Agents of Atlas 11 (November 2009)


Parker wraps it all up nicely, answering some half-asked questions (i.e. what was the dragon thinking sending him over to see Jade Claw without a briefing), while not seeming like he’s doing anything abrupt. There’s even something organic about it, since Temugin joined the team at the start and now he’s off on his own, returning the status quo.

Unfortunately, the art’s split between Hardman and Panosian, with an emphasis on Panosian, so it doesn’t look as good as it could. But Parker nicely does an almost all-action issue, giving the impression of no dramatic points or even breathers (but they’re there, in fact, the the issue takes place over two days, but I didn’t remember that point–having read it ten minutes ago–until I looked back).

It’s a fine close to the series–Parker gets most of his threads closed.

But I need more Atlas.



Terror of the Jade Claw, Part Three; writer, Jeff Parker; artists, Dan Panosian and Gabriel Hardman; colorists, Elizabeth Dismang Breitweiser and Sotocolor; letterer, Tom Orzechowski; editors, Nathan Cosby and Mark Paniccia; publisher, Marvel Comics.


Agents of Atlas 10 (November 2009)


Is Parker’s intent to make me cry, to weep for this brilliant comic book in its second-to-last issue of the ongoing? Because he’s close to successful. I mean, wow. Parker turns in maybe the best “team” book issue I can remember reading here. It’s a perfect comic book (even if the coloring on Hardman’s art is a little problematic in the darker scenes).

Let’s see, Parker gets in a lot of story (he even introduces a new subplot, which is kind of mean, given there’s only one more issue), with the threat of the Jade Claw being a big thing, but there’s also lots of character stuff. The comic’s separated into chapters and when it gets to Bob’s (titled “The Smart Guy”), it’s devastating how much is being put on him, and Parker’s showing it to us, even though Bob doesn’t say a word the entire time.




Terror of the Jade Claw, Part Two; writer, Jeff Parker; artists, Gabriel Hardman and Paul Rivoche; colorist, Elizabeth Dismang Breitweiser; letterer, Tom Orzechowski; editors, Nathan Cosby and Mark Paniccia; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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