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Ei8ht 1 (February 2015)

What is Ei8ht? Well, first off, it’s gorgeous. Rafael Albuquerque does a great job. Nothing’s exactly original–Planet of the Apes meets Twelve Monkeys meets Waterworld meets The Road Warrior–but it all looks really… Continue reading

Star Trek 36 (August 2014)

I love how static Shasteen draws all the faces. It looks like he's going through either publicity photos or maybe screen grabs and picking the ones he thinks are closest to the emotions… Continue reading

Star Trek 35 (July 2014)

I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how to talk about this issue of Star Trek. Not because the comic is all of a sudden doing well or good–and not because… Continue reading

Star Trek 34 (June 2014)

There's a goofy aspect to this issue because there's got to be, given Johnson's storyline. It's a rip-off of some other things, with a couple odd Jurassic Park homages thrown in, but it's… Continue reading

Star Trek 33 (May 2014)

I read this entire issue without paying attention to the story arc title on the cover. I'm glad I ignored it. Here's the problem–the art. I wonder how Joe Corroney's art would be… Continue reading

Star Trek 32 (April 2014)

Lots of drama this issue. There’s some comedy too, from McCoy and Scotty, but there’s also running around. Last issue the Enterprise became sentient and grew itself a humanoid body. This issue… well,… Continue reading

Star Trek 31 (March 2014)

This issue feels very much like a Star Wars approach to Trek. Not storytelling, but franchise stuff. Apparently there's a new character in the Into Darkness movie who has no memorable lines and… Continue reading

Star Trek 30 (February 2014)

Besides Liang’s art problems–she can’t make the photo-referencing look good and the female McCoy is a disaster–and an illogical cameo, this issue of Star Trek has got to be the best in the… Continue reading

Star Trek 29 (January 2014)

All it takes for a great Star Trek is a gimmick. And I don’t want to give away the gimmick, so it’ll be a little difficult to talk about. The gimmick alone makes… Continue reading

Star Trek 28 (December 2013)

A couple fast observations about Star Trek, in general. First off, Johnson has no confidence writing Kirk. A lot of the other characters have a “voice,” except maybe Chekhov who Johnson just uses… Continue reading

Star Trek 27 (November 2013)

It’s too bad Fajar is still on the art for this series. Johnson’s writing–and his post-Star Trek 2 plotting–is getting fairly entertaining and the bad art really just kills the issue’s momentum. There… Continue reading

Star Trek 26 (October 2013)

If it weren’t for the terrible art from Fajar, this issue might actually be pretty good. Johnson splits the crew–spending Spock off to consult the Federation while everyone on the Enterprise questions him… Continue reading

Star Trek 25 (September 2013)

There are too many dang people in the main Enterprise cast. Johnson just added Sulu’s sister as a love interest for Chekhov. Why does Chekhov need a love interest? No idea. Johnson’s not… Continue reading

Star Trek 24 (August 2013)

No way, decent art from Balboni? It’s unbelievably acceptable, probably due to Marina Castelvetro’s pencils. Now, it’s not great but it’s far from the usual Balboni eyesore. This issue is a done-in-one episode,… Continue reading

Star Trek 23 (July 2013)

So Johnson doesn’t reveal the human female who is conspiring with the Romulans. It’s probably that chick Khan hooked up with in Space Seed but who cares. He comes up with a wacky… Continue reading

Star Trek 22 (June 2013)

Not a particularly special continuation of the story… mostly because there’s so much extra stuff to complicate the “Amok Time” adaptation. First, there’s no Vulcan anymore so Spock’s on New Vulcan. Turns out… Continue reading

Star Trek 21 (May 2013)

Interesting, very interesting. Well, sort of interesting. This issue, beginning a sequel arc to the Star Trek Into Darkness film, does feature a return to form for Johnson in some ways. He’s enjoying… Continue reading

Star Trek 20 (May 2013)

Not only don’t Sulu and Chekhov rate their own origin issues, they don’t even get one bad artist. They have to share two lousy artists. I wonder if Johnson knew he was going… Continue reading

Star Trek 19 (March 2013)

Maybe there’s a reason Scotty isn’t the star on “Star Trek.” Johnson gets absolutely no mileage out of the character, even going so far as to include the transwarp Beagle incident the film… Continue reading

Star Trek 17 (February 2013)

The Bones McCoy origin issue. Not sure if Johnson doing origin issues is such a good idea after this one. Definitely not if the art team of Claudia Balboni and Erica Durante continues.… Continue reading

Star Trek 16 (December 2012)

Eh. You know, Johnson tries really hard sometimes and he ends up forgetting things. For example, doing the mirror universe version of the new Star Trek movie, he manages to lose sight of… Continue reading

Star Trek 15 (November 2012)

Very interesting approach to doing the Mirror, Mirror adaptation. Instead of adapting the original episode–so far, Johnson just does a story set in a similarly dark alternate reality but one in the new… Continue reading

Star Trek 14 (October 2012)

These little original issues don’t work out bad at all. Johnson uses this one to flesh out the Keesner character–Scotty’s little alien sidekick–and it’s pretty good. Turns out the character is from some… Continue reading

Star Trek 13 (September 2012)

I think this issue has to be the best in the series so far. Johnson structures it around a redshirt who is writing home to his parents from the Enterprise. The character does… Continue reading

Star Trek 12 (August 2012)

The Tribbles storyline doesn’t have a particularly good conclusion. Not because of Johnson’s script. He does all right actually. The action moves from the Tribble planet–gives Uhura some Klingon to translate–back to the… Continue reading

Star Trek 11 (July 2012)

For the Tribbles issue, Mike Johnson goes for humor, which is appropriate. It’s definitely not a direct adaptation of the original episode, as it features the Enterprise finding the home world of the… Continue reading

Star Trek 10 (July 2012)

Johnson closes this issue on San Francisco Starfleet Command. He opened the last issue with it, but these scenes have no connection. It’s a terrible bookend device, since it tears the reader away… Continue reading

Star Trek 9 (May 2012)

The secret to reading Star Trek is to concentrate on the words. Not on what people are saying, but the actual visual text. Focusing on the balloons and boxes, one can ignore the… Continue reading

Star Trek 8 (May 2012)

I’m trying to imagine what Phillips’s pencils must look like. He does so little work on faces–relying almost entirely on the colorist to fill in depth–I wish I could see the pencils. People… Continue reading

Star Trek 7 (March 2012)

Johnson does a whole lot better when he’s not adapting episodes of the original “Star Trek.” Sure, it’s the whole point of this series, but this issue–the first original one–is leagues better than… Continue reading