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The Unwritten 35.5 (May 2012)

Interesting, now Carey’s using the final .5 issue to set up something else forthcoming. He introduces the reader–for the first time–to a peon in the Cabal. The protagonist this issue, Danny, is a… Continue reading

The Unwritten 35 (May 2012)

Maybe Tom seems like an action hero because of his outfit. He’s got suspenders for some reason, looking a little like Bullitt. It’s a Tom and Pullman issue. There’s some action, but there’s… Continue reading

The Unwritten 34.5 (April 2012)

The issue reads a little like “Wilson Taylor: Year One.” Gross and Carey give him a decent origin story, set in the trenches of World War I. Carey concentrates on the soldiers’ experience,… Continue reading

The Unwritten 34 (April 2012)

Perker’s finishes over Gross lead to a somewhat different look for the book. Besides Tom looking more like an action movie star than a twenty-something, there are some weird panel transitions. It’s not… Continue reading

The Unwritten 33.5 (March 2012)

This issue’s exceedingly good. These .5 issues really do give Carey the ability to show off his talent; even though they relate to the main series, they don’t rely upon it fully. This… Continue reading

The Unwritten 33 (March 2012)

Something’s off about the art this issue. I can’t tell if it’s Gross or Perker, but something’s definitely off. Tom looks like a bland underwear model. This issue features Tom’s assault on the… Continue reading

The Unwritten 32.5 (February 2012)

It’s more from the adventures of young Pullman. I was wondering if it would turn out to be him and it does. Not sure if it’s supposed to be a surprise–Dean Ormston, who… Continue reading

The Unwritten 32 (February 2012)

I’m perplexed. Pullman does something bad, but I can’t figure out what he’s done or why it will put Tommy and the gang in danger. What’s incredibly frustrating is Carey spends about half… Continue reading

The Unwritten 31.5 (January 2012)

Carey–with plotting assistance from Gross–internally spins off Unwritten with these .5s. I’m guessing, anyway; this one is my first .5. Carey uses Wilson Taylor’s journals investigating the Cabal’s history. Michael Kaluta handles the… Continue reading

The Unwritten 31 (January 2012)

Frankenstein’s Monster does join the gang, but he doesn’t really do anything. He’s muscle, without a lot of dialogue; it’s too bad. This issue features Tom wielding the magic, Lizzie and Richie freaking… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 102 (December 1990)

Okay, the shaman does have a name but only Alec uses it. The whole character’s a mistake, so why dwell. This issue has social commentary, a magic ceremony to encourage Tefé to regrow… Continue reading

The Unwritten 30 (December 2011)

Carey’s resolution is unexpected. It’s sort of celebratory and life affirming (and shows he and Gross could easily spin-off titles from Unwritten) but it also has the series’s first big fight scene in… Continue reading

The Unwritten 29 (November 2011)

Carey sort of sidesteps the maximum tragedy to keep the narrative more interesting. It requires him to bring in a new character and pretend he’s been there for an issue… it’s an unfortunate… Continue reading

The Unwritten 28 (October 2011)

Not a happy issue. Not one bit. Carey is forecasting an inevitable, devastating turn of events in his flashbacks. He’s really turning the screws too, as Tom’s dad meets a woman and, in… Continue reading

The Unwritten 27 (September 2011)

Carey packs this issue. Maybe not with content–there’s a lot of conversation, then some extraneous stuff in a flashback (Vince Locke nicely inks Gross for those pages)–but with atmosphere. This kind of issue… Continue reading

The Unwritten 26 (August 2011)

Carey manages to be predictable and not. This issue closes off a two-parter and opens up something else… it’s not clear what yet, but definitely something. There’s a lot more action than I… Continue reading

The Unwritten 25 (July 2011)

Creepy business abound this issue. Well, not really. It’s implied at the end. Along with some more backstory into Tommy’s childhood, which Mike Carey has a lot of fun teasing. The issue opens… Continue reading

The Unwritten 24 (June 2011)

Carey continues Pauly the foulmouthed bunny rabbit’s story, bringing him behind the scenes of fiction. Children’s fiction specifically. Carey visualizes it as an endless staircase with small doors into stories. Pauly escapes from… Continue reading

The Unwritten 23 (May 2011)

Carey brings the arc into port—sorry, couldn’t resist—and ends on a profound moment. Well, sort of. Tom learns the source of his power and, since it makes so much sense, it’s not surprising.… Continue reading

The Unwritten 22 (April 2011)

It’s sort of an action issue. I think it’s got to be the fastest read so far in Unwritten’s issues, maybe because Carey doesn’t do much with any of the subplots. Tom calls… Continue reading

The Unwritten 21 (March 2011)

Carey more than makes up for the previous issue’s weak cliffhanger with this one’s sublime one. The issue, with Tom trying to deal with being stuck in Moby-Dick while Lizzie breaks some bad… Continue reading

The Unwritten 20 (February 2011)

I think Carey just had his first misstep. It might not work out as a misstep… but he ends this issue like it’s “Quantum Leap” or something. It’s a terrible, terrible cliffhanger. The… Continue reading

The Unwritten 19 (January 2011)

There’s a thread I thought Carey had resolved… the whole Savoy being a vampire being. Looks like I was wrong. I guess I just assumed Wilson Taylor knew stuff. That assumption is, apparently,… Continue reading

The Unwritten 18 (December 2010)

No way, Carey answers some questions. Without raising new ones. Well, okay, I guess he sort of hints at some new ones—we get to see the council of evil anti-readers for the first… Continue reading

The Unwritten 17 (November 2010)

The playful, “Choose Your Own Adventure,” aspect to this issue is stunning. It’s not the point of the comic—in fact, in a stream of consciousness sort of way, reading it straight through makes… Continue reading

The Unwritten 16 (October 2010)

So is Wilson’s editor in with Wilson or in with the bad guys? The issue has a soft cliffhanger for Lizzie—who somehow got to go home, but lost it too (I wonder if… Continue reading

The Unwritten 15 (September 2010)

Wilson Taylor makes his first appearance in Unwritten’s present action this issue; it’s Carey’s biggest surprise so far. Not because his appearance is so extraordinary, but just the opposite. He shows up like… Continue reading

The Unwritten 14 (August 2010)

Here Carey has another bridging issue. He gets in some great moments, but he’s mostly just building to the next big incident. He uses this pacing a lot in Unwritten, at least in… Continue reading

The Unwritten 13 (July 2010)

Well, while I don’t known exactly what I expected from this issue of Unwritten, I will say I never expected the cliffhanger Carey finishes with. In most ways, the issue is innocuous. There’s… Continue reading

The Unwritten 12 (June 2010)

Reading the latest side-story issue of Unwritten, all I could think about was how Carey and Gross should never stop the series, they should also spin out some of these side-stories. I guess… Continue reading