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Starlight 6 (October 2014)

You know, I hate Mark Millar. I hate how he was able to goof around with Starlight–not just drag out the series, but be really late on the last issue–and how he’s still… Continue reading

Starlight 5 (August 2014)

I didn’t realize Starlight was a limited series. I guess it makes sense, given the creative team, but Millar sure didn’t pace it well for a finite run. Subplots would have been cool.… Continue reading

Starlight 4 (June 2014)

I don't know if Starlight is exactly deceptive, but Millar does make you forget he's up to his old content tricks. There's just enough humor, character revelations (I was going to say development,… Continue reading

Starlight 3 (May 2014)

For the third issue of Starlight, things are coming together. Well, not so much things, but Millar’s writing. He’s pacing out the narrative a lot better. There are probably six or seven scenes… Continue reading

Starlight 2 (April 2014)

I was expecting a lot more from Starlight. This new development where series totally fall off after strong openings didn’t seem like something Millar would fall for, but this issue suggests otherwise. Duke… Continue reading

Starlight 1 (March 2014)

Starlight is not an original idea. Goran Parlov’s composition even mimics The Incredibles when establishing the protagonist, one Duke McQueen. He’s not a John Wayne character, he’s Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers. Except… Continue reading

Fury: My War Gone By 13 (August 2013)

I hate to use the phrase, but it’s appropriate here. No way did Ennis earn the ending to My War Gone By. The final issue has nothing to do with Nick Fury; not… Continue reading

Fury: My War Gone By 12 (July 2013)

Ennis gives Nick his big chance and he blows it. Parlov’s expression on his face is just amazing. The wrap up with Barracuda isn’t bad at all. Ennis comes up with a more… Continue reading

Fury: My War Gone By 11 (June 2013)

And here Nick figures out what Barracuda’s been doing. The senator and Nick’s girlfriend have a big blow out too–lots about all the years gone by, which feels somewhat forced. Ennis writes all… Continue reading

Fury: My War Gone By 10 (May 2013)

Oh, Nick’s bald friend is his sidekick. I read through the text introduction too fast, I guess. For this arc, Ennis puts Fury in the middle of some more great U.S. foreign policy–Nicaragua… Continue reading

Fury: My War Gone By 9 (April 2013)

And here’s the great conclusion Ennis promised. It’s an action issue, mostly, with Frank and Nick taking on impossible odds. Besides the prison break and Nick and his nemesis, Parlov draws it all… Continue reading

Fury: My War Gone By 8 (March 2013)

Ennis sure does like writing Nick captured issues. He and Castle get caught on their assassination mission in Vietnam. Their target, it turns out, doesn’t like the CIA running heroin through Vietnam and… Continue reading

Fury: My War Gone By 7 (February 2013)

Ennis jumps ahead nine years to Vietnam. Nick’s sidekick is all of a sudden out of joint about the events in the last issue–a rare misstep from Ennis in this series–so Frank Castle… Continue reading

Fury: My War Gone By 6 (November 2012)

The senator has a long monologue where he talks about the fallout from the Bay of Pigs. The whole issue is fallout, starting with Nick and his team, then with his lady friend… Continue reading

Fury: My War Gone By 5 (October 2012)

Ennis tells a story set during the Bay of Pigs invasion. It’s not really a history lesson–there’s some details in the dialogue, but not enough to inform the reader. There’s a little more… Continue reading

Fury: My War Gone By 4 (September 2012)

It’s an unhappy issue. From the start, with modern Nick narrating his life story–and explaining why it’s all been wrong-headed–to the flashback with Nick’s love life taking a turn for the worse… it’s… Continue reading

Fury: My War Gone By 3 (August 2012)

It’s a disquieting issue. Disquieting is about the only word for it. Ennis opens with a talking heads scene between Nick and his sidekick. They talk about the modern world, the Nazi, patriotism.… Continue reading

Fury: My War Gone By 2 (July 2012)

Garth Ennis probably missed his calling as a history professor or at least the writer of history books. He has an amazing small section where Fury explains what’s wrong with the French military… Continue reading

Fury: My War Gone By 1 (July 2012)

Fury MAX gives Garth Ennis the opportunity to do one of his favorite things–historical war stories–with one of the things he does really well, world-weary protagonists. Well, I suppose he takes the opportunity… Continue reading

Black Widow 6 (April 2005)

Well, there’s the finish. Morgan leaves it unsatisfactory—some of it—on purpose, but I wonder if he also needed a little more space. The issue ends with a tag announcing the sequel series, almost… Continue reading

Black Widow 5 (March 2005)

Wow, what a downer. Morgan gives the issue, for its soft cliffhanger, an extremely depressing turn of events. Not the one I was worried about, but one I dislike maybe even worse. It… Continue reading

Black Widow 4 (February 2005)

So, for the first issue of the second half, Morgan’s changing it up again. He’s got Natasha in Russia, where she uncovers her past. It’s not the past she thought—I’m not even sure… Continue reading

Black Widow 3 (January 2005)

Morgan quickly makes up for any deficiencies in the last issue. It’s almost like he realized it, because this issue establishes Black Widow as being about gender issues. It turns out the bad… Continue reading

Black Widow 2 (December 2004)

With Parlov taking over the layouts, all of a sudden it reminds me of Ennis. Well, not really. Morgan does a fine job with Natasha—his brief first person narration works, instead of the… Continue reading