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Batman 379 (January 1985)

It’s a crazy issue. The last half has not just Robin telling Nocturna he’d love her as a man would if he were older, it’s got Batman blathering on to her about… no,… Continue reading

Batman 378 (December 1984)

I’m kind of hoping Moench’s got a good back story saved up for Nocturna. She gets what I think is her first interior monologue–if not first, first significant one she’s come back–where she’s… Continue reading

Batman 377 (November 1984)

Moench runs directly into that Bruce Wayne problem he’s been having for a while. He has to have Bruce decide he wants to sneak around with Nocturna; it comes after a lengthy conversation… Continue reading

Batman 376 (October 1984)

Moench has a lengthy conversation between Alfred and Bruce about the state of affairs–Jason, Bruce’s love life, a little with Batman–and it’s a decent scene. Even though much of the content is absurd,… Continue reading

Batman 375 (September 1984)

It’s not the best issue. It’s maybe the weakest art I’ve seen from Don Newton (with Alfredo Alcala inking him). A lot of the art is still amazing–most of it probably, but there’s… Continue reading

Batman 374 (August 1984)

This issue is particularly strong. There’s great art from Newton and Alcala on the Penguin, but there’s also a lot of good stuff from Moench. After many issues of ignoring the supporting cast,… Continue reading

Detective Comics 539 (June 1984)

Bob Smith inking Don Newton is something to see. There’s almost an Eisner-like quality to the faces. It’s beautiful art on the feature. But Moench’s writing is awesome too, whether it’s the main… Continue reading

Batman 372 (June 1984)

Moench retells Rocky with a handful of changes. Batman isn’t the biggest one, instead it’s how upfront Moench is about race. The champ’s black, the challenger is white and Moench talks about it… Continue reading

Batman 371 (May 1984)

It’s a goofy issue to be sure, with Moench writing Catman as compulsively using words beginning with cat-. It gets annoying fast, probably before Batman even knows up. As for the Batman and… Continue reading

Batman 370 (April 1984)

Moench certainly does have an interesting take on Bruce Wayne–he ignores Jason, who is trying to fill him in on important Batman and Robin business, because he’s trying to score with Alfred’s daughter.… Continue reading

Batman 369 (March 1984)

Moench ends on a literal rough point–Batman smacking Deadshot around for information. The scene just feels wrong, maybe because it doesn’t seem like Deadshot should just reveal the information after one hit. The… Continue reading

Batman 368 (February 1984)

It’s a very simple issue, but Doug Moench really does pace it all out beautifully. It’s goofy even–Moench hasn’t got down how to get his superheroes not sound silly when talking about being… Continue reading

Batman 306 (December 1978)

Conway does a riff on High Noon with Batman protecting a drug dealer from the vigilante, the Black Spider. Because Conway keeps all Batman’s plans from the reader, it does have some successful… Continue reading

Batman 305 (November 1978)

There’s something off about the art in the feature story. John Calnan is actually really ambitious–interesting composition, lots of dynamic movement–but none of it works. There’s no depth; someone’s hand–gesturing–will look affixed to… Continue reading

Batman 367 (January 1984)

Moench makes an endless amount of strange narrative choices this issue. Only a couple of them are bad, but the rest might go either way. The lesser bad one is how he handles… Continue reading

Batman 366 (December 1983)

While this issue isn’t bad–the Newton and Alcala artwork is fabulous as always–all the things Moench has been playing fast and loose with build up and collapse here. The first example is the… Continue reading

Batman 365 (November 1983)

Lame cover and predictable villain reveal aside, this issue is pretty good. It’s Batman meets Indiana Jones, with Batman jetting down to South America to save Vicki Vale, who’s on assignment. Moench takes… Continue reading

Batman 364 (October 1983)

In hindsight, there’s not much mystery to Doug Moench’s new villain. He has a limited pool of suspects–though it’s seemingly larger–but his execution of the investigation is so strong it doesn’t matter. The… Continue reading

Batman 363 (September 1983)

Moench gets a lot done this issue. Primarily, he introduces Nocturna (an astronomer turned ghostly pale through radiation and, of course, now a criminal), gets her flirting with Bruce and fighting with Batman.… Continue reading

Batman 362 (August 1983)

I was expecting more from the art, with Alfredo Alcala inking Newton this issue. The art’s still good, but Batman’s talking heads scenes with Gordon are off a little. Newton and Alcala position… Continue reading

Batman 361 (July 1983)

Here’s the problem with Man-Bat stories. They’re basically all the same (at least in this era). Langstrom screws up, becomes Man-Bat, does something bad but probably not fatal to anyone and then Batman… Continue reading

Batman 360 (June 1983)

I can’t tell for sure, but it doesn’t seem like Doug Moench’s thrilled to have Batman saddled with Jason Todd. He writes the kid sympathetically–this issue is set approximately a month after his… Continue reading

Detective Comics 526 (May 1983)

It’s a gorgeous issue. Newton and Alcala doing Batman’s rogues gallery is possibly an unsurpassable event. Maybe eight pages in, they have this incomparable Joker close-up. DC ought to reprint the issue oversized… Continue reading

Detective Comics 524 (March 1983)

Once again, if Bruce, Dick and Alfred weren’t stupid enough to leave the door unlocked with Vicki Vale, Jim Gordon and a bunch of strangers in Wayne Manor, they wouldn’t have to kill… Continue reading

Batman 357 (March 1983)

Okay, now I get why Conway’s wasting time with Dick going to the circus–it’s to introduce Jason Todd (pre-Crisis Jason Todd, who has the same origin as Dick, but blond hair). What’s funny… Continue reading

Batman 356 (February 1983)

It’s a somewhat anti-climatic end to the Hugo Strange storyline Conway had been working on for… a couple years? Hugo shows up, back from the dead, with an army of androids, and Batman… Continue reading

Batman 355 (January 1983)

So does Conway ever explain why Selina has gone nuts? Nope. He resolves it all in a page–a beautifully illustrated one–where Bruce basically admits he was only taking up with Vicki (who Catwoman… Continue reading

Batman 354 (December 1982)

Conway’s starting to wrap up his big storyline and, again, it’s bumpy. He’s got Vicki Vale rushing off to see Bruce–Bruce who hasn’t thought of Vicki since she first showed up two dozen… Continue reading

Detective Comics 520 (November 1982)

You know what… I’m not sure I’ve seen a better inker on Newton than Alfredo Alcala. The art this issue is exceptional. It’s so wonderful, it makes up for Conway’s leap off the… Continue reading

Batman 353 (November 1982)

With the amazing cover and the Garcia-Lopez art, it’d be impossible not to at least enjoy the issue. It’s just a Batman versus the Joker issue–this time the Joker’s making a monument to… Continue reading