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The Fade Out 5 (April 2015)

It’s a sort of gentle issue of The Fade Out, with Brubaker and Phillips heading to the country. The movie production is doing location shooting–albeit on sets, but they’re away from the studio… Continue reading

Velvet 10 (April 2015)

It’s a bridging issue. But, since it’s Brubaker, he feels the need to do it to bridge his arcs together. To give that trade paperback an extended cliffhanger, not just each issue in… Continue reading

Criminal: The Special Edition (February 2015)

Criminal’s back for a one-shot and, wow, it certainly does do a good job reminding of when Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are hitting the high notes on the comic. The special brings… Continue reading

Velvet 9 (February 2015)

It’s a decent, not great, issue of Velvet. Brubaker’s resolution to his rip-off of The Rock works out a whole lot better than I would have expected; he and Epting do a nice… Continue reading

The Fade Out 4 (January 2015)

Even though there’s sensational material in the issue, the issue itself isn’t sensational. Brubaker is very measured. He’s meticulous in the plotting, giving just enough hints and just enough callbacks to the previous… Continue reading

The Fade Out 3 (November 2014)

Brubaker switches protagonists for the issue–with the normal, screenwriter protagonist basically getting a cameo–and moves over to the actress replacing the dead actress in the movie. It’s a phenomenal comic book, showing more… Continue reading

Velvet 8 (November 2014)

I guess Brubaker has seen The Rock. Maybe he’s hoping no one else remembers it…. It’s a bridging issue, which I suppose is to be expected–it is midway through an arc after all–but… Continue reading

The Fade Out 2 (October 2014)

Brubaker goes all over the place in the second issue of Fade Out. There's a bunch of stuff with protagonist Charlie's secret partner and best friend–and the way Brubaker narrates from a close… Continue reading

Velvet 7 (September 2014)

Leave it to Brubaker–my favorite issue of Velvet so far and she isn't even in her own comic. Instead, it's Brubaker chronicling the efforts of two guys working for the agency (and neither… Continue reading

The Fade Out 1 (August 2014)

The Fade Out is the story of a Hollywood screenwriter in the 1940s. Ed Brubaker writes the comic’s narration in really close third person. Between Brubaker–who has his fair share of writing predictable… Continue reading

Fatale 24 (July 2014)

Given all the series’s problems as of late, I didn’t expect Brubaker to finish Fatale well. I knew it’d be problematic, but I hoped he’d go for satisfying at least. Instead, he pretends… Continue reading

Velvet 6 (July 2014)

Brubaker starts Velvet’s second arc and it’s just as clear as with the first one, there’s something just a little off about it. Epting doesn’t get much opportunity for the period piece stuff… Continue reading

Fatale 23 (June 2014)

What a frustrating penultimate issue. It’s intentional on Brubaker’s part, but it doesn’t really matter because even though there’s almost no content to the issue–he reveals one big, deep dark defining secret of… Continue reading

Velvet 5 (May 2014)

Maybe half the issue is really good background stuff with Velvet’s training after World War II and her mentor. Brubaker’s hostile to the new reader–and even to the regular reader with the bad… Continue reading

Fatale 22 (May 2014)

Until the last sequence, which tries too hard, this issue of Fatale is one of Brubaker’s strongest in a while. It starts with the big bad guy, the Bishop–who I can’t remember if… Continue reading

Fatale 21 (March 2014)

This issue, while obviously winding up to the big finish, is a bit of return to form. Brubaker takes the time to introduce a new character–one impervious to Jo's charms–and he's a nice… Continue reading

Velvet 4 (March 2014)

Strange thing about this issue… I think Brubaker’s started worrying about whether or not Velvet is likable. He makes her sympathetic right off with her recap of the aftermath of the previous issue’s… Continue reading

Fatale 20 (February 2014)

Well, okay, yeah… Fatale is definitely in its last lap. Brubaker doesn’t hide it at all. He does, however, rush things. I thought it was going to be an awesome issue of Jo… Continue reading

Fatale 19 (January 2014)

I’m not sure where I’m at with this issue. It finishes up the grunge band arc, but Brubaker uses it to kick off (presumably) the next arc set in the modern day. He… Continue reading

Velvet 3 (January 2014)

I wanted this issue to be better. It’s decent, but Brubaker is moving things along quickly. He’s changing the narrative structure up, which is a little confusing, and Epting doesn’t really have any… Continue reading

Velvet 2 (December 2013)

I like this issue a lot more; I couldn’t figure out for a while, then I realized… it’s basically a lengthy Steve Epting action sequence. Velvet escapes, runs, escapes again. Brubaker juxtaposes her… Continue reading

Fatale 18 (November 2013)

The issue reads too fast. It becomes a showcase for Phillips’s abilities at creating a static montage sequence, which are considerable, but Brubaker is still passing it poorly. The first half of the… Continue reading

Velvet 1 (October 2013)

If I have to talk about Velvet in terms of good and bad, I don’t think I’ll enjoy the conversation very much. In this first issue, Ed Brubaker brings in one of his… Continue reading

Fatale 17 (September 2013)

Very different approach this issue, at least to the flashback. Jo is the center and everything revolves around her. Brubaker uses it to move the story smoothly; even the scenes she’s not in… Continue reading

Fatale 16 (August 2013)

Definitely some Lowlife undertones. Brubaker’s shockingly frank about how Jo’s presence destroys the failed band members. But all that destruction comes later. Brubaker opens with how Jo unknowingly created a serial killer out… Continue reading

Fatale 15 (June 2013)

Now there’s a comic book. Brubaker opens with his first protagonist, Nick (I think it’s Nick) meeting with his lawyer after being in jail. Brubaker works a little with the book, which used… Continue reading

Fatale 14 (May 2013)

This one starts a lot better than it finishes. Brubaker sets it during World War II, with Jo getting mixed up with Nazis but these Nazis are really the squid man and his… Continue reading

Fatale 13 (March 2013)

I’m not sure if Brubaker’s intentionally doing homage or you just can’t do a Western anymore but this issue nods nicely to both John Ford and Unforgiven. Once again, it’s a new protagonist,… Continue reading

Fatale 12 (February 2013)

This issue takes place in thirteenth century France, with a Joan of Arc-type character turning out to be connected somehow to what’s going on with Jo. Maybe not connected, but definitely similarly afflicted.… Continue reading

Fatale 11 (January 2013)

Brubaker and Phillips excel at these done-in-ones. More Brubaker, I suppose. Though Phillips does excel too, it’s just Brubaker is particularly good when he’s conceiving and executing a one issue story. He always… Continue reading