Batman: Unseen 1 (December 2009)

Jones’s cover art is dated 2007, which has me wondering if Unseen is really just a Legends of the Dark Knight arc DC had in a drawer. It’s definitely a retro tale (even says so on the title page) as Moench tries to work out what happens when the bad guys aren’t scared of Batman anymore. Well, that element’s more of a sub-sub-plot. Mostly it’s about the art.

Jones draws Batman fight scenes here. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything like them. You have this incredibly liquid, murky, malleable Batman kicking some villain. Jones’s art shouldn’t lend itself to action (creepiness is his more recognized stronger suit and the rest of the issue is mostly utilizes that talent), but it does. It’s so interesting to see.

There are some disconnects, however. Moench’s bumbling bad guys (the comic relief) look positively frightening the way Jones draws them.


Part One, Meat-Man; writer, Doug Moench; artist, Kelley Jones; colorist, Michelle Madsen; letterer, Pat Brosseau; editors, Harvey Richards and Michael Siglain; publisher, DC Comics.


Incorruptible 2 (January 2010)


I read this comic because I wanted to mock it. I could have said I wanted to attempt to reconcile the excellence of Irredeemable with the worthlessness of Incorruptible; the result is the same.

Waid’s adventures in a post-Plutonian world would have probably been okay as a limited series without the nonsense with the villain turned good. The book’s at its “best” during these scenes..

Jean Diaz really sucks. I mean, the guy’s not ready to doodle on a notepad, much less draw a “big” comic series. Besides Max Damage (great name, by the way, wasn’t it the name of a gay porn star on “Law and Order: SVU”?) having a different face every panel, Diaz draws the underage Jailbait sidekick at about age twenty-eight, which really hurts her whole storyline.

What a piece of crap. I hope Boom! keeps it coming. These reconciliation posts are stress-relieving.


Writer, Mark Waid; penciller, Jean Diaz; inker, Belardino Brabo; colorist, Andrew Dalhouse; letterer, Ed Dukeshire; editor, Matt Gagnon; publisher, Boom! Studios.

The Avengers 260 (October 1985)

I know people love The Avengers, but I never really got into them. I think I read West Coast as a kid, but I don’t know. Probably. I probably did.

Anyway, this issue reminds me more of Star Wars (one of the second two prequels mostly) than it seems like what an Avengers comic should be. It’s all very interstellar and, well, boring. The Wasp comes off badly, which I found interesting. I always thought she was supposed to be cool, but here there’s definitely something nasty about her.

But none of the Avengers are really the main characters in the issue. Firelord isn’t an Avenger and he opens the issue. Starfox is an Avenger? He has the next most to do, but only because he can tie in with the Skrulls and the space battle bad guy.

I am completely indifferent to it.

Funny outfit on the Beyonder though.


Assault On Sanctuary II; writer, Roger Stern; penciller, John Buscema; inker, Tom Palmer; colorist, Christie Scheele; letterer, Jim Novak; editors, Howard Mackie and Mark Gruenwald; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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