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Static Shock 3 (January 2012)

Every issue of Static Shock I wonder if it’s possible for McDaniel to get worse as an artist and as a writer. Once again, he doesn’t disappoint. Besides the action scenes being incomprehensible,… Continue reading

Static Shock 2 (December 2011)

I’m not sure where to start. Now, the first issue of Static Shock was unbelievably bad, but this second issue… it somehow manages to be even worse. Maybe I just blocked the awfulness.… Continue reading

Static Shock 1 (November 2011)

The first issue of Static Shock ends with the titular hero about to be killed by some superhumans on floating mopeds. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’s going to die. Because if he did… Continue reading

Xombi 21 (February 1996)

So David’s poor fiancée never gets a single line. She never even gets to mention he looks twenty-five years younger than the last time she saw him. Rozum’s not just shortening the series… Continue reading

Xombi 20 (January 1996)

Maybe Rozum should have just written a novel. This issue has David meeting his essentially immortal future love—they won’t get together for eighty years, which is then the lifespan of the series’s potential… Continue reading

Xombi 19 (December 1995)

Talk about padding. Before I forget, the fiancée does come up again for a brief mention. No appearance, but a mention. The issue itself is David and the Rabbi going through some more… Continue reading

Xombi 18 (November 1995)

This issue, concentrating on the second xombi, is pretty good. Rozum always does well with these done-in-ones and this issue, though it’s part of a bigger story (there’s some subplot brewing going on… Continue reading

Xombi 17 (October 1995)

After what seems like his editorially mandated guest star issues… Rozum gets Xombi back on track. This issue continues directly from what Rozum promised three issues ago—David gets to find out about the… Continue reading

Xombi 16 (September 1995)

Okay, by not reading the cover, I missed knowing the giant rat—Boogieman—was guest-starring from one of the Milestone superhero books. It looks like this issue is where Rozum had to bring in guest… Continue reading

Xombi 15 (August 1995)

Yeah, Xombi’s definitely taken a change in direction. This issue, Rozum brings back some barely relevant monsters and makes them attack the population. Can David and his friends stop them? Who knows, there’s… Continue reading

Xombi 14 (July 1995)

I think I just hit the point in Xombi’s publication history when it got an editorial mandate. This issue does not contain the story promised at the end of the last issue. It… Continue reading

Xombi 13 (June 1995)

I think this issue is Rozum’s best on Xombi, but it’s hard to say. It’s so unrelentingly, hostilely downbeat, it’s difficult to fully appreciate it. The issue’s not about David. He appears at… Continue reading

Xombi 12 (May 1995)

Rozum brings in David’s fiancée here—though only on the phone—but he doesn’t really need her. The issue, written from David’s perspective (which is good as it was the last time), is more about… Continue reading

Xombi 11 (April 1995)

So the big revelation this issue? David Kim is kind of an angel. The guest-starring angels, off panel, tell him so. And, just as Rozum has pushed the series as far away from… Continue reading

Xombi 10 (March 1995)

Rozum paces the issue somewhat well. He was some twists in the first few pages by the end, I thought they happened last issue as the hard cliffhanger. It lets him utilize a… Continue reading

Xombi 9 (February 1995)

More mentions of Xombi‘s meaning—it’s pronounced zombie, notch—but nothing explaining how David became one (it’s not just a science thing, presumably, but also a magic thing) when he had his science-driven origin. His… Continue reading

Xombi 8 (January 1995)

So apparently the title, Xombi, isn’t just a riff on zombie, but some way of describing David Kim. We learn about it from the latest bunch of new characters Rozum adds this issue.… Continue reading

Xombi 7 (December 1994)

Just after I’ve gotten used to the supporting cast, Rozum gets rid of them for a new one. These people have more to do with David, I suppose, but they’re his regular friends.… Continue reading

Xombi 6 (November 1994)

And so Rozum promised a lot, maybe without realizing it, from this issue and he delivers. He delivers more than I hoped. He seems to get how important it is for Xombi to… Continue reading

Xombi 5 (October 1994)

The soft cliffhanger implies Rozum is going to start dealing with David’s stuff next issue. I’m not holding my breath, but I am somewhat hopeful…. This issue is another mixed bag. The issue… Continue reading

Xombi 4 (September 1994)

Even Birch seems to give up a little this issue, which introduces a bunch of new things—not just new characters, but new creatures—for David Kim to contend with. Birch’s faces look unfinished, like… Continue reading

Xombi 3 (August 1994)

At one point this issue, the Nun of the Above—who’s that nun I mentioned last time—tells one of the new cast members she’s never heard of him. My response is similar. I’m weary… Continue reading

Xombi 2 (July 1994)

J.J. Birch is the perfect artist for this book. He can even make cute little mechanical birds like mildly scary. Rozum resolves his cliffhanger. Actually, it wasn’t a hard cliffhanger, but a soft… Continue reading

Xombi 1 (June 1994)

There’s a way to end on a downer…. Wow. Rozum moves between science and magic this issue. The science stuff basically just uses concepts the reader is likely familiar with—nanotechnology mostly—and shows how… Continue reading

Xombi 0 (January 1994)

What a goofy way to launch a series. This zero issue of Xombi—introducing the character—doesn’t just take place during a crossover, it also takes place eleven issues into the regular series run. Except… Continue reading