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Satellite Sam 12 (March 2015)

It’s a good issue of Satellite Sam. Chaykin’s art is definitely stronger this time around. And the issue’s packed once again. Fraction checks in on various characters and their still active subplots–some are… Continue reading

Satellite Sam 11 (February 2015)

The writing on this issue of Satellite Sam is excellent. Fraction hits every subplot, sort of checks its temperature, stirs it a little, then combines a couple of them into the final scene… Continue reading

Hawkeye 21 (April 2015)

What’s confusing about this very late issue of Hawkeye is how little anyone is invested in it; Fraction has the most fun when doing a one page scene between Clint and Jessica Drew… Continue reading

ODY-C 2 (January 2015)

With the second issue of ODY-C, which is definitely easier to follow than the first, it’s still unclear why one should read the comic. Unless he or she is really, really interested in… Continue reading

ODY-C 1 (November 2014)

ODY-C is Matt Fraction and Christian Ward’s retelling of The Odyssey as a space opera, in a matriarchal society. I didn’t know about it being an adaptation going in and it just seemed… Continue reading

Satellite Sam 10 (September 2014)

Just when I thought Fraction would never turn the series around, he delivers a fully fantastic issue. There’s no wasting time here, there’s no dawdling. At most he spends a few pages with… Continue reading

Hawkeye 20 (November 2014)

What do the Kate Bishop Hawkeye comics read like if you haven’t seen The Last Goodbye? Fraction wraps up Kate’s trip to Los Angeles with one of his fractured (Fraction fractures, get it?… Continue reading

Hawkeye 19 (September 2014)

It’s another concept issue from Fraction and Aja. This time Clint is deaf and Barney has to start talking to him. It’s not a particularly ambitious concept issue as it turns out, since… Continue reading

Satellite Sam 9 (July 2014)

Until the cliffhangers, Fraction has Sam back on course for the most part. Sure, he doesn’t know what to do with Michael, but everything else is going well enough as long as he… Continue reading

Satellite Sam 8 (May 2014)

It's a strange issue. There are a couple big things going on, one with Mike at the LeMonde Christmas party and getting in a fight with Kara. The other one is the more… Continue reading

Hawkeye 18 (May 2014)

Fraction gets some kudos for getting tough on Kate in L.A., but then he goes and does two really annoying things. First, he sets up Kate’s latest case as a way to get… Continue reading

Satellite Sam 7 (March 2014)

Fraction's doing less of an arc than a window into Mike–as in the new Satellite Sam–and his descent into obsession. It's funny, but I think Fraction's still trying to get keep the character… Continue reading

Hawkeye 17 (May 2014)

What do you do if your comic is so late not just your primary artist is behind but apparently your backup artist is behind too? You do a "winter holiday special," in which… Continue reading

Satellite Sam 6 (February 2014)

I may come to regret this statement, but Satellite Sam really is the bee’s knees. It’s serious, thoughtful, never silly. Fraction doesn’t mess around with it. Every scene is beautifully plotted–who knew Howie… Continue reading

Hawkeye 15 (April 2014)

How stupid can Clint get? Thanks to Aja’s page layouts, it’s hard to tell. The art’s beautiful, but the way Aja does flashes–rapidly cut comics–it’s unclear if he was really dumb or if… Continue reading

Hawkeye 16 (February 2014)

Once again, why is Matt Fraction even writing Clint Barton issues of Hawkeye when he’s got the opportunity to write these Kate issues. It’s a done-in-one, “Rockford” style detective issue. Kate comes across… Continue reading

Satellite Sam 5 (December 2013)

Fraction and Chaykin go for a rather distinct–and mature audiences–sight gag to repeat through the comic. There’s really some great art from Chaykin, who takes three people through hearing or seeing uncomfortable or… Continue reading

Hawkeye 14 (January 2014)

I think it was Ed Brubaker who described “Veronica Mars” as ‘“The Rockford Files” in high school.’ Well, with Kate front and center in L.A., Fraction has turned Hawkeye into ’“The Rockford Files”… Continue reading

Satellite Sam 4 (October 2013)

Once again, it’s very hard to follow a lot of Satellite Sam. Fraction has a cast list at the open, but it’s not enough. He needs to keep the cast blurbs for when… Continue reading

Sex Criminals 2 (October 2013)

Yawn. Why yawn? Because Fraction doesn’t have a story. He’s still explaining the Force. Sorry, the Quiet. In Sex Criminals, it’s the Quiet. It’s where our too cool leads go when they orgasm… Continue reading

Hawkeye 13 (December 2013)

Why did it take Fraction so long to get to this issue? It’s Grills’s funeral; didn’t Grills die in issue nine or ten? Then there was the brother issue, the dog issue, a… Continue reading

Sex Criminals 1 (September 2013)

Sex Criminals is about a young woman whose orgasms cause her to enter some sort of time-slowed state where, or so the very soft cliffhanger implies, she commits crime with her boyfriend, who… Continue reading

Satellite Sam 3 (September 2013)

Fraction goes all out. It’s also the loosest Chaykin art so far; still looks good, but there’s definitely a hurried “quality” about it. But the story? Amazing. Fraction’s bringing all the pieces together.… Continue reading

Hawkeye 12 (September 2013)

Wait, didn’t the dog go the California? Last time I suggested Fraction should release a guide to understanding his plotting for Hawkeye but at this point I think the word is “needs.” It’s… Continue reading

Hawkeye 11 (August 2013)

Fraction and Aja tell the issue from the dog’s perspective. I’d forgotten Clint even had a dog. Luckily there’s the text recap. So, there’s a whole visual language for the dog, how he… Continue reading

Hawkeye 10 (July 2013)

Are the goods back? They’re on their way, it certainly seems. Francesco Francavilla does the art this issue, which feels like Fraction took a page out of the Brubaker play book. He follows… Continue reading

Hawkeye 9 (June 2013)

Apparently Clint isn’t irresistibly attracted to the redhead, he’s just a man slut. It’s also unclear if he’s fired from the Avengers. His lady friends–Black Widow, Mockingbird, Spider-Woman–are worried about him. Both because… Continue reading

Hawkeye 8 (April 2013)

So Clint’s redhead femme fatale comes back and gets him in all sorts of trouble. The issue’s really confusing, starting with the flashback of her last heist going bad. Then there’s the ladies… Continue reading

Hawkeye 7 (March 2013)

What’s Fraction doing writing a story set during Hurricane Sandy? Being awesome. He splits the issue between Clint and Kate, with Clint in Far Rockaway (I think) and Kate in New Jersey. She… Continue reading

Hawkeye 6 (February 2013)

I don’t understand half of what’s going on this issue. I think there’s this gang of toughs who have a sickly old man for a leader and they’re going to kill everybody in… Continue reading