Frank Miller’s Robocop 5 (February 2004)


And, almost magically, it goes to crap again. Not total crap–even though Ryp has got Lewis sexualized to the point she’s got less content than a swimsuit model (there’s nothing like realizing mainstream action movie misogyny has absolutely nothing on comic book misogyny, whether in Miller’s late eighties movie script or Grant’s early 2000s comic script), she does have a decent enough chase sequence at the beginning. Since Lewis can die, it’s a little more interesting watching her in peril. Though they haven’t yet even tried to put Robocop in peril, so who knows….

But the second half of the issue is the corporate goons going after Robocop and about to replace him with Robocop 2, who they’re testing out by having it kill civilians. Grant doesn’t seem to get how having utterly repugnant bad guys, especially in a comic, makes things boring.

And another lame cliffhanger here too.


Writer, Steven Grant; artist, Juan Jose Ryp; colorist, Nimbus Studios; editor, William A. Christensen; publisher, Avatar Press.


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