Robocop 1 (March 1990)


Alan Grant wrote Judge Dredd, which probably explains some of his Robocop. His Robocop is talkative and makes occasional jokes; neither facet particularly works.

But Grant’s Robocop isn’t terrible. It’s a sequel to the movie and, while some of the other film characters do appear, Grant’s taking things in his own direction. He’s got evil Robocops (maybe he saw the preview for Robocop 2), “extreme” fighters and gangs on flying motorcycles.

Still, he reins it in. His “Media Break” segments are spot-on; Grant’s future is flashy, but not so flashy it’s unbelievable Robocop might still be tromping through it.

Grant’s doing his own thing here–the episodic adventures of Robocop–and he’s doing a police procedural, just with Robocop occasionally shooting up an alley of bad guys. These bad guys, however, aren’t scared of Robocop. It’s like they’ve barely heard of him at times, which is a big problem.


Kombat Zone; writer, Alan Grant; penciller, Lee Sullivan; inker, Kim DeMulder; colorist, Steve White; letterer, Richard Starkings; editor, Gregory Wright; publisher, Marvel Comics.


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