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Irredeemable 12 (March 2010)

The issue’s a wee bit speedier of a read than I would have liked–it took a heck of lot less than five minutes to read–and it seems like a joining issue anyway. There’s… Continue reading

Irredeemable 11 (February 2010)

Interesting revelation this issue–not the stuff with the Plutonian’s girlfriend and the space alien, which is amusing both comedically and in terms of a character being boiled down to nothing more than a… Continue reading

Irredeemable 10 (January 2010)

I was going to say, that art doesn’t look like Krause’s and it’s not. It’s a noticeable difference, which is too bad. I guess if they’re going to do a fill-in artist, this… Continue reading

Irredeemable 9 (December 2009)

Darn it, Mark Waid, why do you keep it on such a roller coaster? This issue’s another great one, as Waid reveals quite a bit–there’s the new superhero team going a little nuts,… Continue reading

Irredeemable 8 (November 2009)

Of course, Waid can’t sustain it. I mean, this issue reveals what set the Plutonian off and my only question, I think the only question anyone need ask, is… why does Superman need… Continue reading

Irredeemable 7 (October 2009)

Which earlier issue did I say was my favorite? I was wrong. This issue is my favorite. Waid finally writes the Plutonian as a character–one who talks a lot, almost too much (I’m… Continue reading

Irredeemable 6 (September 2009)

Here’s the strangest issue of all, only because Waid does something he hasn’t done so far. He suggests the Plutonian can be surprised. Even if the heroes do sneak past him and he… Continue reading

Irredeemable 5 (August 2009)

This issue went for a buck so I assume it’s suppose to be a jumping on point, but it’s kind of not. At all. There are a ton of characters introduced here–maybe we’ve… Continue reading

Irredeemable 4 (July 2009)

Even though the pacing is rapid-fire again (is Irredeemable an ongoing, if so, was it always supposed to be an ongoing)–I mean, I’d be mad at four dollars, just because the “cliffhanger” is… Continue reading

Irredeemable 3 (June 2009)

There’s no mythology to Irredeemable. Waid’s not spending his time setting up a universe. There’s the Plutonian, there are the major supporting characters and then there’s everyone else and they don’t matter much.… Continue reading

Irredeemable 2 (May 2009)

Once again, maybe not the best-paced comic book in the world, but here’s where Waid starts hitting the mark. He combines a traditional mystery investigation with his Superman-gone-bad thing here, with the outing… Continue reading

Irredeemable 1 (April 2009)

Now this one’s what I call a fast read. Somehow, Waid manages to make this rapidly paced comic book compelling the whole time, even though it probably takes place over five minutes. His… Continue reading