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Captain America 255 (March 1981)

Wow, what a truly awful comic book. Bryne inks himself here (I guess Joe Rubinstein) was busy and the results are unfortunate. The action lacks any punch and the bland faces have started,… Continue reading

Captain America 254 (February 1981)

What a bunch of trouble to launch a new Union Jack. I guess Stern gets to kill the original Union Jack (and Baron Blood) but the whole thing is just a setup for… Continue reading

Captain America 253 (January 1981)

When Stern isn’t writing too much exposition, he really does a good job. I always forget during those exposition heavy issues. Cap heads off to the UK to help out the aged former… Continue reading

Captain America 252 (December 1980)

Oh, is Stern’s exposition bad. I mean, it’s real bad. What I can’t figure out is why he bothers with it. It seems the only reason for the endlessly wordy narration is he… Continue reading

Captain America 251 (November 1980)

Besides Stern inexplicably wasting four or five pages recapping Cap’s origin, it’s a good issue. The origin recap made me wonder if Byrne wanted to get to redo the iconic panels, but they’re… Continue reading

Captain America 250 (October 1980)

After some hiccups, Stern finally gets the whole “Captain America for President” idea working. The problem scenes are the establishing ones. It’s Cap talking to the third party guys who want him to… Continue reading

Captain America 249 (September 1980)

The Dragon Man cliffhanger really does not resolve well. All Stern can think of to get it over with promptly is for Cap to throw his glove in Dragon Man’s eye. Then Dragon… Continue reading

Captain America 248 (August 1980)

Steve Rogers as mild-mannered commercial artist is a little off at first, but once he settles in with his friends—and a girl, I sort of remember him dating Bernie Rosenthal when I was… Continue reading

Captain America 247 (July 1980)

Byrne does a great job with everything this issue except Cap. He draws him a little like a big dope. There’s just something bland and dully affable about him. And he’s always in… Continue reading

Doctor Strange: From The Marvel Vault 1 (April 2011)

There’s nothing really wrong with this issue, it’s just off. The combination of Roger Stern’s pleasant, deferential style and Neil Vokes’s animated-style artwork makes it all…. It’s like they’re trying to sell Doctor… Continue reading

West Coast Avengers 4 (December 1984)

Hall hasn’t made much of an impression during West Coast Avengers but during the climatic battle scene here, he does a great job. He’s got Breeding and Berardi inking him (and this issue… Continue reading

West Coast Avengers 3 (November 1984)

There’s something weird about Graviton. It’s almost like he’s overcompensating. This issue focuses mostly on Tigra and Wonder Man (Rhodey gets cast aside). First it’s about their insecurities, then it’s them teaming up… Continue reading

West Coast Avengers 2 (October 1984)

Is it possible for Wonder Man to be any more annoying? He spends every moment either bragging about himself or whining. And Stern loves expositional dialogue, so it’s a lot to get through.… Continue reading

West Coast Avengers 1 (September 1984)

Wow, Stern writes some tone-deaf dialogue. Not all of it, but some… there are some lines in here, it’s like he got out the thesaurus. Though I suppose naturalism wasn’t his goal. He… Continue reading

The Amazing Spider-Man 252 (May 1984)

Tom DeFalco really likes expository dialogue and thought balloons, not to mention narration. Peter Parker cannot shut up he’s talking to himself so much, then there’s the Black Cat thinking about recent events… Continue reading

The Avengers 266 (April 1986)

So, in this Secret Wars II epilogue, the Molecule Man finally gets a happy ending. And since Shooter isn’t writing it, Volcana’s just a dim bulb, instead of being the target of endless… Continue reading

The Avengers 265 (March 1986)

Wait, hillbillies don’t know who the Avengers are? The things I learn reading Secret Wars II crossovers…. This issue features–finally–the scene where the Beyonder reveals his body is just a modified copy of… Continue reading

Marvels: Eye of the Camera 6 (April 2010)

Okay, so Busiek doesn’t pull it off, not saving the whole series, not even saving the whole issue, but when he has the chance to be a right cheap bastard and have the… Continue reading

Marvels: Eye of the Camera 5 (June 2009)

If Marvels II is really all about the protagonist dying, shouldn’t they have made the issues match the Kübler-Ross model–the five stages of grief–you know, from that “Simpsons” episode with the blowfish. Just… Continue reading

Marvels: Eye of the Camera 4 (April 2009)

Ok, so Secret Wars took place in the seventies? I mean, based on the style of the protagonist’s new boss, at least. She’s wearing clothes straight out of “Mary Tyler Moore.” It’s fine,… Continue reading

Marvels: Eye of the Camera 3 (March 2009)

Does Busiek have a point this time? This entire series seems pointless. It’s Anacleto, finally, drawing superheroes–not a lot of them, but some of them–and they look good and the comic looks good… Continue reading

The Avengers 261 (November 1985)

This Secret Wars II tie-in is a regurgitation of all the other Secret Wars II tie-ins–well, maybe not all of them, but a lot of them. It’s the Beyonder trying to understand the… Continue reading

The Avengers 260 (October 1985)

I know people love The Avengers, but I never really got into them. I think I read West Coast as a kid, but I don’t know. Probably. I probably did. Anyway, this issue… Continue reading