Rawbone 2 (April 2009)

Rawbone #2

The second issue barely resembles the first. Between the change in artists (from Fiumara to Waterhouse) and Delano’s change in protagonists (still the pirate La Sirena, but this time with her sidekick being Billy Blue, an indentured soldier–it isn’t even until the end the girlfriend comes up; by that time, Delano and Waterhouse have made serious romantic implications between Sirena and Billy), it doesn’t feel connected. There isn’t a disconnect, since it does directly follow the last issue, but it feels different.

Except the futility, man’s brutality toward women, those remain. Rawbone‘s one of those angry, experienced comic books–it’s kind of like Promethea in this sense. You can feel, reading it, Delano’s distain for the standard characterization of female characters. Here, in Rawbone, he takes that standard comic book standard (the lesbos fascination, that sturdy link between porn and comics–even more than Greg Land), and goes wild.



Port of Dreams; writer, Jamie Delano; artists, Ryan Waterhouse and Max Fiumara; colorist, Digikore Studios; publisher, Avatar Press.


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