Robocop 5 (July 1990)


Robocop goes to war. It’s an interesting idea, Robocop being used as a military weapon–leased out by his owners, instead of policing–but Grant seems more concentrated on the action potentials for this issue. There’s a lot of suggestions the morality of it will come into play next issue, but for now, it’s Robocop versus weird and wacky war weapons (he fights these motorcycle troopers who look like they’re out of a Road Warrior cartoon).

Grant seems to be revealing up the backstory gradually–it seems like a bunch of starving African refugees are going to Spain, who’s either refusing them or sticking them in concentration camps–and it’s hard to believe there’s not going to be some kind of double cross. Not with all the foreshadowing.

So, points for concept, deductions for common sense–what about sand in Robocop’s gears and such.

Grant should’ve thought of that one.


War – Part 1: War Monger!; writer, Alan Grant; penciller, Lee Sullivan; inker, Kim DeMulder; colorist, Steve White; letterer, Richard Starkings; editor, Gregory Wright; publisher, Marvel Comics.


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