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Drifter 1 (November 2014)

After one issue, all Drifter has done is establish itself as another sci-fi Western. It’s not a new genre. Nic Klein clearly works at the art, so while the design work reminds of… Continue reading

Men of War 3 (January 2012)

Vankin defines Men of War‘s target audience this issue in his backup. It’s pro-war, bigoted twits who are too stupid to ask questions. And Vankin makes it very, very clear. I’m not sure… Continue reading

Men of War 2 (December 2011)

I wouldn’t say I enjoy reading Brandon’s comics—he’s not a good writer—but at least there’s always something funny to say about his writing. Some snide remark, whatever. But not this issue of Men… Continue reading

Men of War 1 (November 2011)

I realize DC’s got to have something to sell to their pro-war readers, but come on… they couldn’t do any better than Men of War? First up is Sgt. Rock’s grandson. Now, it’s… Continue reading

Weird War Tales 1 (November 2010)

Weird War Tales features something I never wanted to see… weak Darwyn Cooke. His story is idiotic—famous war figures have a party—and his artwork is barely there. It’s a bunch of skeletons and… Continue reading