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Star Wars 1 (March 2015)

There’re a lot of politics in the first issue of Star Wars. Some of it is just Jason Aaron trying to make the Star Wars universe makes sense for thinking reader, which is… Continue reading

Men of Wrath 1 (October 2014)

What if the Punisher was a mob assassin who killed babies? What if he had a son who was in trouble with the mob? What if their last name was Rath? Wouldn't it… Continue reading

Southern Bastards 4 (September 2014)

What a surprise ending! Except for Aaron tacking on the epilogue so as to set up the next arc. Aaron’s giving the illusion of doing something original while really not; with the epilogue… Continue reading

Southern Bastards 3 (July 2014)

I’m really hoping Earl isn’t leaving voicemails for his dead wife. I’m sort of hoping he’s leaving them for his dude. If Earl were an old gay guy who kicks ass, it might… Continue reading

Southern Bastards 2 (May 2014)

One of these months, there’s going to be a kick ass issue of Southern Bastards. Maybe next month, maybe the issue after. Because Aaron shows his hand a little here–Bastards is kind of… Continue reading

Southern Bastards 1 (April 2014)

I’m getting tired of the pilot issue. What about a nice story, instead of something establishing tone or the ground situation or whatever. It’s a strange thing to want something more standard–even a… Continue reading

Scalped 60 (October 2012)

Given Aaron and Guera created Scalped–and it not being a television series–there’s no reason for cast changes. Reading the final issue, seeing who Aaron concentrates on, one would think there were some big… Continue reading

Scalped 59 (July 2012)

This issue of Scalped originally cost 2.99. One can watch a collection of John Woo’s Mexican standoffs on the Internet for free. He or she might even be able to watch the finale… Continue reading

Scalped 58 (June 2012)

The shoot out between Dash and Lincoln is pretty good. It makes up for the hilarious scene where Dash shaves his head to show he’s a tough guy and not the nice boy… Continue reading

Scalped 57 (May 2012)

In its final arc, Scalped feels like a sequel done by adoring fans rather than the original writer. Maybe Aaron’s writing needs to be read on a monthly schedule, not accelerated enough to… Continue reading

Scalped 56 (April 2012)

It’s a one year later comic! Wow. So now Aaron is ripping off “Battlestar Galactica,” Millar’s Swamp Thing and Dark Horse’s Aliens to make up for his lack of forethought. Oh, I guess… Continue reading

Scalped 55 (February 2012)

I wasn’t sold on Guera’s handling fight scene between Dash and Shunka, but he won me over. It’s a hard scene, since neither character is particularly likable and Aaron has spent whole issues… Continue reading

Scalped 54 (December 2011)

Eh. Aaron’s stopped with the intricate plotting and now he’s on to resolutions and he apparently doesn’t have any idea how to do those. He tries for sensationalism, whether it’s a riff on… Continue reading

Scalped 53 (November 2011)

In writing workshop terms, Aaron doesn’t “earn” the surprise events in this issue. He never put in the work on the characters he’s got going–I always thought Scalped had a finite number of… Continue reading

Scalped 52 (October 2011)

Aaron does get one heck of a surprise ending out of this one. I’m impressed; even with some discreet visual foreshadowing, it’s unexpected. The other big development is Dash’s voice. With his jaw… Continue reading

Scalped 51 (September 2011)

For the first time ever (I think), Guera has so much action he can’t lay it out properly. The opening scene has Shunka defending Lincoln, but the panels are so tiny, I thought… Continue reading

Scalped 50 (August 2011)

Making it fifty issues in today’s comics industry is no small feat, so I guess one can forgive Aaron and company for just wanting a breather with the fiftieth issue of Scalped. It’s… Continue reading

Scalped 49 (July 2011)

Aaron abandons Dash. He embraces Lincoln, big shock, but he abandons Dash after a gunfight with Catcher. Why? Because it’s easier. To be fair, Aaron created such a weak character with Dash–and Catcher–there’s… Continue reading

Scalped 48 (June 2011)

I’m fairly impressed… Aaron tries for another concept issue and he actually succeeds. It’s a fractured narrative with Dash in the center of it, playing him off Lincoln, Catcher and Nitz, all at… Continue reading

Scalped 47 (May 2011)

Is Catcher narrating this issue? It’s Dino’s issue, but Aaron doesn’t use him to narrate. Until the Catcher appearance–and Aaron ripping off narration from Ed Brubaker’s Criminal–it’s an okay issue. Dino is in… Continue reading

Scalped 46 (April 2011)

Catcher isn’t a crazy man or a prophet, he’s Hannibal Lector. The other half of the issue is Lawrence–the guy in prison–and his half of the issue is great. Maybe his name’s not… Continue reading

Scalped 45 (March 2011)

Maybe I was wrong. I thought I could shake off a bad issue and move along, but I find myself unable to trust Aaron anymore. This issue, starting a new arc, is a… Continue reading

Scalped 44 (February 2011)

If Aaron wanted to jump start Nitz’s storyline, why not just make him a Jedi? It would have been so much better than this issue. The problem with bad Scalped issues is how… Continue reading

Scalped 43 (January 2011)

As usual, Aaron redeems himself after a bad issue. This time it’s a one shot for the sheriff in White Haven, who made a few appearances giving Dash a hard time. Guesting on… Continue reading

Scalped 42 (December 2010)

Holy God, is this issue trite. Aaron’s been trite and obvious before, but never to this degree. The entire issue poses Dash and Carol as tragic, star-crossed lovers. It felt like Aaron had… Continue reading

Scalped 41 (October 2010)

Guera’s art is something of a disaster this issue. A managed disaster. Everyone looks off. Men’s faces are too skinny, women’s faces are too full. I was surprised Guera didn’t have any credited… Continue reading

Scalped 40 (September 2010)

Reading about Dash detoxing is about as interesting as watching paint dry. Oh, Aaron throws him naked into the snow, hallucinating about Heaven, but it’s still no good. Gina’s detox story–Aaron’s big on… Continue reading

Scalped 39 (August 2010)

Well, Wade’s back, which is good. Aaron can write Wade. But Wade’s return is the soft cliffhanger. Before his appearance, Aaron deals with Carol’s pregnancy and drug addiction. I’m fairly sure there’s some… Continue reading

Scalped 38 (July 2010)

Aaron sure does expect a lot from his readers. I was almost through the issue before I remembered Wade is Dash’s dad. I thought it was an unlikely Falls Down flashback. The issue… Continue reading

Scalped 37 (June 2010)

Aaron’s full of surprises this issue. Two big ones, both lame. He’s doing a classic noir piece, he’s decided, but hasn’t given it much thought. His surprises are predictable, not because he forecasts… Continue reading