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Hawk & Dove 3 (January 2012)

Hank Hall didn’t vote for Obama, but he’s not going to let his evil counterpart (Condor–who knew Gates was a Michael Crawford fan) kill him. I think they were just trying to appeal… Continue reading

Hawk & Dove 2 (December 2011)

I know the new DC Universe is racially diverse, but I allow know DC doesn’t like being topical with Presidents (so they can be timeless). But is the bad guy choking Obama at… Continue reading

Hawk & Dove 1 (November 2011)

Are they bringing Don Hall back to life? My brain actually hurts after looking at the Rob Liefeld art on this book. I was trying to understand his view of the human body… Continue reading

Supergirl 59 (February 2011)

All writers have limits… and it’s too bad Gates’s limit is writing Cat Grant as a likable human being. He just can’t do it. He tries and tries here, but he ends up… Continue reading

Supergirl 58 (January 2011)

Gates really humanizes Cat Grant here (I didn’t know she had a dead son, for example) and it comes a little late. If he’d done it earlier, she wouldn’t have seemed so shrill.… Continue reading

Supergirl Annual 2 (December 2010)

For the annual, Gates sends Supergirl to the future. The whole new Legion of Super-Heroes continuity is incredibly difficult to understand. Every time they guest in a book, I get even more confused.… Continue reading

Supergirl 57 (December 2010)

Thank goodness for the colorist because without him, you wouldn’t be able to tell who Chang was drawing as a Bizarro or as a non-Bizarro. Chang actually manages to draw Supergirl okay (too… Continue reading

Supergirl 56 (November 2010)

It’s amazing how much I enjoy Supergirl even though the issues read so fast. Gates never leaves the Bizzaro planet this issue either, so there’s no subplot development. It does open a little… Continue reading

Supergirl 55 (October 2010)

Another very fast read, but it goes very smoothly. Gates resolves his cliffhanger pretty quickly—all while developing the Bizzaro-Girl character into a sympathetic character (some via flashbacks to her origin on the Bizzaro… Continue reading

Supergirl 54 (September 2010)

Besides one glaring problem (implying there’s a supernatural pedophile out there posing as a Metropolis cop and kidnapping kids), this issue of Supergirl is a great read. It’s a fast read too—really fast,… Continue reading

Supergirl 53 (August 2010)

It’s an issue of Supergirl without a bunch of crossover stuff? I mean, there’s still some crossover stuff (and apparently they’re keeping Lucy Lane alive because Superwoman’s just a great villain… eye-roll) but… Continue reading

Supergirl 52 (June 2010)

I didn’t read the previous issue in the crossover—even though the notice tells the reader to stop and go read it first (I figured that issue would instruct me to read something else… Continue reading

Supergirl 51 (May 2010)

Poor, poor Supergirl. Once again, trapped in a crossover she didn’t make, she takes a back seat to Mon-El, the Legion of Super-Heroes (wait, Mon-El’s in the Legion, right… well, he’s not with… Continue reading

Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton 1 (May 2010)

Does DC have any ideas? I mean, any whatsoever? Reading this comic, it seems like the last three crises were just used—as far as Superman is concerned—to reboot Zod as a villain. I… Continue reading

Supergirl Annual 1 (November 2009)

Dagnino’s art isn’t bad–in fact it’s good a lot of the time–but why does he draw Lana Lang like she’s about thirteen years old? She looks the same age as Kara or younger.… Continue reading

Supergirl 50 (April 2010)

Yay, Igle’s back. And he’s back for an issue where Gates gets around to doing everything. Unfortunately, Superwoman and Sam Lane are back too. Apparently one can never get rid of Johns’s worst… Continue reading

Supergirl 49 (March 2010)

Camp does a fine job, but I’m really missing Igle. Gates does two things this issue. First, he resolves the Silver Banshee cliffhanger and does a great job with it. He’s able to… Continue reading

Supergirl 48 (February 2010)

Gates finally gets to the Lana thing–her nosebleeds and everything else. Turns out she has an unknown form of cancer (or something). I understand the need for drama, but Gates handles it poorly.… Continue reading

Supergirl 47 (January 2010)

You know, I hate to rag on Jon Sibal’s inks when he’s not on an issue… but Matt Camp’s fill-in here looks a lot like Igle before the Sibal inks. It maintains some… Continue reading

Supergirl 46 (December 2009)

I love not reading the other parts of this crossover, it makes my brain work a little to catch up. Rucka’s back as co-writer here (and Igle and Sibal get help from Pansica… Continue reading

Supergirl 45 (November 2009)

And now it’s in the middle of another crossover… I love it when comic book publishers are hostile to casual readers. Umm. Rucka co-writes here. Not sure what contributions he made. From what… Continue reading

Supergirl 44 (October 2009)

I really don’t like Sibal’s inks on Igle. He’s way too reductive. It’s almost like he’s trying to make it look like Ian Churchill or something. This issue is part of a Superman… Continue reading

Supergirl 43 (September 2009)

Kryptonian society really isn’t thought out enough. This issue is about Kara going from guild to guild (a guild is basically a career path–I’m assuming it’s all for the greater Kryptonian good, dirty… Continue reading

Supergirl 42 (August 2009)

I love how Kara’s got a backpack for traveling between New Krypton and Earth. It’s a fantastic detail. The issue opens on a low point—the revelation Sam Lane served under Sergeant Rock—but it… Continue reading

Supergirl 41 (July 2009)

It’s another fast issue. Gates doesn’t reveal all about Lucy Lane being Superwoman (she dies so I figure it’s safe to spoil) but it’s pretty clear Sam Lane was having his daughter murder… Continue reading

Supergirl 40 (June 2009)

Okay, I did not expect that reveal for Superwoman’s identity. Gates does manage to reduce his supporting cast by at least two and maybe three here, so it’ll be interesting to see if… Continue reading

Supergirl 39 (May 2009)

This issue is a very fast read. It’s solid, because it should be a fast read–it starts with Superwoman revealed to be a villain and continues to get Supergirl up to speed on… Continue reading

Supergirl 38 (April 2009)

Some revelations this issue. Well, for me anyway. First, Superwoman works for Thunderbolt Ross (sorry, Sam Lane–again, who ever said Johns’s Superman: Secret Origin was better in terms of continuity revising than Byrne’s… Continue reading

Supergirl 37 (March 2009)

This issue’s a little bit better. There’s a lot of down time with Supergirl (why she wears make-up, I’m not sure–it’s a big Gates is a guy writing a female character moment) hanging… Continue reading

Supergirl 36 (February 2009)

Ah, so it’s Supergirl’s mother who’s a psycho nut… Interesting choice. There’s some very nice Igle art this issue. He’s got a lot to do here–battle scenes, talking heads scenes, a memorial service.… Continue reading