Captain America: Reborn 6 (March 2010)



Brubaker almost pulls it off.

Who drew the second to last pages? The War of the Worlds future pages? He had some problems but those problems were almost preferable. They had an unfinished, kind of indie feel–as indie as Marvel would get–which would have been something on a flagship title like this one.

But that art isn’t why Brubaker nearly succeeds. He nearly succeeds for a couple reasons. First, he paces this issue better. He resolves the previous issue’s cliffhanger but also has time to do some resolution to those events. The little things make all the difference.

Oh, the other reason. He calls back to his first issues of Captain America with Steve out on the roof, taking a breather. At his best, when dealing with Steve Rogers, Brubaker brings some humanity to the legend. Like he does here.

Too bad it’s too little, too late.


Writer, Ed Brubaker; penciller, Bryan Hitch; inker, Butch Guice; colorist, Paul Mounts; letterer, Joe Caramagna; editors, Lauren Sankovitch and Tom Brevoort; publisher, Marvel Comics.


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  1. I sincerely wanted to like this series. Not radical in it’s aims, Cap Reborn had the classic premise and the pacing in spots was very good.. But when it wasn’t, the train got derailed, particularly with the added issue. The gang was able to finish it, but the rushed art by Hitch had some glaring spots that took the reader off the momentum.

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