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Swamp Thing Annual 4 (June 1988)

The weirdest part of the annual–which is mostly a Batman story, which doesn’t suit Pat Broderick’s pencils as well as the Swamp Thing–is Chester getting stoned with Labo. I always understood Labo to… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 78 (November 1988)

It’s another fill-in issue–Mandrake’s on pencils again (with Alcala inking); Stephen R. Bissette handles the writing chores. It’s also filler narratively, but very nice narrative filler. Bissette doesn’t have much for Abby to… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 64 (September 1987)

One could, if so inclined, sit and try to figure out who drew what–Alcala’s such a unifying inker on Swamp Thing, it’s hard to tell Bissette and Veitch apart. Yeates I could easily… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 59 (April 1987)

Stephen R. Bissette comes back to Swamp Thing to script a fill-in. Well, maybe not a fill-in. I mean, I’m sure Moore was busy with something else, but the story itself isn’t disposable.… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 50 (July 1986)

While touted as an anniversary issue, Swamp Thing barely figures into this story. Moore’s upfront about his limited role–the comic opens with Cain and Abel, after all. It again features guest appearances from… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 46 (March 1986)

While I love this issue–the way Moore tells the reader the ending is going to be awful, then still manages to make it even worse (without a drop of blood), is awesome–the cover… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 44 (January 1986)

I never thought I’d be making this statement–but I can’t tell Randall from Totleben. Randall does some of the inks here and two inkers are seamless at first read. Maybe if I had… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 42 (November 1985)

In a strange but significant way, Moore cops outs with this issue. He concludes his possessed slave descendants story without examining any other the racial elements he brought up in the previous issue.… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 41 (October 1985)

So in 1985, Moore did a frank story about racism. That feature alone would make this issue of Swamp Thing significant, but it’s far from the most stunning part of the comic. Hollywood… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 40 (September 1985)

This issue’s kind of a downer-in-one. Bissette and Totleben are back at full strength and do a great job. The story concerns a housewife whose lycanthropy manifests itself (seemingly for the first time)… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 39 (August 1985)

Something strange happens with the art this issue. It’s Bissette and Totleben, but one or both of them is darned lazy. While there’s some great Swamp Thing art, all the human characters are… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 36 (May 1985)

Not a happy comic, not at all. Moore plays with having multiple points of view, fragmenting the story’s timeline to give everyone a chance at a surprising moment. He opens with Swamp Thing,… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 35 (April 1985)

The truly nightmarish quality of Moore’s Swamp Thing shows itself here in his ability to gradually peel back the layers of a small incident. Moore frames this story around a collection of newspaper… Continue reading

Swamp Thing 34 (March 1985)

I should have remembered this issue, but I did not. The story is pretty simple. Alec and Abby start dating. In one of Moore’s rare moments, he forgets Swamp Thing’s acceptance of “Alec”… Continue reading

Swamp Thing Annual 2 (January 1985)

I am having a hard time deciding my favorite part of this annual. In terms of ambition and payoff, it’s probably the best annual ever. Moore, Bissette and Totleben don’t just produce a… Continue reading

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 30 (November 1984)

In many ways, this issue is an exercise more than a full issue. It is not, actually, a full narrative gesture, not in the way Moore has established himself on Swamp Thing. It… Continue reading

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 29 (October 1984)

This issue isn’t really a Swamp Thing comic, more an Abby one. Moore frames it in a dream, but a dream where Abby remembers all her latest experiences with her husband. Her possessed,… Continue reading

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 27 (August 1984)

The issue ends on two wildly divergent notes. First, Swamp Thing and this previously scared little boy go for a peaceful walk back to the boy’s school after a monstrous night. It’s calm… Continue reading

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 26 (July 1984)

It’s a fast issue, so fast I don’t even think Alec has any dialogue (Abby reflects on the proper name for him, it’s good to know Moore’s thinking about it too). Instead it’s… Continue reading

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 25 (June 1984)

Moore solves the problem of not having a start point (since he previously “closed” the Saga). First, he opens with Jason Blood coming to town. Moore’s Blood is one part hilarious, one part… Continue reading

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 24 (May 1984)

What’s strange about this issue isn’t so much the story or even the Justice League guest appearance (Moore writing the Justice League, with Bissette and Totleben on the art is otherworldly though). It’s… Continue reading

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 23 (April 1984)

So I should start by talking about Moore opening with Alec narrating and basically giving the reader the insight the previous issue’s exploration of his psyche didn’t have. Or I could talk about… Continue reading

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 22 (March 1984)

Moore does a few things here. He skips ahead a few weeks, so we don’t get to see Alec return to the swamp. In fact, we don’t even get to understand what puts… Continue reading

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 21 (February 1984)

And here’s the famous Anatomy Lesson. It’s difficult to think about Swamp Thing before this issue–Moore doesn’t so much retcon as he explains–because it immediately changes every expectation of the series. Moore uses… Continue reading

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 19 (December 1983)

It’s Pasko’s final issue and he goes out on a high note. The opening quickly resolves the now protracted cliffhanger, then brings Arcane almost immediately into the story. While I’m still underwhelmed with… Continue reading

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 18 (November 1983)

Hey, wait a second, I’ve already read this story…. This issue reprints the tenth issue of the original Swamp Thing series, when Arcane swims across the ocean and attacks Swamp Thing only to… Continue reading

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 17 (October 1983)

Wow, what an unpleasant issue. Pasko brings back Abby and Matt—with yet another retelling of the first series, but this time from their perspective, which reveals how they just disappeared from it at… Continue reading

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 16 (August 1983)

For Bissette and Totleben’s first issue, Pasko does something of a refresh. The issue opens with a quick origin retelling, then reintroduces the supporting cast. It’s amusing the previous evil German guy is… Continue reading

Dark Horse Presents 143 (May 1999)

It’s Yeates and Bissette doing a Tarzan issue… how bad can it be? Not at all; it can’t be bad. The story is split into three parts–the first features Tarzan exploring the Hollow… Continue reading

Dark Horse Presents 37 (March 1990)

Thank goodness there’s a Bacchus in here because otherwise it’d be a complete loss. Guinan’s art continues to be acceptable on Heartbreakers, while he and Bennett’s writing just gets worse and worse. Some… Continue reading