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Princess Leia 1 (May 2015)

You know, I almost like Princess Leia. Oh, the Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson art is lame cheesecake–though they draw Chewbacca well enough–and Mark Waid’s script isn’t lame cheesecake. Waid’s doing this whole… Continue reading

Daredevil 3 (July 2014)

It’s so bland. Why am I reading it? It’s so bland. Even the ending is bland. It’s sort of an all-ages Daredevil comic written for adults. And Samnee is the perfect artist for… Continue reading

Daredevil 2 (June 2014)

Really, it’s necessary to do a Batman wink? It’s not necessary. It’s pointless given neither Waid nor Samnee are identified with Batman. So maybe it’s a DC jab. Eh, who cares. Daredevil is… Continue reading

Daredevil 1.50 (June 2014)

I'm really glad Mark Waid cares so much about Daredevil to craft the comic, and Matt Murdock, such a sweet story for the fiftieth anniversary of the character. It's a nice story. It's… Continue reading

Daredevil 1 (March 2014)

Daredevil is a lot of fun. Most of the issue is a chase scene through San Francisco. Chris Samnee composes his panels close to the action, not in long shots, so there aren’t… Continue reading

The Rocketeer/The Spirit 4 (December 2013)

And there’s a nice happy ending with no resolution to any of the lame character subplots Waid brought into the series to try and give it some semblance of a story. But apparently… Continue reading

The Rocketeer/The Spirit 3 (November 2013)

So J. Bone takes over the art. Maybe the intention was always a different artist on each issue, but it doesn’t play particularly well. Bone does very nice homage to Eisner’s character design… Continue reading

The Rocketeer/The Spirit 2 (August 2013)

Waid continues full steam ahead with two characters who probably should have never crossed over. The result is more a Spirit comic guest starring the Rocketeer cast than anything else. Loston Wallace’s heavy… Continue reading

The Rocketeer/The Spirit 1 (July 2013)

Does Mark Waid always write Betty so awful? Not poorly awful, but awful to Cliff awful. It’s inexplicable why Cliff would hang around such a terrible human being… makes him a weak character… Continue reading

The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom 4 (November 2012)

I went into this issue hopeful, I really did. I thought maybe Waid could do something besides Cliff flying around L.A. and killing a bunch of terrified animals. He does do something else.… Continue reading

The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom 3 (October 2012)

It’s a good thing Samnee’s drawing this series–but especially this issue–because without him I’d forget I was supposed to be reading a Rocketeer comic. The stuff at the hanger is all fine, but… Continue reading

The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom 2 (September 2012)

While Cargo does give Cliff something he really needs–a stronger supporting cast–Waid’s approach is practically fanfic when it comes to the big reveal. Cargo of Doom is a (sly) sequel to King Kong,… Continue reading

The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom 1 (August 2012)

In Cargo of Doom, Mark Waid does the most unexpected thing ever in a Rocketeer comic. He takes the focus–at least as far as females go–off Betty. He does it so much, I… Continue reading

Rocketeer Adventures 2 (July 2011)

This issue’s loser comes courtesy Lowell Francis and Gene Ha. Well, not Ha. Ha does a fine job. Francis’s “script” consists of a boxing match radio broadcast juxtaposed with the Rocketeer fighting a… Continue reading

Daredevil 6 (January 2012)

I really like this issue, but seriously… is Waid going to soft relaunch the title every arc? Once again, he changes the entire Daredevil landscape, adding Daredevil being hunted by all the Marvel… Continue reading

Daredevil 5 (December 2011)

Oh, come now, Mr. Waid… you don’t really think a reader is going to believe Daredevil drowns and dies at the end of this issue, do you? The end of the issue–the only… Continue reading

Daredevil 4 (November 2011)

Is Martin regular on Daredevil now? If so, it makes sense this issue feels like a soft relaunch, like Waid’s introducing the new artist. If not… well, it makes no sense. But it’s… Continue reading

Daredevil 3 (November 2011)

I’ll bet if Matt didn’t have the surfer dude hair he wouldn’t do so well with the ladies. Waid’s emphasis on Matt’s Lothario ambitions is maybe my favorite thing about his Daredevil. It… Continue reading

Daredevil 2 (October 2011)

Oh, hey, it’s that sound guy from Secret Wars. I can’t remember his name–with the funny hand and the red outfit. Unfortunately, having the sound guy in the issue doesn’t save it. Waid’s… Continue reading

Daredevil 1 (September 2011)

With Paolo Rivera doing the feature and Marcos Martin doing the back-up, Mark Waid has great art on his Daredevil revamp. But great art can’t do all the lifting. Waid’s take on Matt… Continue reading

Captain America: Man out of Time 5 (May 2011)

As Man out of Time finishes, it’s not clear if it’s the new continuity or if Marvel just gave Waid and company the chance to retell the Cap origin again. The series suggests… Continue reading

Captain America: Man out of Time 4 (April 2011)

It’s nice to read a Captain America comic where the writer isn’t afraid to be unabashedly liberal. Brubaker always keeps it on the back burner a little, like he’s not willing to alienate.… Continue reading

Captain America: Man out of Time 3 (March 2011)

Once again, Waid broaches a really interesting possibility for Man out of Time—Cap going back in time to WWII via Reed Richards’s time machine prototype, but then he closes it down again. Sure,… Continue reading

Captain America: Man out of Time 2 (February 2011)

I hate how I dull so quickly to bad art. Molina hasn’t gotten any better, but because I know what to expect (what not to expect, more like), I’m comfortable. This issue gets… Continue reading

Captain America: Man out of Time 1 (January 2011)

Molina’s artwork is truly hideous. It’s goofy and bulky and… it’s indescribably awful. The crisp coloring doesn’t help either. That complaint made, Man out of Time is actually pretty interesting. Waid makes a… Continue reading

The Traveler 3 (January 2011)

Well, Waid has his big reveal… and it’s utterly predictable, which might have been his point. More importantly, the ending seems to be setting up the next issue to finally reveal what all… Continue reading

The Traveler 2 (December 2010)

Maybe I’m just overly sensitive to this kind of thing right now, but Waid refers to one of the characters as an “unemployed sales clerk.” Um, if she’s unemployed, she’s not a sales… Continue reading

The Traveler 1 (November 2010)

I’m a little confused to Waid’s approach with this series. He has a lengthy opening sequence introducing a completely unimportant character and then he brings in the titular character. The Courier’s Tragedy it… Continue reading

Irredeemable Special 1 (April 2010)

What a terrible comic. I’m used to Irredeemable running hot and lukewarm and Incorruptible being awful–Waid’s incredibly inconsistent–and this special is anything but. There are three stories. One’s a prologue, sort of, to… Continue reading

Incorruptible 5 (April 2010)

It’s a question of competence. Incorruptible is incompetent. Finally someone realized Jean Diaz was making the bad book already worse and brought in Horacio Domingues, who’s much less “realistic” and a lot more… Continue reading