–are worried about him. Both because… Continue reading

Hawkeye 8 (April 2013)

So Clint’s redhead femme fatale comes back and gets him in all sorts of trouble. The issue’s really confusing, starting with the flashback of her last heist going bad. Then there’s the ladies… Continue reading

Hawkeye 6 (February 2013)

I don’t understand half of what’s going on this issue. I think there’s this gang of toughs who have a sickly old man for a leader and they’re going to kill everybody in… Continue reading

Hawkeye 3 (December 2012)

Wow. This issue is simply wonderful. Fraction’s not worrying about setting up the characters, he’s not worried about coming up with an interesting hook, he’s just trying to have fun. And Hawkeye is… Continue reading

Hawkeye 2 (November 2012)

The second issue isn’t what I was expecting. Fraction doesn’t exactly give Clint a lot more personality–he’s from Iowa, to answer my question from last issue and he’s not playing protector of the… Continue reading

Hawkeye 1 (October 2012)

I realized, finishing the first issue of Hawkeye, is how little the comic has to do with Hawkeye. It’s about Clint Barton, New Yorker. For some reason I always assumed Clint was a… Continue reading

The Immortal Iron Fist 16 (August 2008)

So as Fraction departs–he leaves the next team with a lovely pickle. All the work he and Brubaker did leading up to this issue, the establishing of the Iron Fist history and all…… Continue reading

The Immortal Iron Fist 13 (May 2008)

It’s not the deepest issue, it’s probably not the best written, but it’s completely awesome. Everything comes together here (with the promise of a big fight next issue). Unfortunately, Aja’s not along for… Continue reading

The Immortal Iron Fist 12 (February 2008)

Is there even a fight this issue? Wait, yes. Davos gets beat up for being a tool last issue. The art chores are apparently getting to be too much for Aja, as Javier… Continue reading

The Immortal Iron Fist 11 (January 2008)

I feel like I’m missing something. It seems like Yu-Ti (the “mayor” of K’un-L’un) is secretly bad, but I’m not sure if it’s in the comic or if I’m just remembering it. I… Continue reading

The Immortal Iron Fist 10 (December 2007)

It’s nice Danny gets the cover, because he’s not in the issue at all. The intrigue really starts coming together here, with the Thunderer revealed to be in some secret society with Orson’s… Continue reading

The Immortal Iron Fist 9 (November 2007)

Koblish’s flashback pages start all right, but in the second set, he draws Wendall Rand rapidly punching and it looks like he’s got eight arms. It really drags one out of the narrative.… Continue reading

The Immortal Iron Fist 8 (October 2007)

The big Enter the Dragon fight competition starts off here… only there’s not a matched fight. Instead, we get to see Danny in K’un-L’un. It’s interesting, sort of, to see Danny trying to… Continue reading

The Immortal Iron Fist 6 (July 2007)

What Brubaker brings to his Marvel work is a retro vibe. His good comics feel like familiar seventies comics modernized. What Fraction brings is a smart blockbuster. His comics feel like big Hollywood… Continue reading

The Immortal Iron Fist 5 (June 2007)

The Travel Foreman back up art really does not work here. Well, some of it does, but when he flashes back to Orson’s origin… it’s awful. Ed McGuinness proportions. Yucky. It’s such an… Continue reading

The Immortal Iron Fist 4 (May 2007)

I expected more from the Buscema and Palmer pages. The art feels like they were supposed to be going retro instead of bringing a specific style. It’s sort of strange how much Brubaker… Continue reading

The Immortal Iron Fist 3 (March 2007)

I’m a little unclear on what actually happens this issue. Things do happen, it’s a good issue, but not many things happen. But Fraction–not Brubaker, because Brubaker’s Marvel work never makes an issue… Continue reading

The Immortal Iron Fist 2 (February 2007)

Lots this issue. Well, kind of lots. It seems like lots. But as it turns out, the titular Iron Fist isn’t Danny Rand this issue, it’s Orson Randall. Danny spends some of the… Continue reading

The Immortal Iron Fist 1 (January 2007)

Fraction and Brubaker do a nice double cliffhanger here. The first one isn’t really a cliffhanger because it’s just Danny Rand falling off a roof. We know he’s not going to die. Well,… Continue reading